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How the TMX Leaderboards work... (Updated for 2021!)
How the TMX Leaderboards work... (Updated for 2021!)8:00 PM 08-Dec-07 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

Here is some explanation of how the TMX leaderboards work.

Rating of Tracks
o Standard LB tracks are rated out of a theoretical maximum of 100,000.
o When a player posts a replays on a track, they add to the track's score.
o The amount they add is dependent on their placement in the associated environment leaderboard.
o The player, who is 1st place in an environment leaderboard, adds 10,000 towards the tracks rating.
o Everyone else adds a value less than 10,000, which is relative to how close they are (in score) to 1st place.
o When a track already has 10 replays posted, we see if any additional score is to be added as a result of your replay.
o Track ratings will naturally inflate as more and more high rated drivers choose to post a replay on the track.
o The highest rated tracks will eventually become 'classic' tracks which means they no longer count in this system.
o This removes the focus off those tracks and allows new tracks to take their place as the most highly rated.

Single Environment Leaderboards
o The 1st placed replay on any track is given a score equal to the track rating.
o Lower placed replays are given a score relative to how close their time is to the 1st place replay.
o Your top 10 scores from tracks in that environment make up your LB score (we divide the total by 10).
o However, replays stop counting (we call this 'expire') after 30 days.
o This means you have to keep uploading new replays.
o A replay that is counting to your score on an environment leaderboard has a checkmark against it.

United Environment Leaderboards
o Counts your best 2 replays from each environment.
o These are shown with a double checkmark on the track page.
o This means your score on the environment LB is out of a theoretical max of 140,000.
o Use the quick queries on the Find Tracks page to find the highest rated tracks in each environment.
o All replay expire after 30 days. This just means they stop counting towards your score.
o As well as this, tracks are made into classics - they also stop counting towards your score.
o This means that you do need to keep on finding new tracks to post a replay on.

Nadeo & Star Leaderboards
o Nadeo & Star tracks have their own leaderboard.
o Because there is a finite number of tracks, all we do is total up your points.
o On each track, 1st place gets 50,000 points overall, summing up three categories - Position, Time and Bonus.
o Position category is worth 60% of points and is calculated based on your position on the track leaderboard.
o The formula for the Position score is ((n - x + 1)/n)^(ln(n/10 + 2)^1.5 + 1), where n - total amount of replays, x - your position.
o Time category is worth 25% of points and is calculated based on your time compared to the other players.
o The formula for the Time score varies depending on how high you are on the LB and can be found under this link.
o Bonus category is worth 15% of points and is given depending on your special achievements.
o You get 100% of the Bonus if you are 1st on the track, 60% if 2nd, 40% if 3rd, 30% if 4th, 20% if 5th, 10% if 6-8th, 5% if 9-15th.
o You get 3% of the Bonus if you are outside the top 15 but have the author medal, 1% if gold, 0.4% if silver, 0.1% if bronze.

Classics Leaderboard
o These tracks will show with a symbol.
o Once a classic, the track will no longer count toward your standard leaderboard rating.
o But instead, it will count toward the classic leaderboard.
o To top the "classic" leaderboard you simply have to hold the most world records across all classic tracks.
o As a tie-breaker, we count how many top10 placed replays you have on classic tracks.
o This will not be easy, as these tracks already reached a high level of competitiveness to become classics in the first place.

Competition Patch
o To upload replays in the top 30 on Nadeo, Star and Classic maps you need a Competition Patch.
o The patch protects from cheating with common methods, such as slowing down the game.
o To download the patch, go to this page and follow the instructions.
o If you need help with installing the patch, you can join the Discord server of the patch for help.

Uncompetitive Tracks
o We mark some tracks as uncompetitive.
o All this means is that the track is not suitable (for example, too short) to be used for any of our leaderboards.
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8:09 PM 09-Dec-07 : Quote : Report : #
F1 Racer

hypothetical situation:

player A has the number 1 records on come along (90756lb) and i tried (89942lb) in the stadium environment.
player B has the number 1 records on delta minor (71188lb) and theta minor (69247lb) in the coast environment.
all of these tracks are the current highest lb rated tracks for these environments.
now lets say to make things simple that player A and B have equal scores on all other environments.

on the united leader board player A would be ahead of player B because his LB rating is higher.
sounds fair.....until you see that both these players are equally first but because player B's environment isnt as popular as player A's he comes second.
so to be first in the united leader board, get good at the popular environments first, then just dip your toe into the unpopular ones.

this could be a problem if your really bad at those popular environments but really good at the unpopular ones.
this is a known problem though as it was discussed with some heat way back in February but the tmx stance then was....MEH.
anyway the fix they dont seem to want to implement is called normalization. with this code added in it would make the united leader board fair for all.
8:37 PM 09-Dec-07 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

We've nothing against normalization at all, infact we pretty much agreed on the staff forum when we was making the system that normalization of the United LB is the way to go. It just hasnt been implemented (yet) because its complex to make it happen dynamically and will add more calculations and addresses a problem that is mainly hypothetical.

