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Name: »Blazing Angels
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Jenox
Version: 08-Oct-2009
Released: 08-Oct-2009
TMX id: 2207914
LB Rating: 36,717
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:55.43   Acid+ 0:00.0036,717
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0:56.26   BrummHummel+ 0:00.8333,418
0:56.58   MasterGary+ 0:01.1532,146
0:56.63   rad+ 0:01.2031,947
0:57.04   *Garfovsky+ 0:01.6130,318
0:57.85   Keirabxtch.+ 0:02.4227,098
0:58.04   Dragonus+ 0:02.6126,344
0:58.12   Jenox+ 0:02.6926,026
0:58.36   CAR-AZY+ 0:02.9325,072
0:58.45   Zubitxu+ 0:03.0224,714
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Author Comments

Hello !
I'm back with a new track, this time in desert.
It maybe my best so far - anyway, enjoy!

After the start there's a left curve and a smooth drop down to a loop. When you leave the loop, there's a tricky right turn that leads to the first offroad part. Now you have to drive left in order not to crash against some metal stuff and you come to a little ramp. When you drive over it you are transfered to platform and after a smooth jump again to normal road. Now, there are some tricky tech curves and the first tunnel. When you leave it, there's a sharp left turn and again a transfer to platform. The following right curve is more speed than tech, should be easy doable. After the second tunnel there are again some tech curves and a quarterpipe. When you leave it, there's again a platform part with a smooth drop. Afterwards, after a left turn, there's a similar transition as after the offroad part. After 2 or 3 tech curves, you can already see the finish and you are gonna fly through it...

Name: Blazing Angels
Length: ~60 seconds
Style: Speedtech
Coppers: 3140
Mood: Day
Signs: Red Daytime
Music: Evanescene - Eternal
Contents: Pipe, road, offroad, platform & wood
Mediatracker: Full used

Times to beat:

Thank to them!
- NitroGuY!
- Braadje
- Rojko
- and some more LTs

Maybe my best screenshot so far, although it was quickly done.
Bigger one?
Click here!

There is some music here.
In the last days, there were some autoload problems.
Maybe you simply have to manually download it.
Just click here and place the downloaded file at MyDocuments\TrackMania\ChallengeMusics

Hunting Competition:
Again a little hunting competition, again no cuts allowed.
Deadline is... uhm... 17.1o.o9 before I go to bed again^^
Have fun while hunting!

Place 1: 5oo Coppers
Place 2: 2oo Coppers
Place 3: 1oo Coppers
Place 4: 5o Coppers
Place 5: 5o Coppers

Have fun and leave some feedback please.


User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Jenox 08-Oct-2009

o1: Rojko
o2: Skywalker
o3: Crixu
o4: Table
o5: Jockis
o6: Cartman
o8: Arne
o9: Acid
1o: Skilla

1o s!

11: Torque
12: Smartyyy
13: NitroGuY!
14: Lars
15: Mania
16: Joost
17: BrummHummel
18: Tuta
19: Monster
20: Draco

2o s!!

21: MasterGary
22: Zubitxu
23: Smz
24: Dadous
25: Braadje
26: Osamo
27: Dartz
28: Cs Vlf
29: TMJonas
3o: Phil

3o s!!!

31: Low-Gamer
32: d!plO
33: loicdeveynes
34: Dark
35: Ignition
36: Cool-T
37: Lauritz
38: Katzenklo
39: Palkia the Great
4o: Rad

4o s!!!!

41: Kaiwin
42: Eyebo
43: Cheetah
44: Shock
45: Heinso
46: Metallord
47: Joyeux
  Acid 09-Oct-2009
Do i get extra Coppers if i do a 55.XX ?
  Jenox 09-Oct-2009
If you say so, you already have a one! xD
No, no extra coppers...
  Acid 09-Oct-2009
No i don't ofc ... but it might be possible, was a joke anyway

  BrummHummel 09-Oct-2009
Acid = freak
  tmjonas 09-Oct-2009
you can post whatever time you want in desert, 10mins later there's again an Acid-replay in front of you
go for 55 !!
  BrummHummel 10-Oct-2009
Acid - watch our replays together. You´ll see that mid 55 should be possible
  MasterGary 10-Oct-2009
Originally posted by Author Comment ...
Again a little hunting competition, again no cuts allowed.
Deadline is... uhm... 17.1o.1o before I go to bed again^^

Hmm, 2010? djeez that's long competition

BH ... you call Acid a freak while driving this time yourself? xD
You both are sick
I mean... I drive FS and still am nearly one second behind you guys
  BrummHummel 10-Oct-2009
I called him a freak as i had a 57.5x
  Jenox 10-Oct-2009
I'm very very sorry for that mistake!
Of course it's 2oo9.
» updated
And yeah, really sick times here!
  Acid 10-Oct-2009
Gogo Brumm
  BrummHummel 10-Oct-2009
Omg Acid.. du hast nen Rad ab
Very nice time!!!
  MasterGary 11-Oct-2009
  tmjonas 11-Oct-2009
da siehste alt aus, gary, wa?
  MasterGary 12-Oct-2009
Joa tmj

But that always was the case with Acid on Desert/Snow and always will be
  Acid 17-Oct-2009
I just love the Desert Enviroment
  Bloodbath 17-Oct-2009
Don't get me wrong... i love some of your ideas. It's just that it's too frustrating to drive those tight slalom-curves with this speed.
  Jenox 18-Oct-2009
Winners PM-ed.


1ooo Downloads!!!
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 49 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  kaiwin 21-Oct-2009
good intro
good flow
good track
good job
  eyebo.wp 22-Oct-2009
Great track! Fun transitions, nice flow, scenery, etc. Nice work!!!
  Cheetah 22-Nov-2009
Awesome work :]
  FT»Shock! 17-Mar-2010
nice work
  ReviiLo :x 02-Apr-2010
sorry for late award for this fucking great one
this track has all, fun,smoothness,mt,hunt parts,challenging,fun,fun,fun...
this is really one of the best deserts
Great Job
Rating: 9.5/10!

Greetz Heinso
  Cicero 27-Apr-2010
I love it
  FT|Joyeux 19-Sep-2010
awesome flow, transitions, etc ...
my inspiration for my future desert ^^
  FT»chalwhen 02-Jan-2012
  FT»tuutti 30-May-2013
Jenox begged for this (even sent me money on paypal).

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