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Login : Moki
Registered : 04-Aug-2014
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»Moki! (RoC Player!)
Login: "moki-2000"
Nickname: Moki or God
Playing TM: Since about 7 years
Favourite environments:
Favourite styles: Tech, Speedtech and Fullspeed
Best friend: ¬DVTK! (dvtk4ever)
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1956 by   Moki

My TM History:
I started playing TM when i was a young kid, about 7-8 years ago. The first TM game i played was TM Sunrise Demo, the first track i played was SkidOrDie. Later i downloaded TM Nations, TM Original Demo and TM Nations Forever. The first track i ever built was in TMN, but that was of course a "stupid" track, there were unlogical curves, too much straights, uncomfortable jumps, and zero scenery. My TM activity was very small, all i did was building noob tracks all 4 game and collecting medals in TMNF.

I dont remember exactly when, at around 2009, i bought TM United Forever, i created my current account, and i get known all environments i saw only in pictures (Rally, Snow, Coast and Bay) and built there too some tracks. I still collected medals in Solo campaign, and ran official times. However i was a complete noob then, i couldnt run too good times...

In the New Year 2014, i started to play online. In the begining i played LoL and VeryShort servers. The 6 years of training didnt help me, i ran bad times, and got too much losses. I was not interested at getting a ladder rank, i played only for fun... until the middle of 2014. By the many time of online playing, my ladder rank was around 300k, my dream was to get a top 100 rank, however it looked impossible with my skills. I collected 60k LPs in Autumn 2014, then i was looking for 80k servers. The only available 80k server was VSD Nascar 80k, so i needed to play here even if i hate nascar. But after a time i fell in love with nascar! I collected fastly 80k LPs and i was looking for 90k servers with nascar style. I played on JFF servers (FunSpeed 90k 1, 2 and 3; Top Nascar 90k and Best on Coast Event) and for the end of the year-begining of new year i had 90k LPs. Thus my dream came true!! Somewhen at these times i started mapping on with well made technical curves, lenghts aruond 45-55 seconds, AND, with scenery!

I started playing RoC in 2015 on [RACING] 100k. In Spring, Racing stopped, so i played on TnD RoC 100k, once on Kifferstruebchen RoC 100k. In Summer, when Racing was back, i played twice there again. I tried JFF RoC and Retarded RoC servers, but JFF tracks were awfully shit, and in Retarded Kripke and Toyeca were there... sadly. So i had to stay at Racing. But for Autumn, Racing was off again, so i play on Kiffer that i love But unfortunately, Kiffer was off for Winter 2015-16, and i disliked the available RoC servers (Racing, Retarded, LAF) I expected Kiffer's comeback for Spring 2016. This didnt come true, but after a few weeks of playing on Godlike i decided to stop playing RoC. My best rank ever was 4th.

Since 2018, my TM activity decreased quite a lot, tracks will be released rarely.

Tracks : 81 Show
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Awards Received : 376 Show
Awards Given : 65 Show
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Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 5 54 0
Snow 0 3 0
Desert 0 4 0
Rally 0 1 0
Island 0 2 0
Coast 3 31 0
Bay 0 8 0
Stadium 2 5 0
Environment WRs Top10s
United 0 0
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 0
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 0
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