Also, theres an arguement that its OK it have a power movement between the environments within the system and that actually with more active players in each environment the top rated tracks can all be 90,000 in each environment because the LB for each environment is calculated in the same way, so with enough activity, normalisation should happen naturally.

(ie the 1st place driver in every envir leaves 10,000 on a track, so with 9 other closely competing players in each environemnt there is no problem).

It might be that just having these connection threads can focus drivers attention onto fewer tracks and the result is almost the same as coded normalization. ^^
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9:35 AM 17-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
F1 Racer

quick thought.
if you normalized the leaderboards you could join the original, sunrise and nations sites into this one. the loaded environments wouldnt make any difference.
4:25 AM 18-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

Normalisation is one thing.

What particularly is the main advantages in joining the sites?
2:39 PM 18-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
F1 Racer

my understanding is that you have around 400 people a night coming here. you have 3000 a night going to the nations site alone.
well tmu is uniting tmn with tmf so that everyone can play on the same servers so why not a united tmx in the same way. i read in another thread that this would uneven the leaderboards but normalization would fix this.
3:41 PM 18-Jan-08 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

Its not so much the LB's, just the front page lists in general.. If you imagine 3000 Nations players & 400 United players, the front page lists like Latest tracks & BOTW would invariably be dominated almost entirely by Stadium. So we would need to build some kind of filtering or effectively allow a version of the front page per environment.

So we havnt really got the infrastucture in place to handle it all yet.

TMN-Forever will be very interesting, as where as Nations started off unknown to the world, this time there is going to be a huge interest right from the moment its out. I hope we can take the traffic ^^
4:00 AM 23-Jul-08 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

I have a score of 9,000 something on Accent by WailTale, yet on the Island leaderboard, it says I only have 933 points. What gives?
  The Binkster
8:51 PM 23-Jul-08 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

the complex and wonderous LB calculations is what.....
4:45 AM 04-May-09 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

Quote ...
o Because there is a finite number of tracks, all we do is total up your points

If you do that for the Nadeo leaderboard, why am I at 11,xxx? That's clearly not adding.
6:27 PM 04-May-09 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

total them up and divide them by 10
6:45 AM 05-May-09 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

Oh, they divide by 10 on Nadeo LB too?

I knew that!
4:10 PM 27-Jul-11 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

What if i have a active replay of 63,418, but after .eg 8 days i move to 11th place and the replay gets inactive while there is still 22 days left of 30.
Why, in case like mentioned, can't a replay score still be valid for the remaining days up to 30 days?
5:05 PM 27-Jul-11 : Quote : Report : #

The replay dont get inactive if it's out of top10
5:19 PM 27-Jul-11 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Originally posted by Enryx.xZ ...
The replay dont get inactive if it's out of top10

But i've lost my green active mark with 22 days left.

It's on Instant Velocity by Banjee.
Last edited 27-Jul-2011 by   Lapos
7:41 PM 27-Jul-11 : Quote : Report : #

Well that's weird... I dont know why sorry...

Edit: in fact my time in "Mr.DVD Island C4 by   Mr.DvD" is out of top10 but still green star +
Last edited 27-Jul-2011 by   Enryx
8:12 PM 27-Jul-11 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Originally posted by Enryx.xZ ...
Well that's weird... I dont know why sorry...

Edit: in fact my time in "Mr.DVD Island C4 by   Mr.DvD" is out of top10 but still green star +

Sad... it's one of my best replay scores...
Last edited 27-Jul-2011 by   Lapos
12:06 PM 29-Jul-11 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

There seems to be a glitch in the points system.
The following 2 replays which is out of the top 10 on Instant Velocity, is still active like it should be.

7:27 PM 30-Jul-11 : Quote : Report : #
The 5th

I think that calculations on replays outside the top 10 on a track have stopped being done, as the ripple effect of high value tracks updating replays beyyond the top 10 is one of the reasons why tmx used to lock up alot and not respond.
7:30 PM 30-Jul-11 : Quote : Report : #

Mine are still counting tho.
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