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Name: Operation Riviera 2
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   fab'm
Version: 01-Oct-2021
Released: 01-Oct-2021
TMX id: 5963739
LB Rating: 12,576
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Coast Routes: Multi
Length: 2m 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Coast
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2:31.42   fab'm+ 0:07.958,394
3:01.04   threading+ 0:37.570
6:29.76   Akantor+ 4:06.290
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Author Comments

/!\ Before playing /!\
Make sure to use the tm coast car called U_Green before you start.
It's not mandatory it's just a way to keep continuity on the story
And no, there is not any mediapack to download

Previous events:
27-Feb-2011, the seablue expedition
- Several vulcanic islands lost deeply in the pacific ocean rose above sea-level, revealing some hidden artifacs. The mission to retreive them was sucessfull before enemy forces arrived. With nothing more of value to be found, the island was quickly abandoned and remain uninhabitable since then.

11-Sep-2012, the alaskan incident
- Enemy forces established a new base, hidden deeply into the alaskan wilderness, with the goal of illegal weapon manufactory for export. With the rumors of a new type of nuclear weapon, a stealth mission was launch on that night. After the sucessfull de-activation of the factories and weapon stashes, enemy forces quickly fleed the scene.

11-Sep-2019, the riviera assault part 1
- We wrongly assumed the enemy operations were closed during these 7 years, but after satellite images detected strange activity on several islands in the mediterran sea on the south of france. A new infiltration mission was set to investigate these ocurrences and disable the advance of the new illegal weapon supply. Altough the mission was sucessfull, it wasn't enough to shut down the operation.

/!\ ~ October 1st, 2021, the riviera assault part 2 ~ /!\
- Thanks to the efforts made 2 years previously, the main base was discovered not far of the last riviera base. The transport operation is similar but given it's a more remote place that could be benefecial in shut down the operation once and for all. The mapping of the region shows 2 main islands connected through a bridge and we suspect the cargo to be frequently transported through that bridge which we suspect hosts the enemy base on the north and the weapon storage units on the south
Your task is to destroy the connecting bridge to prevent any illegal material to be exported and sold on the black market.

You will be deployed on the docks of the northern island, then you must gather the explosives which are stored on the nearby mines, (allegedly to work on an island expansion underground), then follow through the canals into the southern gate which is the best way to access the weapon warehouses compared to the heavly guarded north side. Altought enemy presence is not as common, there are still surveillance equipment to avoid or disable in order for you to access the main bridge.
If you sucessfully destroy the connecting bridge there's no other way arround than follow through the northern base which it is the most guarded spot on the base, so enemy presence is unavoidable in order for you to reach to the extraction point back to the docks.

It's time to shut down these operations once and for all

good luck soldier

Some data and specs
Estimated time of the operation: 2 minutes and 30 seconds
34 pages of mediatracker effects plus intro and outro
25 recorded ghosts many of them from the enemy squad
2 years of non-continuing preparations
Mediapack download (not found, see more info on comments)

Extra content:
There are 12 unique fails plus an easter egg and I will offer 1000 cc or a bronze tag if you can find them all
No need for an easter egg screenshot but each unique fail has a diferent sentence after MISSION FAILED, so if you can find them all you can just pm me @   fab'm with each sentence including pontuation

More info plus author comments on the 1st comment

User Comments
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  fab'm 01-Oct-2021
Author comments:
It's been 6 years... I hadn't released or made any united track for 6 years... time really goes by and oh boy, this has been in limbo for a while ^^
This project actually began in tm sunrise in 2019 when I released the first part as a challenge I made myself into making a full functional story track on an old trackmania game and one of my favourites.

The challenge consisted in me doing all the effects with the old editor, to use ZERO material from outside, there's no pictures, no sounds, not even billboards.

What happened was that I made 2 versions that were so diferent but with equal quality imo, the tms version is faster but I'm more a fan of this scenery. So I went to continue this project in united which allowed me for more effects including 2d triangles and most importantly, the recording of ghosts but allways keeping the no outside material rule and making a more serious aproach compared to the previous version.

