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Name: PoKéMoN Stadium
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Bricedenice
Version: 11-Jun-2008
Released: 11-Jun-2008
TMX id: 808419
LB Rating: 7,907
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Stadium
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0:58.41   Roa+ 0:00.357,621
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0:59.18   pod.BanZzai (jljbanzai)+ 0:01.126,991
0:59.37   frizbee+ 0:01.316,836
1:00.70   sebulba+ 0:02.645,749
1:01.86   Jake+ 0:03.804,802
1:02.14   low-gamer+ 0:04.084,573
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Author Comments

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.
To download it is my real test, to train it is my cause...
I will travel across the land, driving far and fast,
This track to understand, the flow that's inside.

Hem, I came up yesterday with that completely stupid lame track name with a friend of mine

Anyway, this is a good technical smooth track, with various fun parts : offroads/bends/chickanes/dirt/small jumps/small drops/ etc. Tried to be original.

~ PoKéMoN Stadium ~

- ~ 4200 Coppers (dammit, keeps increasing)
- Author Time: 58.90
- Mood : Sunrise
- Mod : None
- Some signs added everywhere o_O

EnjOy !

User Comments
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  Bricedenice 11-Jun-2008
Thanks Banzai for the early award

Thx Siem, hope people will like it on the server and don't remove it because of the name o_O

Thx strapontus ... yeah, I worked a little on smooth here ^^

Thx Wildcat. I try to make tracks clear enough to be driven without any GPS. But yeah, good intro & outro would have been better. But I have no time for this, I prefer doing other tracks =). And btw, I'm not responsible for the showcases but it's true I'd like one ^^.

Thx Mikoz, yeah, the title make people focus on my track and not download the other ones in TmX ... it's my strategy to conquer the world >D

Thx Iroc

Thx Ignition, I always spend a lotta time putting the layout =)

Thx Bogr ... I suffered a bit to find all those transitions, to make them respawnable and nice from all checkpoints

Thx Arild ... Impressed that you spent all that time searching my track O_O

Thx Frizbee ... 10 awards is an achievement for me ^^.

Thx Nibor ... =)

Thx Roa ... nice time ^^

Thx Masler|ism ... great time

Thx TimeBreaker, yay, didn't really take some time to add pokesigns and pokemusic ^^.

Thx Heah, not a strange name, a good name, I got the showcase with it >D . Hope it's good for online, it's the best thing a track can be.

Thx Etii. No alien time this time?

Thx Yrp. The limit between too easy and too hard is really hard to reckon... Seems like I made it ^^.

Thx pitstep an award from you ^^. Hope it's good tech B)

Thx Hubby, good fights are indeed what I like most in TM

Thx Nicotin, though I think honestly that my MT effects shouldn't have an award o_O. Thx for the transitions ^^.

Thx Sivert, as usual, I tried to be original (with the name especially ^^)

Thx public², the dirt parts are always difficult for me because I want no dirt bugs >_<

Thx Ninjastar, some transitions just came out of my mind (like ... wtf?? it's good, so be it ^^), some, like the drop before the dirt, were quite painful, thought they all had their little flaws ... Good to see people appreciate them.

Thx Dengel, forgot the pikachu car ... dammit ^^. I have to admit that I actually like stadium :X ... (yes, I am ashamed ^^)

Thx Iquere, I don't want more than building nice little tracks =).

Thx Finfin, though I do not agree for pokemons. They Rule. .... ... ... hum hum hum actually no. ^^

Thx Etherforce, I think I will become the driftmaster. Or maybe not.
  Arild 15-Jun-2008
Congrats on the showcase man! This track really deserves it, and I hope you're able to round up quite a few awards
  MikoZ 16-Jun-2008
Showcase - YAY for you!!

go go pokemons!!
  XCS MappYnG 16-Jun-2008
Why this showcase was so late ...
  Bricedenice 16-Jun-2008
Woot, showcase .... It's been such a long time . Big Thanks =)

Loooooooong time ago, yay.

