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Hello there !

Unlike many builders out there you might have recognized I'm pretty much a addict and building alpine tracks most of the time. Back in 2007 2 authors built 2 revolutionary alpine tracks which mainly got me into the snowenvironment, and those tracks had the most influence on my own building style I suppose. My 2 favourite snowtracks are those jewels

Rotorspin by   iQue | tm2
If you don't know this track yet, try it out. It is "the" snowtrack to me, and I still drive this one very often!
Transitional by   tmjonas
This amazing track is a visual bomb and has the most beautiful scenery I have experienced on a snowtrack!

If you want to check out some of my duo/community tracks:

Acid "Blueshift"

Cool-T "Urban Spin" "Crossfire" "Inexorable Tide"

Saftstein "Run with us"

Cartman "Flaming Icicle (MTC)"

DaKKoN "FroZen Sapphire"

DaKKoN&Table "SnowSation"

cayman "[PF]Panicky Flying" (PF)

tmjonas "Synced"

Tuta&Ville "Fried Chicken and Mushrooms"

TMX Community "Delayed" "We're watching you! [2010]"

Adsun&Ciru "Vide.Infra"

Lahmix "Painful Retrospection" (Platform)

Ripper "Smookin' Wheelz"

I give one of my 2020 Fullspeed tracks a little showcase here aswell:
Flying Squirrel by   Wallaby
It was my attempt to get as close to Rotorspin as possible. I don't know if it is that good, but it's my personal favourite built

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