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------------------------------------------------------First of all--------------------------------------------------------------

Hello ...ä you want to read on? Really? Okay, there you go..

------------------------------------------------------About me--------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Frank / Date of Birth: Friday, 13th 1994 / Live in: Austria - Salzburg

-------------------------------------Short overview of my TM-carrer---------------------------------------------

24.12.05 - I gained Trackmania Original Extended Version as a christmas present
13.03.06 - I bought myself Trackmania Sunrise Extreme
04.06.08 - A friend told me about the new Trackmania Nations Forever
05.09.08 - My best online-result ever: 92413 LPs and Nr. 2 in Austria
27.01.09 - I and my best friend established an own clan!
19.02.09 - Our clan expanded - with an own Manialink & Website
30.08.09 - Because of inactive members, our clan disbanded
08.11.10 - I finally bought Trackmania United Forever
21.08.12 - Nr. 13 created a TMX-account
08.05.13 - "[MTC] Muthsera?" reached the 3rd place in the MTC April
28.07.13 - "good mourning (mtc)" scored the 1st place in the MTC July
17.08.13 - My 1st Community-track - a duo-track with Firestorrm! "The Scourge Of Speed"
18.09.13 - Nr. 13's very last map on TMX - a duo-track with Vixen! "»back to the roots!"

---------------------------------------------About nr._13 in TM-------------------------------------------------------

My favourite envis are Stadium and Snow, but I think that I'm pretty good
in the other envis too because I played the older parts a lot. I prefer speed tracks and
also some (not too hard) RPGs and dirt tracks, I hate tech- & minitracks

If you want to add me in Trackmania => my username is the same as in TMX.

Because of my school schedule I have not so much time to play Trackmania...
I had a long time 90.000 lps , now I have around 60.000 lps....
Maybe I start a comeback, maybe not...time tells

----------------------------------------------About nr._13 on TMX---------------------------------------------------

As I played the older parts of Trackmania, I also build some little tracks. Now with TM
United Forever I decided that I upload my tracks on TMX to get some feedback

Favourite building style: Spe(EEEEE)ed / Favourite Envis: at least everything (except ) /
Length of the tracks: mostly between 30 sec and 1 min / Difficult: Intermediate and Expert

But, as I said above, school is killing my TM-Time (and videogames are getting more and more boring in general ), so I won't be able to play TM a lot

Anyway, feel free to PM me if you want something So, that was enough...

-----------------------------------------------------The End---------------------------------------------------------------

Have fun and keep racing


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Awards Received : 98 Show
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Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 13 108 0
Snow 1 28 0
Desert 0 9 0
Rally 0 4 0
Island 2 13 0
Coast 0 8 0
Bay 1 9 0
Stadium 9 37 0
Environment WRs Top10s
United 0 0
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 0
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 0
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