@Mappyng > Watch for Nitryx's track, it's been even much longer for him.
  Snake55wildcat 16-Jun-2008
Pokemon FTW XD, maybe the title just got you the showcase, but really this was one hell of a great track
  Jeffguy 17-Jun-2008
I don't see why this map was showcased... I thought that showcases were for highlighting great tracks by underrated authors. I'm not saying that this is a bad track though, cause it's in BotW, so if its in BotW, it doesn't really need to be showcased. As I said, not to say it's bad, I like it
  Bricedenice 17-Jun-2008
Agree with this. There are too many underrated tracks, was already happy to see this one had 10 awards, it's "enough" for me. But the "BoTW"and the number of awards are not that good criteria to detect "good tracks".

Just look at Micka, MrFreez, BanZzai, Newmodder, Vautour, Exp, Arkone, ... IMO they really deserve more attention. Yeah, maybe they make difficult tracks, but this is what is interesting in TM ... still imo, yeah ...
  frizbee 17-Jun-2008
Yeah ! Showcased ! Good job man, you really deserve it
  Dengel 17-Jun-2008
where is the pikachu car .... nice track , but stadium :x
  Jeffguy 18-Jun-2008
Well, thats what i'm saying: those authors' tracks should be in the showcase, not this one which is already in BotW (Again, I'm not saying this is a bad track).

EDIT: And I don't know why you named it Pokemon Stadium. It's just sorta... random.
  Bricedenice 18-Jun-2008
Random? Mmmm, yes. I definitely have to put pokemon music on it, but I have exams for the moment x_x ...
  Siem»LT 18-Jun-2008
Nice done, the showcase
  Sammon 18-Jun-2008
Jeff, usually a track that becomes a showcase becomes BOTW pretty fast.

And what a great track for showcase it is. Though what were you drinking when you thought of the name?
  Bricedenice 20-Jun-2008
Hmmm .... orange juice? =)

Edit :

900 Downloads o_O

Thank You Very Much !!!
  Snake55wildcat 27-Mar-2009
oh wow Nadeo has downloaded this track, maybe some of their workers like pokemon too [yay for privelege week XD]
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User Awards
Showing 32 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Sivert 16-Jun-2008
Fresh new transitions, nice flow and good drift

  publicPUBLIC 16-Jun-2008
Great track!
Really nice transitions and ideas
Great dirt parts and flows great!

  NinjAstar 17-Jun-2008
A great choice for showcase!

The track is really cool, although It would have been nice to see some MT. Anyways, the track is an awesome mix of speed-tech and compact-tech. It all flows great if you drive it right which is good. Some awesome transfers in here, like the hop up to the ramps, or the short drop down before the dirt part!

For a mostly compact track, it goes on for quite long, and me being a n00b at compact stadium tech, it was difficult for me to drive, let alone get a time in the top 10.

Rating: 9/10

Awesome work BricedeNice!

  Dengel 17-Jun-2008
and i forget to award
  iQue | tm2 18-Jun-2008
Nice little stadium track! I like it

  finfin 18-Jun-2008
cool 8) Nice flow, awesome map, awesome map, much better than pokemon =D

  EtherForce 19-Jun-2008
Lots of good drifts!
  uckevin 29-Jun-2008
good map with good jumps, driving on this map makes fun!
  KiWiNiNjA 09-Jul-2008
A little bit late but......

A top track this. Congrats on a well deserved showcase. Shame about the name.

A brilliant mix of all the elements stadium has to offer. Technical ofcourse, which I love.
A great layout and some really nice ideas. Makes for a very nice challenge.

  kerin444 12-Jul-2008
Great track for intermediate players, but challenging to get a good chrono.

  Xmastree 02-Jan-2009
Nice just played this tody on ppo good job keep it up
  Jake 23-Feb-2010
nice one!!
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