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[OPEN] KO9 - Stunts
[OPEN] KO9 - Stunts9:36 PM 27-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

As you can read in the title we are starting a new KO pool for our weekly KnockOuts!
It's going to be a brand new pool to be used during regular KOs, of course not every week, the old ones will still be in use too

- Theme -
For the first time it's going to be stunts mode!

- Rules -
- tracks must be in stunts mode
- tracks can be of the arena/stunt park style, or route style (description below)
- tracks must be set to a maximum of 45 seconds for time limit
- tracks must have one checkpoint very soon after the start, for easy respawning
- tracks must have only one checkpoint and it must be possible to continue stunting from that checkpoint
- tracks must have a finish close to the checkpoint
- tracks can have as many finishes as you want
- tracks can have a PX start with maximum of 10 seconds
- tracks must be new which means that they couldn't have been publicated before
- tracks should be relatively easy
- tracks with custom mods and custom music are not allowed
- tracks that require TMUnlimiter to play are not allowed. Using TMUnlimiter to build tracks is allowed
- EnvMix tracks are allowed
Keep in mind that KO9 tracks are meant to be played online so be careful with scenery!

- How to submit maps -
Log out of your account, then login using:
  TMXKO (Password:tmxko) case sensative
Name your map KO9 (then trackname).

Upload your track to the Beta Area and hide it once uploaded. Then, post a link to it in the track submission megathread.
You may submit as many maps as you like.

- Track style explanation -

Route maps: tracks with a clear "route" to follow to get the best score possible.
TMO Stunts B1 by   Nadeo

Arena/stunt park maps: tracks which have no specified route but instead a lot of accessible spots to gain points. Player can choose where to go and "what to do" to achieve best score possible.
Stunt C4 by   Nadeo
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9:36 PM 27-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

