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Welcome to my profile !

I play trackmania almost since the release of Nations I have had many periods without playing But it remains my favorite game !

I love creating maps, you can also find some of my best creations here !

I really create what pleases me with an unlimited imagination and going to the end of my ideas
I do not let myself be influenced by the tracks that appeal to the greatest number I really do what I like and even when I'm not on my computer I often think about new maps ideas^^
I am addicted to perfection so I sometimes drop a creative because it does not look like what I wanted to do

Right now I have a lot of ideas on Island mode The maps I have already put here are rather made for good level I rarely create short tracks, they are rather around a 01:00 - 01:30

I also love testing any kind of map created by the players here !!!

Do not hesitate to contact me for anything you want


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Rating : 127  
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 48 147 56,817
Snow 1 7 12,024
Desert 0 6 10,208
Rally 3 8 17,300
Island 11 44 47,457
Coast 4 22 38,371
Bay 1 16 21,980
Stadium 28 44 4,431
Environment WRs Top10s
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Environment WRs Top10s Score
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Environment WRs Top10s Score
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