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Registered : 02-Aug-2013
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I'm a male german, ManiaZone: Germany/Bremen
Birth: 07/1970. Trackmaniac since 01/2007

Constructor of classic racing tracks with the vanilla TM Utd. Forever editor

I play race mode (+99%), using a gamepad

If you need to fix something at your track: DO IT !
In my opinion a 'broken' track is always much more worse than a few 'broken' replays.
I don't care about replays gettin' invalid. Neither mine nor others.
But if you fix your track i probably gonna play it (again). Especially when my suggestions or shortcut replay were the cause to change something.

Some of my earlier tracks with only a few downloads & awards, but i like them for diverse reasons. Maybe there's somebody interested to give one a try:

TMUF Stadium D S02 by   -Chaos-

TMUF Bay C S12 (MTC) by   -Chaos-

TMUF Coast B S02 by   -Chaos-

TMUF Rally D S06 by   -Chaos-

TMUF Desert B R04 (3Rd) by   -Chaos-

TMUF Snow B S04 by   -Chaos-

Also a short view upon my most awarded tracks:

11 "KO19 - Wons Night R (1Rd)"
11 "TMUF Coast D S11"
11 "TMUF Coast C S10"
10 "TMUF Snow E S07"
10 "UF Mix 48 C CoC in Snow"
7 "TMUF Island B S02"
7 "TMUF Desert C S08"
7 "TMUF Bay C R02 (2Rd)"
7 "TMUF Stadium C S12"
7 "TMUF Coast A S06"

Tracks : 123 Show
Track Packs : 4 Show
Awards Received : 328 Show
Awards Given : 1442 Show
Rating : 100  
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 1138 3538 63,929
Snow 179 496 23,106
Desert 159 603 26,541
Rally 203 567 28,918
Island 132 421 22,133
Coast 203 610 48,032
Bay 141 478 18,556
Stadium 121 363 33,875
Environment WRs Top10s
United 0 3
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 2 2,076
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 0
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