This means it uses the default skins from the game (c'mon nadeo cars are cool), no custom sounds or images not even from tmx and since there is no music, you are stuck with the default coast theme which it's not a bad one ^^ it does fit with the "mission impossible" vibes. There's no blockmix aswell, not even editor bugs, so it is as oldschool as possible.
Basically, using ONLY what the vanilla game provides nothing else

The goal more than the challenge itself it was also to make a story/mission track (my favourite type) acessible to play even after many years as there are so many fantastic tracks that used items no longer avaliable and they are now uplayable forever.

This marks also a tribute to all the mappers that made those awesome story tracks all over the years you can check my showcase project here

Also a tribute to my late friend   rycardoo who also made fantastic and underrated story/mission tracks over the years and it was the person who used to motivate me the most

Special thanks to those who took their time to test this track and   Dule for his awesome screenshot
big w/ text

I don't want to say goodbye and call it my last ever track in united,I did that 6 years ago. It's really hard to call it quits when the tm creativity bug bites out of nowhere, but having no projected plans for united for at least a while, I don't know...
All I know is that even if I'm not building, I'll allways be curious to see what comes up once in a while. I'm so glad that after 15 years, new tracks are still being made, new ideas are still being explored and this game was not forgotten by the awesome community that still goes arround and I'm thankful for that

cya someday guys <3
  MichaelAutismUnited 12-Oct-2021
first non author comment. good tho, but hard gold.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Dule 01-Oct-2021
Pretty damn impressive!!
  threading 01-Oct-2021
lovely massive work ! love the mission, the great MT work and the route is prety easy, im the first to discover (at least upload wihout seeing your replay) the route itself without gps, i will play this more serious later and try to do a better time i know you fabio love this type of tracks and they are really great, one more to players can enjoy better replay later <3 hope this map can get the attention that he deservs

  Zipperke 01-Oct-2021
Hey man
We know eachother for quite some time now because of our love for the mediatracker
I learned a lot from you over all these years, although my MT is mostly over the top random shit happening all over the screen
Yours always had this signature of fine art written all over it.
The fact that you don't need loc files or any files to play this is a fine example of this.
All done with ingame features, like text and 3D triangles because these days people don't have the patience anymore to reload a map haha
I got temendrous respect for you and i hope you don't stop making stuff like this because this keeps our heads fresh
That tip i gave you about the ability to copy and past a clip with ctrl +D the other day will make your life in the editor a lot easier from now on so don't say good bye just yet
Think about how easy it now must be to copy paste chickens all over our screens
  »rydnaTM 01-Oct-2021
Dule comment +1
  OLDA_X 01-Oct-2021
Its really nice and fun. Basically, it's not difficult , Its a technical track with a RPG atmosphere and some nice media-tracker work. It's a well-build track because anyone can race here. Just map for all levels. I really like the part where there are guard lights. The work in the mediatracker in the final part is also excellent. Deserved award for you
  waitforme_2 02-Oct-2021
  rad 02-Oct-2021
Very nice story track here. It still has that small shortcut though. Great job anyway
  andresaguado 02-Oct-2021
Well, obviously this deserves a huge award. Really entertaining!
  Akantor 05-Oct-2021
Yes this is me awarding a Coast race map, your eyes don't lie.
Very fun to play, GJ !
  wormi 06-Oct-2021
Great map! Glad to see story maps still exist
  NitroGuy!»UD 06-Oct-2021
Nice to see that story maps are still being made! Great work here
  BRX204 07-Oct-2021
  sTeImOlO 07-Oct-2021
i expected something really exicting
but it's a normal coast track. when you concentrate on the track you can't see all the mt stuff.
i don't get the story
anyway it's a nice track.
award for you.
<<<||| |||>>>
  Kif 08-Oct-2021
Great mission map
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