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Name: Storm on the horizon ~ mtc
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   fab'm
Version: 20-May-2015
Released: 22-Feb-2015
TMX id: 4603996
LB Rating: 33,472
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Rally
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0:56.89   OLDA_X+ 0:00.0033,472
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0:57.34   waitforme_2+ 0:00.4531,883
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0:59.29   Xendramir»UD+ 0:02.4024,999
1:03.49   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:06.6010,172
1:18.09   Bladerunner78+ 0:21.200
1:38.75   »der.Hund+ 0:41.860
1:44.18   3 Pigs+ 0:47.290
1:00.88   rpee89+ 0:03.99-
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Author Comments

22 February 2015
Guess who's back ?

~ Before playing the track make sure you have the Shader Quality set at least at PC03 low (minimum) and PostProcess FXs activated otherwise the effects won't fully work on the track ~
Also wait a little bit until the locators download, restart the track to see the intro again in its full glory and the rest of the track with every effect I set up

Storm on the horizon ~ mtc
wow it's been almost 3 years since I played with the united editor, but this month I felt inspired to do a little return after I saw this month theme for MTC...

Well again I built on the environment I love to hate, rally and I'm back for a super full speed on a 10x150 base map.
On this map I gathered some crazy effects I learn over these years to do what I enjoy the most: GO NUTS WITH THE MEDIATRACKER!!!

Video here

The screen and the name say it all, there's a freaking storm over this track it's intense it's brutal and you have to go fast to your destiny so fasten your seatbelts because the ride is going to be crazy

If you are scared of lightnings don't worry, I give you a choice on the start if you want to race the track with no effects at all so you can enjoy the track without weather rampage it's up to you to choose if you want to go fast but with nice calm weather at day or you can go fast with brutal storms and lightnings at night
Same thing happens in the outro/replay, whatever you choose ingame, it's the same effect you will see in the replay

In a nutshell there's 1 track and you have 2 ways to play it and depeding the condition you choosed you will see the replay with or without those effects

Music: Nightwish - Storytime ~ click...
Est.Time: arround 57 seconds
Style: Fullspeed
Mod: No mod (aside from the rally envi being cool already I don't know how to place mods in 10x150 maps -.-)
Mood: Afternoon/night - the track is set for afternoon mood but with the effect it will feel as if it was night ^^
Specs: 16 custom pictures - 3 sound effects - 3 recorded ghosts - some billboards from tmx and from the SC

Special thanks to mystikal and zipperke for testing and helping improve the track, also thanks zipperke for the rain animation it really helped Thanks also to dnbfreak for hosting the files and for sound conversion and .Ornaiim for his epic screenshot check a few more on the track (viewing the replay) or over here in tmnf-x

Some showcases from the awesome screen makers
"»Evoc' by .Ornaiim
"Christmas Season 2014 by GoW|R4a
"A Secret´s Disclosure by bimse
"MTC - The miracle of ... by Spiky

Bonus showcase for a very special mapper

Morning Cruise by   Xmastree

Well I think that's all, probably my last appearence here in tmu I hope you enjoy this one, award if you do, don't forget to post your best time, above all I hope you have fun with this one and the ones I made in tmu and if you wish, keep up with my work in nations for more crazy monsters

kristján aka fabio_m

Update May 20th, 2015
some thunder sounds weren't loading

User Comments
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  fab'm 22-Feb-2015
Just a small note here:
I don't know how to drive well in rally or even the concept of a good rally track, I did the best I could based on my knowledge and I didn't copy any track style or saw any track at all to be inspired by, I hope it's enough for an enjoyable and playable track

@zipperke thank you for your kind words
although I build tracks for taste and enjoyment it's going to be hard to have the same feeling building for united :/ I don't see much hope with this version of the game, if it was popular as it was in 09/10 then I would go for bigger projects, I even have an unfinished prototype of a massive RPG in bay which is a remake of terra incognita, my best track ever but no motivation to continue...
unless this version of trackmania does a great leap I don't see myself invest more big projects in it... it's so lonely ^^
Also I'm not a big name in tmu ^^ I hope someday I can reach 300 awards here compared with the almost 1100 I have in tmnf is a big difference between a site I barely reach 50 dls per track and another that reaching 200 is not a novelty for me ^^
Lack of feedback and the way this site is becoming more inactive aside from none of my friends play this game anymore are the main reasons
  clavicula-nox 23-Feb-2015
MT effects are well done
But difficulty is only intermediate for 15 sec,
the rest is for experts only So it was not fun to drive.
The outro may work for you, but in my replay looks ugly.
  fab'm 23-Feb-2015
it's a continuous outro which means the cameras go automatly
I had no choice because the same trigger conditions I used ingame to select rain/no rain mode don't work in outros somehow -.- and I wanted the effects to be added in replay and that was the only solution
as for dificulty I got to say I also hate driving in rally, the car is too sensible and I had to build the track with limited talent both in driving and rally building taking advantage of my strongest point, the mediatracker
it may be dificult but since I'm pretty bad in rally and I can finish the track in about 5 or 6 tries I think a rally pro can do it very well that's why I set the dificulty to intermediate
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User Awards
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  Zipperke 22-Feb-2015
Hey fab,
i must say that your older work inspired me to make stuff like that
I learned a lot by playing and watching your MT
There's always something about the stuff you create that bedazzles me
Even inspires me as they say it.
You're one of the last builders that put so much love and dedication in his work that people need to put a step back to get a good look at it because it's so massive.
It's sad to read that this porbably will be your last creation on united
It's also sad to see that the chances for me to win this MTC are melting like the snow on your christmas track 2 months ago.
It was an honour for me to be a small part of this creation
Here's your well earned Award
  Konix. 22-Feb-2015
What effects

sry for gugel on this transation
  rycardoo 23-Feb-2015
nice work..congratulations
  waitforme_2 27-Feb-2015
as I´m a big fan of 150x10 tracks I just have to award it as it also features my fav race style: straight ahead great MT work - fantastic idea
  Alex BF 27-Feb-2015
  boulbi 01-Mar-2015
Awesome MT and scenery work I like the screenshot to, you deserves your award even if your map had need some more turns !
  rpee89 01-Mar-2015
I'm not really an expert on rally racing and my time isn't the optimal, but I can say that the route is very well designed and if you can keep the full speed its really smooth and fun to drive. But what's exceptional on this track and in all your tracks generally is the incredible MT work, and the storm effects are really cool here and not too distracting for making a good time. It's anyway nice that you give players the choice whether to load these effects or not, so time hunters can have it without any additional distractions. Great work on this speedy rally race!

  Mizu.Fwo 07-Jun-2015
Fantastic work!! > <
  wormi 07-Jun-2015
Wow seems like I have missed this. Thanks shortz!
  Fliks 07-Jun-2015
Shittiest effects I have ever seen.
  spedzo 08-Jun-2015
It always amazes me what the creative types can come up with using the mediatracker. Of course I went the lightning and thunder way, for maximum excitement!
  Loe 09-Jun-2015
  »der.Hund 11-Jan-2016
Great Work, impressing!

  malthe122 21-Feb-2016
Very cool track and mediatracker!
  Bladerunner78 20-Mar-2020
nice track
  OLDA_X 20-Mar-2020
Great MT, cool combos
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