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This account is an archive of Coppers Millions Cup tracks that were played between March 2007 and February 2016.

There were 108 editions of the CMC.

The Coppers Millions Cup was an endurance race competition played online once a month. The tracks were unknown by participants until the race started. One round was played on each map.

A big thanks to   mangastef for contributing this archive to TMX so we could share it with players who loved the CMC!

Be sure to check out the track packs on this account for full downloads of each year's tracks. Also upload your replays and award the tracks you liked, so other players can more easily find them.


Some CMC history:
The Coppers Millions Cup replaced the Endless Summer Cup from TMO.

Koko, Fragle, and Alex organized the CMC between March 2007 and June 2008.

Lli!, Roa, and Mangastef took over organizing the CMC in July 2008.

Starbuck was a big contributor to CMC early on.

Lolomax and Roa were known for giving back their winnings.

The December 2007 CMC was a special edition. Maps from the previously held Overdose Cup 8 were used.

For the December 2008 CMC all players got the same amount of coppers. There were 4 players who were exceptions to this, which were drawn randomly by Mangastef's daughter.

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