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Name: Apocalyptic
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   XT Projects
Version: 08-Oct-2007
Released: 08-Oct-2007
TMX id: 480888
LB Rating: 67,473
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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0:51.69   MEFjihr+ 0:00.0067,473
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0:52.10   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.4164,261
0:52.11   MaB+ 0:00.4264,183
0:52.31   Sangelos+ 0:00.6262,617
0:52.81   Axon+ 0:01.1258,701
0:52.96   gruebchen+ 0:01.2757,526
0:53.33   the|resurrecteD+ 0:01.6454,628
0:53.81   rad+ 0:02.1250,869
0:54.29   KEV Fan+ 0:02.6047,110
0:54.44   SkunkY+ 0:02.7545,934
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Author Comments

Welcome to Apocalyptic!

After a long time of building, and some time waiting for TMX to come back up, Micster and KEV Fan have finally released a Duo track!

Expect plenty of speed, style, and stunts on this one.

Thanks to the XT guys for beta testing!

Please put up your Personal Best whenever you can!
Coppers: 6326
MT Intro
MT Ingame
MT Outro
Bigger Screenshot Here!
Suggestions? Comments? Please Provide Feedback so we know what you did and didn't enjoy!

Please comment or Award if you enjoy the track!

Have fun Tracking!


User Comments
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  Micster 08-Oct-2007
Whee, it's finally done!

Thanks to KEV Fan for all the support during this track, thanks to the beta testers who helped much in the process, and thanks to everybody who has downloaded and awarded this track!
  Bye Tom 08-Oct-2007
I have tried this one in our forum, but I´ll try it again as you may have change somthing! It´s really a incredible track!

Now the only thing left is to luanch TMU, but that takes ages! I guess you will have my award pretty soon anyways!
  KEV Fan 08-Oct-2007
Yop Micster - I love the screenie you made
Mapping with you was big fun to me
Cheers to all XT betatesters
.... danke schoen to everybody who leaves some feedback here
extra thanks to smok3y - rofl what an award
  MaB 14-Oct-2007
No comment.
  KEV Fan 21-Oct-2007
Aaah MaB - so close in catching s8ndm8n - good racing dude
  MaB 25-Oct-2007
Thank you very much, KEV Fan!! 0.01 Sec. slower than him is indeed good. But also a bit frustrating. I tried a lot to go just a little faster, but no...I couldn't do it. But not bad anyhow. Thanks for noticing.
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User Awards
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  Bye Tom 08-Oct-2007
Amazing chellenge! No changes where done since before, and that´s mostly good in this case, ´cuase what a flow it is in this track!!

Amazing work, both of you, KEV Fans parts are pretty cool with bigger jumps and faster, and micsters parts are more tight! Love the both styles!!

Great work, here´s your well deserved award! (I know that one is old, but lets just forget about that live on instead!)
  iQue | tm2 08-Oct-2007
Sweet track, great transitions and marvelous MT. Great screenie too

!! Well deserved !!
  Mr.Brow 08-Oct-2007
Awesome Speed
Awesome Jumps
Awesome Platforms
Awesome Roads
Awesome Intro, Ingame And Outro
Awesome Track
Big Big Big from me

  Kendar 08-Oct-2007
YEE HAWWW - Now that's a great track!!!
Terrific design!!
The start is cool, jumps are great, the uneven surfaces are fun to weave around and the loops are tense just keeping them straight.
Fun stuff boys!! Great duo track!!!

  Hageldave 09-Oct-2007
that fin roxx
the rest aswell ofc ^^
and i'm lazy
  -Homie- 09-Oct-2007
Yeah, awesome speed flowing map!
You two different styles makes a great mix!

Get ur
  smok3y 09-Oct-2007
I was so damn surprised to see KEV Fan and Micster make a duo map
What the hell did you guys have in mind here
I thought to myself - penguin and a crocodile sitting on a coffee table drinking together
Wahhaaaa that must be funny
And yups the track was funny and awesome indeed
Making KEV Fan make fast transitons like Mic does must have taken time, it's like a penguin riding a Kawasaki Hayabusa(go penguins go, but can it reach the gears)
And making Mic make longer platform sections must have dropped him dead tired on the mat Think of a crocodile in the ocean(ive never seen one, have ya)
Two diferent styles altogether and yet you guys to make an awesome map, that's what surprised me
And sometimes you have uniqueness in unorthodox things, this is a great example
A thoroughly enjoyable ride from start to finish
Full of aweeeeeeesome Jumps
Great platform transitions
High speed loop transfers
Superbly laid Airport section
Way to go guys, this is awesome work
And great Mt work too
And i loved the start section, very nice idea used there
Super Duper Duo job
  Vincent 09-Oct-2007
Wow, great track! A fine speed layout gives good intuitiveness, and the FUN of driving comes soon - I appreciate if I can finish a track long before I get desperate.

The beginning is not easy to handle, if you want a good time, but that gets better after a few more tries. But there´s one area with bugs: The big wide open after the first loop and one or two more turns to the right. There I have hit against the down part of a sign for a few times, and other times I lost a lot of speed because of unsmooth landings. Many other times everything was fine of course. Seems that it depends on the angle you get in with.

Anyway: Great work!
  MasterDisaster 10-Oct-2007

Actually, the name fits so well with this track!
Apocalyptic start
Fourious path
Great speed feeling
Scary jumps
Insane transitions
Wow...pure adrenaline!

  maphios 10-Oct-2007
Hui, what a track !
from the start i felt this high level of mapping skills in the track
crazy use of the different parts
the start is a rocker and it´s not PF, very well done !
after that this track offers u all u can think of in island
the MT work is super moreover
super map u two

  DaKKoN 10-Oct-2007
Great "fusion" of 2 styles
Massive lay-out and great fun to drive
It's not all as smooth since sometimes my car tends to go left or right in front of the 1st loop(when landing), (so 1 block xtra would solve that.. ) but the track is just great fun to drive!!
The scenery looks great and the MT overall is worth a big !!!
The speed is massive and the amount of transitions is great as well!!
Well most of it is said above so I'll just lend ya 2 this nice and shiny and hope many will follow!!

  SkunkY 10-Oct-2007
Cool track, great design.
I can really see the handwritings of you both.
Your styles fit good together.
Nice work!
  pitstep 12-Oct-2007
great speedtrack

great work guys
  Mirco the Racer 12-Oct-2007
This is only awesome.
The beginning is stunning.
The jumps the loops the airport part.
Everything rocks my mind into another level.
Really awesome stuff here. Great intro.
Superb outro.
Awesome map.
Thats a duo map as it should be.
So keep it up

for this awesome stunner

Mirco the Racer
  Squirrel 12-Oct-2007
hey really thisone rocks
stunned through and through
great work u 2
  MaB 13-Oct-2007
Yeah, a good track! Hard to drive gold.
  s8ndm8n 14-Oct-2007
Awesome track with a spectacular layout and an exciting design

- just too bad those noobs at XT didn't spot this obvious cut I'm really sorry I didn't see this in testing I must have had too much fun driving the intended route- or maybe seeing times posted gives me that extra motivation for finding "quicker routes"
  Shok 14-Oct-2007
Awsome track
great ideas
  DanDaMan 16-Oct-2007
Really nice flowy track... there are some nice jumps and fun sections!
Great work on MT and scenery also
  QuinX 12-Oct-2009

long time not play a good island like that

it's never too late for award 2 years later but never see this track before
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