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Registered : 02-Jul-2007
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I'm a proud member of LT!
Visit our site: Lazy Trackers

My Tracks:

Oldschool Highspeed Snow:
"WRH ~ Oldschool Onslaught by   Da Killah»LT" My newest track!

My Entry for MTC June 09:
"Micro Morning (MTC) by   Da Killah»LT"

Desert Speed Tech:
"DecaY by   Da Killah»LT"

Easy Rally Hunter:
"WRH ~ Asphalt Action by   Da Killah»LT"

Highspeed Island track:
"AnnihilatioN by   Da Killah»LT"

Transitional 3x3 Snow track:
"3x3 Ice Cold by   Da Killah»LT"

Challenging Stadium FS:
"Pur3 Adr3nAlin3 by   Da Killah»LT"

Transitional Snow track:
"Many Transitions by   Da Killah»LT"

Stadium Speed Tech tracks:
"Slide Stadium by   Da Killah»LT"
"Slide Stadium 2 by   Da Killah»LT"
"Slide Forever by   Da Killah»LT"
"Slide Passion by   Da Killah»LT"
"Compact Night by   Da Killah»LT"
"Compact Slide by   Da Killah»LT"
"Compact Mini Tech by   Da Killah»LT"

Challenging Tech tracks:
"TP02 Sunny Morning by   Da Killah»LT"
"TP01 Flat Bay Tech by   Da Killah»LT"
"Tech Passion by   Da Killah»LT"
"Rainbow Tech Stadium by   Da Killah»LT"
"Rainbow Tech Rally by   Da Killah»LT"

Easy Rally tracks with 2 laps:
"300cc ~ Tiny Rally by   Da Killah»LT"
"300cc ~ Tiny Roads by   Da Killah»LT"
"300cc ~ Tiny Race by   Da Killah»LT"

Coast Shorties:
"Short Coast 01 by   Da Killah»LT"
"Short Coast 02 by   Da Killah»LT"
"Short Coast 03 by   Da Killah»LT"
"Short Coast 04 by   Da Killah»LT"
"Short Coast 05 by   Da Killah»LT"

My Stadium PF tracks (not compatible with Forever):
"[PF] Chilling Stadium by   Da Killah»LT"
"[PF] Chilling Stadium 2 by   Da Killah»LT"
"[PF] Chilling Stadium 3 by   Da Killah»LT"

Damn underrated tracks:
"Respawn [PF] by   Voyager006" Coast PF with 7552 Points!
"Avarice II by   Sandder" Awesome Stadium Speedtech with re-re-re-use!
"White Light by   Joost»LT" Creative Stadium FS! 51 at TMNFX!
"Ikaros by   breach" Great Bay Speed Tech!

I've hidden some of my bad maps:
- 3x3 400cc Tiny Challenge 01
- Rainbow Tech Desert/Bay
- Compact Tech Square
If you want me to make them visible again, write a PM.

Tracks : 35 Show
Track Packs : 2 Show
Awards Received : 203 Show
Awards Given : 166 Show
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Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 48 292 0
Snow 6 30 0
Desert 3 26 0
Rally 2 22 0
Island 1 21 0
Coast 2 32 0
Bay 4 28 0
Stadium 30 133 0
Environment WRs Top10s
United 0 1
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 1 958
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 0
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