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Name: circumstancial
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   breach
Version: 19-Jun-2008
Released: 19-Jun-2008
TMX id: 819596
LB Rating: 14,683
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:42.99   Acid+ 0:00.0014,683
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0:43.48   ichirou+ 0:00.4913,678
0:47.22   tmjonas+ 0:04.236,014
0:47.51   frizbee+ 0:04.525,420
1:11.21   BlackEel+ 0:28.220
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Author Comments

Fast, fast, fast... but not fullspeed. Hard, hard, hard but not impossible.

This is a project that started a long time ago and alot of things have happened since: My grandfather died wich hurt me alot, i had a son, i baked a pie, winter left and summer came - time just passed by... not harder than that but somehow time just seems to have stood still.
I finally decided to finnish this really fast deserttrack and make it public. There have been alot of changes during theese past months. So the final version is at the fastest part for me well over 500 km/h, and it first started out as a techtrack

There are a couple of hard drops/jumps in the start that i guess you will need the GPS ghost to handle before killing anyone ( be warned now!) The ghost is not fast or the best driving but it shows that the route can be driven with alot of misstakes.
Two CPs have respawnroutes, look out for the blue CP sign...
The track can allmost be driven fullspeed but i cant handle the tunnel in the end at fullspeed. Drive bad on the offroad or brake abit just before the tunnel.
This is not made to be easy, though it prolly is for some, and it´s not made for online due the copperamount used.

This has been 7 months of my life give or take a week or so... it prolly will be 45 seconds of yours...


Coppers used: 4243
AT: 46.35
Ingame: (GPS ghost)

Thankie to Tiggr for giving me feeback in the beginning and ichirou, Tuta and RayRay for giving me feedback in the end of all this...

have fun - i know i had!


User Comments
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  breach 20-Jun-2008
Thankie Ichirou AT ? im not sure i can do better
Thankie Frizbee
Thankie >>Tuta<< Nadeo should add a "airborn" startblock... so that i can be possible to start @ a gazillion km/h
Thankie Acid
Thankie tmjonas great feedback as usual m8. Yup the start i now, i would like to call it "calculated risk"
Thankie trackracer11 i am glad you enjoyed it
Thankie pitstep expert... should´nt be a proble for you then m8
THankie Dead.oas
  trackracer11 24-Jul-2008
I haven't tried this, but I will. And sorry about your grandfather. May he rest in peace.
  XCS MappYnG 24-Jul-2008
You should put difficulty on expert :/
  MeFFF 24-Jul-2008
Jep definetly an expert level Map.

And pls stop putting Scenery in the Way of your route. I have tried now 10 Minutes to finish your map and every Time i crash into somemewhere in the Scenery, wich seems you have just put there to generate difficutlty.
But this kills that map for me now. Sorry.

Your tracks would have lot more potential without things letting people crash.
And some signs are not well placed.
  breach 24-Jul-2008
Sorry to hear that you can´t finnish the map MeFF! But i know ppl who spent a heck of alot more time then 10 minutes on this one. It´s just a matter of taste i guess. I like to drive a track more then 10 minutes to give it a good go. Even if it is a really easy track and i spent way more time to validate it then 10 minutes i can asure you that

However, as you can se from the GPS ghost the sceenery is placed outside of the drivingline. IF you read the first award (from ichirou) you see that thiis is a insanly fast track. I guess faster than normal Fullspeeders... like it says in the info... EXPERT...

thank you for trying
  MeFFF 24-Jul-2008
10 Minutes are lot of time, when you are just try the same 20-30 seconds again and again ^^
I mean you write it yourself, that you have hard jumps and "bad" drops got in your map, so why then build scenery in the way too ?
It is also limiting your map to a single line. and this Single line is too narrow for the speed. Just 1 mistake in the map, and that´s it then.
Because there is not enough room, to handle the speed. Not for me.

I written the comment with the Expert Level, as it has been said intermediate
And it isn´t faster then normal fullspeeders.
  BlackEel 31-Jul-2008
At this moment in time this is the hardest track I have ever driven, well done.
I must suck at TM, that's some amazing driving ichirou.
No award from me because I f*cking hate you for making this track
  breach 30-Aug-2008
Lol BlackEel Respect ... thank you for trying:)
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  ichirou 20-Jun-2008
I have to award this track for the insanely speed it has =) A really, really, awesomely fast track! And it's as close to FS it could get in this speed and should probably be classified as FS

Very nice intro and outro, esp. the intro

You could've made a bit better AT tho

for the fastest desert track i've ever played!

Edit: btw, nice screenie too!
  frizbee 20-Jun-2008
Great transitions, some are hard to manage first. This speed layout is really nice, is not only a basic circle. Good AT too -I'm not a great desert driver anyway.

Great scenery with closed en opened spaces alternated. Nice intro, and cool outro. Some cams angles in outro are very cool. Coo screenie.

A good speed track, quite hard.

  Tuta 20-Jun-2008
awesome track the start is nice too now allthough that i dont really like it very muchl the fun starts with the speed on this track i didnt know you made awesome speed-tracks too with awesome transitions, super flow, sick jump and excellent scenery this is a track i like i really like big platforms and long curves they satisfy my needs yes really awesome track super work

<--From: >>Tuta<<
  Acid 20-Jun-2008
Speeeeeeed Very creative, actually. Seems
very hard the first time you drive it, but its
quite cool when you get it right. Smooth and Fun.
Good one

  tmjonas 22-Jun-2008
Really woooty track!

Amazing overall speed
Amazing transitions (it's so nice to see you learn so fast! you really got the hang of them! )
Amazing scenery
Amazing flow
I was really amazed you have to know!
What I also like are the nice noobways in it. Good work there as well!
Only the start is a bit bumpy (better said only the drop) but the diagonal-transition after it is crazy!
Favourite jump is the one onto the biggest platform --> Awesome!
MT-work is absolutely great imo.
Nice intro which shows the beautiful scenery, good letters!
Cool outro with some amazing, some good and some simple cams!

Dude, go on mapping, it's nice to see such improvements!
BiG BiG desert

  trackracer11 24-Jul-2008
Wow, nice fullspeed! I couldn't get a good replay though. Nice Job!
  pitstep 28-Jul-2008
great track
cool ideas
argh...yes is for expert
  DeaD.oas 01-Aug-2008
Awesome Track!

I especially like the start section and
the firsz part till ~25 sec, great ideas there.
Then, to the end it gets to an
average desert track; that means not
bad, but also nothing special.

The first Jumps were quite hard calculated imo,
but they work great!

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