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Name: Blazing»LighT
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Mania»LT
Version: 07-Feb-2009
Released: 07-Feb-2009
TMX id: 1476354
LB Rating: 49,108
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:43.75   _Hawk_+ 0:00.1648,026
0:43.76   MEFjihr+ 0:00.1747,959
0:43.77   meinzelmann+ 0:00.1847,891
0:43.82   BrummHummel+ 0:00.2347,553
0:43.83   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.2447,485
0:43.83   Mania»LT+ 0:00.2447,485
0:43.95   maze+ 0:00.3646,674
0:44.03   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:00.4446,134
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Author Comments

Hey !
this is my new island fullspeed track Blazing»LighT
It's speedy , has got lots of jumps /transitions and isn't too hard

Full MT
(my best so far ^^ )
good for intermediate servers
lots of jumps
all cp's respawnable


Thanks for betatesting :
And the »LT members

(sorry if I forgot someone , very much people tested it on PPO )

without them the track wouldn't be as good as now

Blazing»LighT wallpaper (click)
Blazing»LighT wallpaper without text (click)

resolution : 1680x1050

I think this is my best track so far

Have fun


here comes advertising

try this one : It's so damn hard but amazing trasnitons , great flow and huge speed is waiting for you

Infernal Skillz by   Cartman»LT

User Comments
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  Mania»LT 12-Feb-2009
how could I have seen this ?
  Voyager006 12-Feb-2009
  FT»Osaka 12-Feb-2009
Wallpaper 0wn5, and now BOTW! Dude, you're smashing up your award count real bad!
  FT»Tobbe 14-Feb-2009
Nah! Brummi you damn freak!
  Mania»LT 05-Mar-2009
thanks all for nice comments ,( and useless spam )
nice time Brummi

EDIT : OMAGAD VOY O_o ! this award fills 2 pages at my 22° screen
thanks for 2. BOTM voy
rofl my bounce tracks did you test them ?!?!
  Voyager006 06-Mar-2009

But after your comment i will
  Mania»LT 08-Mar-2009
hey I got a BOTM for my B day
  Voyager006 09-Mar-2009
Congratz ^^
  Wallaby 02-Aug-2009
I was bored of that kind of maps when you relased it (@ your thx list)
  Mania»LT 14-Nov-2009
WOOOW meinzelmann

lol barto
  eyebo.wp 22-Mar-2010
gogo 50 awards!!
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User Awards
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  Voyager006 06-Mar-2009
Sry for late award ... I'm really really sorry I said that this is worth awarding but i was too lazy to do that (Lazy Trackers ^^)
But now i take revenge on myself


This is the Mania track, people !

Better than *ancient~Villages* ! (Blazing>LighT sounds more modern And is more modern )

Better than *Sunny~Morning* ! (Blazing>LighT is easier, smoother (exept for the hill jump if you can do it ), funnier and more extraordinary )

Better than ... any of your other tracks (especially your 2 Bounce tracks )

Goo mania('s track) !


The intro is very funny as you didn't expect the black car to flip at that 1 cm thick scar at the platform ^^
Nice text effects


And now to the start line
The GPS text is fascionated to the limit Flashing as it can't be better !
The GPS jump is funny as you just stay in the air, hanging and waiting for the GPS to load sucessfully
And the GPS driving is also perfectioned No mistakes !

Ok the two first transitions are a little too simple as it made me think "Anyone can even beat these sloppy uncreative jumps !"
But then after the first corner you take revenge and the track sends a electrical message to my brain where it stands "No one !!! can even beat these harshed creative transitions !!"

The jump into 2nd Cp is a bit umsmooth but imo it's 100 % needed for the next re-use part

And now a black hole for breath
This is one of the best timed jumps at this track (maybe in island history too)
You (and I ) land always 1 cm from the edge here o_O
I'm screaming "Waaaah" everytime i jump here

Now a very smooth landing without need for an own CP-way
And a very hidden booster -.- I hate when i miss that booster ^^

Then a wallride ... (not even a wallride ... it should be the wallride )... it feels a bit special at this track if you combine it with other wallrides

And after the first transition after the wallride, then a little magic comes into the track
This is just like my transition i often used in my Speed Attack !!!, but reversed here
And you can really jump over that cliff which you wouldn't do if you drove centered between both blocks Amazingly, dude !

So a smooth jump down to next Cp Then another smooth jump after the Cp And a smooth jump again into airport And yet another smooth jump downwards

And then ...
The Transition into a banked (wanted to write naked but that's wrong ) platform corner !!!!1
This transition really rocks the 1337ness into this track
... omegadd transition !!!

And then a yet another transition to freak up the barometer even further up

And the finish transition is also nice, as you never crash in it

The boats after the finish line is funny to crash in


The scenery rocks as well (but i know you can make better scenery as you did in the first (but failed) LT BASCO

And the screenie is 1337ness imho It shows my favourite part of this track, + that awesome car that's trying to fly away from the screenie

It's funny to take backflips if you drive a bit wrong ^^


The Outro is also nicely perfectioned
I love especially the straight part after 5th Cp


Well deserved awards, this is surely more awards than i would get for Frozen or 360 degrees* if there were no MT on them
Hold Your Colour really fits to this track
If your name were shorter, i would make a award-mania as you did with me


Greetz from your double-clanmate, dude, betatester, editing freak, 1337nessed and friend Voy
  banjee»UD 07-Mar-2009
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Drave 11-Apr-2009
Awesome track,I like it

For you

  smartyyy 30-Apr-2009
One of the smoothest Island tracks I ever played! The transitions are awesome and the speed and flow are also great. Big >>><<< for you
  Wallaby 31-Jul-2009
why did I never award that^^?
  s8ndm8n 25-Dec-2009
  Redrot»LT 22-Jan-2010
Havent awarded? *slaps himself*

  eyebo.wp 21-Mar-2010
Incredible transitional map! Super fun, super fast. Insanely built and perfectly calculated.
Just amazing work!!!!
  osna 21-Mar-2010
damn i forgot to award this awesome track
super smooth and greatr transitions!!
MT-work and scenery are well done!
great work!! -- >

  basbaas»LT 16-Sep-2010
5oth award

  NoTimeToDrive 22-Mar-2020
Very cool track!!
Like it a lot!!
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