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I'm a male german, ManiaZone: Germany/Bremen
Birth: 07/1970. Trackmaniac since 01/2007.

Race mode (+99%), using a gamepad.
No favourite, i enjoy driving with every car in every envi.
Also i like online ladder play (across all envis), but it is a pity there's only low activity on real UNITED 90k servers.
Therefore it's very bad that it isn't possible to score LadderPoints in all 7 environments on RoC sunday. That is not only embarassing and a shame, but also an abysmal impudence.
Great. There actually is a server online with all 7 envis to play in the Sep. - Dec. '21 rotation,
called "HuansRoC". Big BIG THANKS for that guys.
So PLEASE everyone visit the server on RoC sunday and fill it with life.

of classic racing tracks, working only with the vanilla TM Utd. Forever editor.
I built normal stage and a couple of multi-lap tracks. Also i began with some envimix maps in 2017.
My tracks may contain different moods, jumps, underground, up n down, obstacles, endurance, off-road, loops, etc. Rarely spiced with air-/speed-control or acrobatic.
And the cherry on top: always a beautiful atmospheric scenery.

Read more detailed facts in my 'Your Tracks' forum thread

The reason why my tracks have a password is: i put a lot effort in my maps.
But of course it is okay that you use freecam to look around on the map if you want.
Yes. Please. Do it!
You can study the route; you can try to find a cut - there are none; or you can simply enjoy a view on the scene.

FreeCam explanation:
- Press key "8" or "NUM8" to switch to FreeCam, which you are able to move around.
- Move Cam left, right, forward, back, up, down by pressing keys NUM4, NUM5, NUM6, NUM8, PGUP, PGDN.
- Rotate cam by hold RightMouseButton and move mouse.
- Use MouseWheel to zoom.
It is even possible to move the cam underneath the surface so that you can check underground built trackparts aswell.

If you need to fix something at your track: DO IT !
It doesn't matter when replays getting invalid if the update fixes some serious stuff like for example an unintentional shortcut route or some changes for a smoother gameplay.
I think many TMX users, including me, are quite happy with any trackfix and will probably give your track another visit.
Also i'm sure a bunch of players won't even try any unfixed track.

Happy tracking


KO19 - StC Bay S - 6 pm by   -Chaos-

UF Mix 43 B StC in Snow (2Rd) by   -Chaos-

UF Mix 44 B StC in Desert (1Rd) by   -Chaos-

UF Mix 45 B StC in Rally (1Rd) by   -Chaos-

UF Mix 46 C StC in Bay (2Rd) by   -Chaos-

UF Mix 47 C RaC in Coast by   -Chaos-

Tracks : 124 Show
Track Packs : 4 Show
Awards Received : 338 Show
Awards Given : 1487 Show
Rating : 33  
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 1167 3613 70,335
Snow 182 505 21,166
Desert 155 603 26,069
Rally 224 584 47,660
Island 126 440 36,286
Coast 205 616 57,374
Bay 152 492 27,050
Stadium 123 373 49,025
Environment WRs Top10s
United 0 4
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 2 106,567
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 30,645
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