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Name: Little BigMap
Pack: Little BigMap
By:   MixD
Version: 07-Dec-2007
Released: 07-Dec-2007
TMX id: 563669
LB Rating: 14,812
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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0:36.90   paddya+ 0:00.4313,764
0:38.37   rdg+ 0:01.9010,182
0:38.57   Nim+ 0:02.109,694
0:38.66   NinjAstar+ 0:02.199,475
0:38.89   Jojoo+ 0:02.428,914
0:41.68   eyebo.wp+ 0:05.212,116
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Author Comments

I guess it's about time I did a mixmap myself. ^^ Not many block mixes in this one, but it has a large play area - 256*256*256 blocks, compared to the largest normally possible in TMU of 44*44*35, and is the first TMU map to use a non-standard size (I think). It even has roads going into the surrounding scenery.

New blocks: Yes
New track building techniques: Yes
Passworded: Yes. Non-passworded version available from Manialink Mix
Compatible with different TM versions: Yes (TMSX version in the map pack)
Easter eggs: Some little ones

You'll need a bit of skill and luck to finish this one, yes sorry it's a bit of a lolmap, and fullspeed, but then again I'm not keen on long maps and I had to cover many blocks and the Coast car isn't so fast... ^^

As usual (i.e. as with the EvaMin series) there's some off-track stuff to explore.

Another track with new blocks is "EvaMin04 Bashful by   eva". Or for more Coast mixmapping check out "Hell's Karting Track by   Zooz" (which also has a new block). Both those maps are the first time those blocks were publicly used I believe. For another map that goes outside the normal play area, check out "Scenic Bay Drive 1 by   MixD".

User Comments
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  XCS WeetoS 13-Dec-2007
Dakkon i love you! <3
There is one player who has a piece of lucidity
  Golo 13-Dec-2007
Hmm, for me it was just the Wow! effect to play outside the normal play area, but the track was also lots of fun, especially the first two jumps.
Of course its more a lol-map than a really good track (dont know if it deserves that much awards) but its something new.
  MixD 13-Dec-2007
I think all of these negative comments can be addressed by anyone with an open mind who's capable of looking at the evidence (hint: I agree with many of the comments). I'm trying to do something positive for the TM community, so please take your negativity and shove it. No offense,
  tyzz 13-Dec-2007
The track is very interressting for the whole concept (256*256*256 block aera)

But it's not very fun for me sorry... too lucky
Ok the ".gbx change" is Wow but if the track have only the bug, it's not enough to do a good track (imho ), this track is just a "demo-bug" track with just the bug for advantage ...NOT ENOUGH, it should have a good race with bugs and here only here, it will be a good trakc (imho )

  Alcator 14-Dec-2007
Originally posted by Mixo ...
I think all of these negative comments can be addressed by anyone with an open mind who's capable of looking at the evidence (hint: I agree with many of the comments). I'm trying to do something positive for the TM community, so please take your negativity and shove it. No offense,

I disagree with "I'm trying to do something positive for the community" bit. The thing is, if you build something innovative normally, others can be inspired by that and try to repeat the same process, perhaps modify it a bit, to build on the foundations you provide.

But in this case, the very first few steps of construction process are intentionally concealed by the likes of you, you're keeping the secret like Freemasons did :-)

The activity you do is called HACKing.
  XCS MappYnG 15-Dec-2007
+1 Dakkon, And you just have to look the topic about mix in french forum to see that we're much okay that the map is crap...But, dunno this track has 20 awards for Suxxor noninnovating... (Yes, noninnovating)
  eva 30-Dec-2007
Nobody has done custom map sizes in TM before, have they? So how exactly is this not innovative? I read that thread on the French forum to see if that would give me any insight into what MappYnG means by "innovative", and it mostly seems to be trying to copy what other people have done.
  KAKASHI 26-Mar-2008
Originally posted by etidu29 ...
For the guys who don't know how to do a mix-map : Open the .gbx and edit it

And a big THANK YOU for etidu29 who explain very well how to do a mix-map
  Nim 30-Nov-2009
Is it possible to make the building area bigger???
or edited you every block???
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User Awards
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  iQue | tm2 12-Dec-2007
Sweet bugs really cool! The track iteslf isn't very spectacular but it's still pretty enjoyable due to ridiculous jumps you'd never see in an "ordinary" coast track...

  kamyl 16-Dec-2007
Nice map,
  ,,Januy 17-Dec-2007
How do you do it

  chris_du_21 17-Dec-2007
What a stunning track
I can go cruising in the background scenery I can go 1000 km/h in a coast car
I can easily switch to left / right lane
This is TMU Extreme Can't stop playin this track !!!!
  PhilM 01-Jan-2008
I don't care if this is a LOL map.. the bug just shocks me!

Well done!!
  rdg 26-Mar-2008
very funny
  Wallaby 01-Aug-2008
Awesome Track
Awesome Bugtrack xD
Nice huuge jumps^^

But it's a riddle for me how you get the finishblock out of the map
  Jet777 30-Jan-2009
The track is shit, I'm not gonna lie

However this bug RULEZ! It's the first track ever with the possible top speed of 1000.

4 the bug!
  axeloo7 30-Jan-2009
Wow ;=


For are good and short Track .

  guTzzM2005 24-Jun-2009
WOW tricky at jump and falling right after the yellow boosters, very cool blockmixing
Nice bug
  eyebo.wp 01-Dec-2009
Big track, big fun. Quite insane
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