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Track Name
Name: Emerald Forest
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Wallaby
Version: 11-May-2010
Released: 11-May-2010
TMX id: 2781980
LB Rating: 39,551
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:38.79   Wallaby+ 0:00.0039,551
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:38.98   GranaDy!+ 0:00.1938,388
0:39.01   Acid+ 0:00.2238,205
0:39.42   NémésiS+ 0:00.6335,697
0:39.52   Mizu+ 0:00.7335,085
0:39.54   FT»Marky+ 0:00.7534,963
0:39.54   Dragonus+ 0:00.7534,963
0:39.56   medina+ 0:00.7734,840
0:39.58   wormi+ 0:00.7934,718
0:39.72   maphios+ 0:00.9333,861
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Author Comments

Another snowtrack by me (suprise).
Since a while it is a real oldschooled map with lots of scenery again
I think it is one of my best maps , even with it's simple-ness compared to other tracks I made in the past 2 .
It includes some less bugs which are damn easy to avoid , but the track is finishable with bugs easily tough.
It is intermediate , even if it lack's CP ways (well snow is the worst envir for CP-routes , especially for lazy noodles like me). I think also snownoobs should finish it. (only the 360° turn is a bit tough)
the track itself has not the most exciting transitions , but lives from it's jumps and drops =)

Gogo upload times ^^
edit: updated , added a wrong version
edit²: update 2 powaah

User Comments
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  Acid 11-May-2010
ogog desert
  »Kratze« 11-May-2010
Sry for bad time, I am the biggest snow-noob
And that long jump thrugh the CP I've written about, if you drive it as fast as possible you hit it very hard
And this 360°-curve: Really not nessecary and I don't like it that much, but it fits perfectly with the rest of the track together.


P.S.: No, don't stop building, don't make a break
  Wallaby 11-May-2010
You are not used to take that boost before the far jump completely , because an earlier landing gives you more of the down-side-boost and the down-booster gives much more speed then the previous one.
I know you can jump too high if you take that detour to hit the booster completely , but it is even slower without the hillcheckpoint.

As a little hint for you. try to catch the full arrow on the right side (but not too close) and you will get a perfect landing

edit: sry I care not much about MT since I usually skip it in other maps too ^^
  »Kratze« 11-May-2010
Yeah, I know that you didn't want me to drive there, but I did
Ok, I drove it like this and it seems to be clear, so...
That thing with the MT:
You skip it, but other guys(like me) are only at TM to watch the awesome things somebody did with this MT...
MT is a wonderful thing and remember why Crusard got these awards^^
  Wallaby 11-May-2010
I don't care for getting awards just for the mediatracker-work in racemaps. (except if I I'd make a RPG or storymap someday , but I barely think that ^^)
If you check some of tracks I awarded , you won't see any feedbacks including MT (ok well I write rarely long detailled awards)
(don't wanna say with that crusard doesn't deserve his awards tough )
  'Buchi' 11-May-2010

*put in random stuff criticizing wallby*

Greets, Buchi
  Wallaby 12-May-2010
I excpect only a good time from a CMC-guy

thanks btw for the nice awards :
excpected that there are different opinions about the 360° and the jump afterwards , but I think they fit perfectly into the track and give the track a kind of "uniqity" (if that word excists ).
  Crixu' 14-May-2010
new screenshot is much better
  Wallaby 14-May-2010
Quote ...
maybe next time a bit longer

Building more than 45 seconds of FS is hard on a 30x30 base ^^
And I think 1 minute-tracks of my style would be a bit too much because snow is actually hard to hunt with some bugs .
  Darki 14-May-2010
You'll manage it
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Sivert 16-May-2010
Sweet but hard track Had a lot of difficulties with the route and didn't manage to finish until I watched a replay... A drivethrough would have been good Great fun for a noob to make the list after about an hour of trying

  DaKKoN 20-May-2010
Unlike Sivert, I finished your track on my 1st try... ()

Dude, this is a wonderfull track!!!
No silly transitions, just PURE racing with awesome ideas knitted together. This is how I your maps m8. Your creativity with an easy-sauce poured all over it!! I can write you a long of how wonderfull this track is, but I rather just race your track some more to get into the top10!! Hehe You rock m8!! Seriously!! You made me laugh when I intuitively drove the 360-degree-corner and jumped up after that!! Very great idea there!! unexpected, since it seemed like a resawn route^^ Here's a VERY well deserved for you m8y!!! Plz make many more of these easy yet wild tracks!!!

  medina 30-May-2010
good track
addictive & funny
  Sriver 09-Oct-2010
Great track, Walla!

Nice jumps & speed, beautiful scenery!

Don't really like the 360° turn but it's o.k. imo.

>> <<

  FT»Shock! 09-Oct-2010
  wormi 13-Oct-2010
Holy cow & chicken!

This is damn awesome!

Genius jumps, addicting corners, perfect flow, super challenge, amazing scenery, good mt.. aarghhh I'm gettin crazy!! Maybe my fav speedy snow map ever!


  Buldock 16-Jul-2016
Nice track. Here's the award 4 You =>
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