- Submissions -

1. "KO9 [Insert Trackname Here]"
2. "KO9 - Choose your Way."
3. "KO9 - Stuntium"
4. "KO9 - Jump there --->"
5. "KO9 - No chain, sorry"
6. "KO9 ~ Gemüsebeete"
7. "KO9 - Stay."
8. "KO9 ~ Hähnchenbrustfilet"
9. "KO9 ~ Lawnmowing"
10. "KO9 ~ Weißkohlsalat"
11. "KO9 ~ pingpong"
12. "KO9 Porci Saltans"
13. "KO9 noplar"
14. "KO9 Eisbein"
15. "KO9 ~ rockrockrock"
16. "KO9 - Kurt Tony"
17. "KO9 ~ Bayview"
18. "KO9 - Boosters are red..."
19. "KO9 - Is it 2009 yet again"
20. "KO9 - Bad track"
21. "KO9 Playground!"
22. "KO9 Licence to Skill"
23. "KO9 - 360 finish"
24. "KO9| Marieftfs TMX StuntArena"
25. "KO9 ~ Vanilleeis"
26. "KO9 - Master Spin Off or Noob"
27. "KO9 - Selfmade Noob."
28. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ - Dark"
29. "KO9 - Up & Down"
30. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ Sand"
31. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ Sky"
32. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ Hello"
33. "KO9 - All Over"
34. "KO9 - Directionless"
35. "KO9 - Chateau Flight"
36. "KO9 - Kinda Odd"
37. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ Seaquest"
38. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ anon"
39. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ Sea HFA"
40. "KO9 - ???? «» ???"
41. "KO9 - ???«»?????"
42. "KO9 ~ I tried."
43. "KO9 - S***F***R** !"
44. "KO9 names are overrated.."
45. "KO9 Timeout 1"
46. "KO9 Timeout 2"
47. "KO9 - $0f0Small Kenavo"
48. "KO9 - Muff-in and find out"
49. "KO9 - I hate canyon stunts"
50. "KO9 Useless"
51. "KO9- Left,right,left,right"
52. "KO9- This will KO you"
53. "KO9 - Islalaland (updated)"
54. "KO9 Radical"
55. "[KO9] Escape Lalaland !!"
56. "KO9 ~ Little Midnight Work"
57. "KO9 - Stadium Stunt Park"
58. "KO9 - Snel !"
59. "KO9 - Rustaaaag !"
60. "KO9 - Kansloos !"
61. "KO9 - Jeden, Dwa..."
62. "KO9 - Fiets !"
63. "KO9 - Zonnig dag !"
64. "KO9 - Bug SC or noob"
65. "KO9 - Divine Punishment UPDATE"
66. "KO9 - Do you even rally? UPDATE"
67. "KO9 - Coastal Half Pipe [AH2190]"
Requires modification:
1. "KO9 - 1k in 40 sec." (PF start too long)
2. "KO9| are you serious O.o" (map filled with red boosters pointing in the same direction and a couple of ramps - that makes the whole challenge a little bit too much random/luck based; track can be modified ofc, but it would require some heavy changes)
3. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ - Dark 2" (track is good, but its most important part is a landscape jump, landspace jumps are in most cases too random/luck based)
4. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ Sky" (PF start too long and not easy to continue from the checkpoint)
5. "KO9 - One Coast, Two Walls" (it feels a little bit too random/luck based, especially the start)
6. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ TRICKY2" (game crashes)
7. "KO9 ~ Wszystkiego Najlepszego ~" (map was publicated)
8. "KO9 - ???? ?? ?????" (a lot of ugly blockmixing, mod, track itself is good)
9. "KO9 - Greetings World II" (ugly mixing, stair part which feels to be a bit random)
10. "KO9 - Greetings World III" (ugly mixing, mod, unclear start)
11. "KO9 - Castle" (tricky respawn, ugly mixing, hard start, mod)
12. "KO9| you got to be kidding me" (turned out to be way too laggy, some people loaded when map was almost over)
13. "KO9| Marieftfs Mountain" (too much random/luck based)
14. "KO9 - C.H.A.O.S" (racemap)
15. "KO9 - C.H.A.O.S II" (racemap)
16. "KO9 - C.H.A.O.S III" (racemap)
17. "KO9 Timeout" (no finishline near cp, too unclear path, and mixing)
18. "KO9 - GreenField²" (impossible to continue properly from checkpoint, track released)
19. "KO9-$0f0GreenField" (track released)
20. "KO9 - Blame The Mapper!" (removed on author's request)
21. "KO9 - Greenciddy by Z" (removed on author's request)
22. "KO9 - LS_StuntZ TRICKY" (PF start too long)
23. "KO9 - Greetings World" (tricky cp respawn, mod)
24. "KO9 Timeout 3" (finish mixed with start - people won't know it's there, it has to be placed somewhere else)
25. "KO9 - minifreingal" (PF start too long)
26. "KO9 - $0f0Small Seven Field" (PF start too long)
27. "KO9 Escape Lalaland !!" (no KO9 tag)
28. "KO9 - Special Madness" (PF start too long)
29. "KO9 Swoosh"
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11:56 AM 28-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

haha great, i would like to submit some bay stunt tracks with that 45 secs, but im not sure what u mean with the last part:

-can i use my own login to build the track?
-why not upload it with a own tag like "KO9-Stunt-Brainhead" "Zipperke-Stunt01-KO9" with your own login?
-how will be the registration for joining in?
-do we have to pay some coppers for joining? (bcuz on stunt we often stunt for some coppers with friends)
-are the mappers of the track allowed to join?
-can we train the tracks before the start of the KO or is it fresh start?
-will u make a own KO stunt server for train (if u allow training)?

thats it for now, looking forward to it

Last edited 28-Dec-2017 by   Brainhead
12:23 PM 28-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

Originally posted by Brainhead ...

