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I'm a male german, ManiaZone: Germany/Bremen
Birth: 07/1970. Trackmaniac since 01/2007

Constructor of classic racing tracks with the vanilla TM Utd. Forever editor

I play race mode (+99%), using a gamepad

If you need to fix something at your track: DO IT !
In my opinion a 'broken' track is always much more worse than a few 'broken' replays.
I don't care about replays gettin' invalid. Neither mine nor others.
But if you fix your track i probably gonna play it (again). Especially when my suggestions or shortcut replay were the cause to change something.

Some of my earlier tracks with only a few downloads & awards, but i like them for diverse reasons. Maybe there's somebody interested to give one a try:

TMUF Stadium D S02 by   -Chaos-

TMUF Bay C S12 (MTC) by   -Chaos-

TMUF Coast B S02 by   -Chaos-

TMUF Rally D S06 by   -Chaos-

TMUF Desert B R04 (3Rd) by   -Chaos-

TMUF Snow B S04 by   -Chaos-

Also a short view upon my most awarded tracks:

11 "KO19 - Wons Night R (1Rd)"
11 "TMUF Coast D S11"
11 "TMUF Coast C S10"
10 "TMUF Snow E S07"
10 "UF Mix 48 C CoC in Snow"
7 "TMUF Island B S02"
7 "TMUF Desert C S08"
7 "TMUF Bay C R02 (2Rd)"
7 "TMUF Stadium C S12"
7 "TMUF Coast A S06"

Tracks : 123 Show
Track Packs : 4 Show
Awards Received : 331 Show
Awards Given : 1409 Show
Rating : 0  
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 1145 3475 0
Snow 177 489 0
Desert 152 586 0
Rally 214 555 0
Island 125 423 0
Coast 205 593 0
Bay 149 476 0
Stadium 123 353 0
Environment WRs Top10s
United 0 4
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 2 105,737
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 30,645
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