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12/27/08 EDIT: Bullshit!
I just got a huge reality check about music files. Apparently NONE OF MY TRACKS HAVE MUSIC THAT ANYONE BUT ME CAN HERE. The sad part is, IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE WHY. Man, that's a real slap in the face. I just have to get around to fixing everything on my computer. sweet, sweet. ok. for the sake of my convenience, I'm placing these links here:


10/06/08 EDIT: School
With school back up, it's hard to keep everything rolling, but since the three largest contests have been launched for tmuf, I'm back to work on new tracks. I have three I'm currently working on in the barrel, one which is a "somewhat" two person job to build (basically they supply the ideas and I build the track, which is fine by me). Two stadiums and one coast will be coming at you soon. I've updated a couple tracks in the past I believe, and I"ve been meaning to take a look through all my tracks again to check and see if more updates are needed. That's all for now.

9/01/08 EDIT!: Thanks a lot Trackmania
I'm really angry. TM has a vital flaw in it when it comes to timed operations in the editor. They work FINE in the map editor, and get released at the right the MAP EDITOR. But in the main game, they get released too early or too late. And online...THEY DON'T WORK AT ALL!!! So I have to go back and remove some of the more...horrible features of my mission maps. One of them I'm just going to get rid of entirely. Thanks a lot nadeo. Thanks a lot trackmania....

8/27/08 EDIT!: Thank god it's back, AGAIN!
Let's keep it short. TMX is back again, woohoo, I was upset it was gone. I see though it hasn't changed in the slightest, so now I'm dissapointed. But, I edited maps like crazy and made two new ones. Enjoy those. I've also decided to label maps more correctly in the title, so people know which one's are regular and which ones are missions. I know none of you read the descriptions, ever. One last thing, I'm back in school, meaning TMX has been severly limited to me. I will be on and off frequently, but never prolongued. Maybe in the time I'm gone, someone will discover me. Who knows. Goodbye for a relative year. ~Sgt-Whip


I create all types of tracks in all the styles, and I love feedback, the most critical of it's kind.

I would also love to see my tracks being used on someone's server, that would be awesome. Most certainly.

Oh, and don't think beating my author record is an accomplishment. It's not. My times are specifically for validation, not goals to reach. Sorry, I'm terrible at racing.

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