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Even if I don't explicitly state it on all my tracks, I am extremely thankful for every award and comment I receive, especially the constructive ones. You all rock.


TMU Login: 123speeder456 (worst login ever )
Maniaplanet Login: thesammon


My Style
My tracks tend to feature an overabundance of boosters and crazy jumps. Stylistically, they're a fusion of classic fullspeed like that from Panis and RonTurbo with modern transitional maps like the kind from   NitroGuy!»UD and   Edge. Most of the time, they're not too difficult either - I'd rather have something be simple and fun instead of technically-amazing but frustrating.

My tracks also tend to have simple scenery. It has never been my strong suit, but I've managed to come up with a minimalistic style that suits them pretty well. I generally find mediatracker to be a waste of time (except for a GPS ghost and loop cameras, of course), since most people tend to skip the intro and don't watch the outro. A few of my tracks actually poke fun at intros, such as "Hello", "Brutus", and "Unnaa". A few of my tracks don't even have intros of any sort.


TM Career
Former member of:
- Air Time Pros/Air Time Space (ATP/ATS)
- Lazy Trackers (LT)
- Fun Trackers (FT)
- Void Racing (Void)

- TMX mod
- Captain of "Riviera Run [2010] by   TMX Community" (TMX Community 2010 Coast 2)
- Builder on "We're watching you! [2010] by   TMX Community" (TMX Community 2010 Snow 1)
- Manager of the No Speed Limits and Summit Racing servers
- Judge of too many TMX MTCs to name

- TMX User Choice Awards 2010 (1st) Most Underrated Author
- MTC 2016 February with "2006 [mtc]" (1st)

6 Showcases:
- "Beautiful Collision Reborn"
- "White Rocket"
- "Paradise"
- "superconnected"
- "Horizon"
- "Utopia"

My fav trackers:
1.   NitroGuy!»UD
2.   Edge
3.   Tuta

<3 NitroooooGuY!

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Awards Received : 696 Show
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