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Name: Scenic Bay Drive 1
Pack: Scenic Bay Drive
By:   MixD
Version: 10-Dec-2007
Released: 10-Dec-2007
TMX id: 567555
LB Rating: 1,000
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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0:54.04   Marius 89+ 0:00.001,000
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0:57.57   MixD+ 0:03.53608
1:21.40   remixxx+ 0:27.360
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Author Comments

Here is another track that goes outside the normal map area. Somebody said that doing this in Bay would be a more innovative track than the first track that did it ("Little BigMap by   MixD"), which used new blocks.

New blocks: No
New track building techniques: No
Passworded: Yes. Non-passworded version available from Manialink Mix
Compatible with different TM versions: Yes (TMSX version in the map pack)
Easter eggs: No

I think the route is reasonably straightforward, but then again authors always do ^^ so watch the replay if you're not sure where to go.

There's some graphical glitching and some of the CPs are a bit ugly to respawn from. I did try to fix these, but this is the best I could come up with.

User Comments
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  Marius 89 10-Dec-2007
Of course everybody would like to know, how this works.
Do you tell us, Mixo?
  MixD 11-Dec-2007
Thx Arubiano, M'zn, Siem, Marius! Nice time Marius.

Thx Bye Tom, Dragon, Iken, kamyl, chris!
  Marius 89 11-Dec-2007
Thx ^^

You do not tell us, how it works?
  Bye Tom 11-Dec-2007
C'mon tell us!
  Voyager006 11-Dec-2007
Please tell/scream/whisper it how you/others can make it!
Then I could make a desert platform 1 million metres over the ground...
Or maybe i shouldn't tell every plans i have about those "things"...
But what is those things named?
In EvaMin04 Bashful they are talking about that those things must not be called "bugs", but "hugs"...
Is it that those things must be called, or something with "mix"...?
Please give tips!
I'm so frustrated!
  Etidu 12-Dec-2007
open the .gbx guys edit it then
  [GER]Dragon 13-Dec-2007
hi mixo! please build a map in island I think the are is really big there^^ and have fun to build these awesome maps i love you!!!
  MixD 13-Dec-2007
I've added a track pack which has
- a TMSX version
- a more open version (but has more graphics glitches)
- a different map where you drive along most of the bay coastline
  iken 14-Dec-2007
If you can understand french,you can know how to do mix track on this topic: here

It's easy(but it's a hard work),download a program like "hex editor" and then modify the the end of a serie of numbers and letters,you will see your blocks,then modify the 3 points after(try it).

I haven't test mixo's track,but I see on the screenshots that the blocks are on the background,it's harder to do it,and its a(very) long work(it means that the two first points after the name of the block have been modify).
  Etidu 06-Jan-2008
I use the 4 points after
  /GSX/Rafal 29-Mar-2008
please give link for Rix Mix
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Arubiano 10-Dec-2007
T.T so beautiful
  Lord M'zn =ITA= 10-Dec-2007
that's what i was trying to say ^^

you said you haven't created any new block, because youve created a new kinda of track. here the driving lines are totally different from normal bay, i crashed every time to the first green section, since i havent ever drive on it (and also i'm a bit newbie xD). and that section after that, where you go down from the hill... that's my favourite section! so wonderful, and now it's innovative.
what i liked most is that the road is so large and open... nice work here

and the best scenery have ever seen
  Siem»LT 10-Dec-2007
cool track

how did you do that?
  Marius 89 10-Dec-2007
Very nice using of this bug!

New ways and interesting ideas and
a very good autor time.
  Bye Tom 11-Dec-2007
Wow! Amazing bugs! Very cool techy track, I like it!
  [GER]Dragon 13-Dec-2007
nice map mixo please build other mix tracks I love your tracks mixo!!!
  iken 15-Dec-2007
Wow!Great track!
This is a very hard and very long work,to do a track like this!!!!!!!
The first jump is nice,and the track is fun,smooth and technical....great use of the background
,which takes a big part in the track,and the mixes stick very well with the background.
Moreover,I think your first track(little big map),which has got 22 awards(or something like that),was a bad track(the ratio quality/awards was very few I think!),but this time the track is good and original,and it has only 6 awards!?
So I award this track,very nice and difficult work,continue in this way mixo!
  kamyl 16-Dec-2007
Nice map,
  chris_du_21 17-Dec-2007
Crazy map

It's cool to race in the background
(a bit hard to find the right way at first, though)
  remixxx 08-Apr-2008
Nice mix nice tech! take this.
  Joost»LT 14-Sep-2008
Again a track I played before I got active on TMX, but when I played it today on PlayPal, I remembered this one again
Only point of 'critic' is that a GPS would've been usefull cuz on PlayPal, many beginners on the race didn't know were to go
So very, very late award from me

But still, better very,very late then never

EDIT: I'll try and upload a time aswell, if I don't forget it
  Simply 17-Mar-2009
wow, i wanted to drive there for like forever...Thank you =)
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