-can i use my own login to build the track?
-why not upload it with a own tag like "KO9-Stunt-Brainhead" "Zipperke-Stunt01-KO9" with your own login?
-how will be the registration for joining in?
-do we have to pay some coppers for joining? (bcuz on stunt we often stunt for some coppers with friends)
-are the mappers of the track allowed to join?
-can we train the tracks before the start of the KO or is it fresh start?
-will u make a own KO stunt server for train (if u allow training)?

Sure you can use your own ingame login for building (TMXKO is just a tmx account to submit tracks on, an account that doesn't let download tracks), if you want you can put your nickname in the trackname too. A lot of people also put the info who built the map in author comments (ex. "KO8 - Axis by   TMXKO").
There's no registration needed, it's free, mappers are allowed to join. We play every friday 22.00 CET, but as I said, we're not going to play the stunts pool every week, just mix it with the other race ones, as usual. Here's some more info about the knockouts:
The maps are supposed to stay hidden until the race begins, we don't allow training, therefore there will be no server with those maps and they shouldn't be given to public
3:29 PM 28-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

ok thx rad
12:20 PM 29-Dec-17 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

cool i might submit something too
9:13 PM 02-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

Rad we need much more advertising for the stunt one, me and my stunt dudes do some ads at the servers we play but i think if the staff team of this event doas this it would be much more playerbase on the event itself.

so if u have a congrete date when the stunt one starts u have to adv. it on the stunt servers. Many dudes dont look on tmx u know. maybe post it on the fire-clan site to get more attention.

10:48 PM 02-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

There's no date set yet, it all depends of when will we have enough maps to start any KO with them.
At this moment I am planning to host the first official stunt KO when there are 30 submitted maps.
I was at the fire server when there were few people on (including snyppe) and asked to join mapping already, although I don't feel good asking for maps at the server of the running cup that also needs new maps

I will of course take a round on the stunt servers and ask the stunt community to join when we have enough maps and date for the first KO set
I'll also take a look at the fire forum, I actually didn't think of that.
Thanks for the ideas!
Last edited 02-Jan-2018 by   rad
11:49 AM 03-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

u can sure ask the guys stunting on firecup for mapping, the tracks for this cup arent new build, some of them are but mostly not, so u can ask them for mapping for the cup.

and 30 maps tho? its pretty much imposs. with this inactive com. lalala zipp bic stefanbrunner and all those guys are more inactive than active, i alrdy did 3 maps for the event, i could do more maps but i feel the others have a handicap bcuz i can train my maps offline, which i totally do tho.

so yea im a bit sceptic about the 30 tracks.

takes a long time with inactive mappers tho.
1:16 PM 03-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

We already have 9, and it's gonna be at least 10 today afaik.
So 1/3 of the minimum is already here
12:13 AM 04-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

1st stunt by me submitted

I'll send some more probably
4:22 PM 04-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

5:25 PM 21-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

first stunt KO HYPE!!!!
12:20 AM 23-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

>45s max ????
Last edited 23-Jan-2018 by   pacome
1:12 PM 23-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

Originally posted by pacome ...
>45s max ????

max is 45 secs u can build lower time maps ofc. 45 sec. is a good choice for a KO. no one would like to stunt on a 2 min. map bcuz it will be TA mode, so it would be maptime x3 or x4 so it would be 8 mins for only 1 player to knockout, now think about 30 players who joined.....
1:21 PM 23-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

Yes, the time on the server will be 2mins 30secs which will allow to finish maps at least 3 times (+15 secs for lags and countdowns).
8:07 PM 24-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

Minor update in the rules. Corrected one grammar mistake and made some stylistic changes.
3:18 PM 26-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

Mapping rules update: no custom mods or music allowed!
I'm really sorry for not having this included right from the begining
10:21 AM 27-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

I really liked the map pack, except for the 2 random stairs maps. Thanks again for organising once again, long time since I've last time played any kind of contest on stunts
7:47 PM 03-Apr-18 : Quote : Report : #
Site Leader

Maps are still needed!
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