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Hi community !

About myself :

As most other players I did not discover the TrackMania universe through TrackMania Original, TrackMania Sunrise, TrackMania Nations or TrackMania Nations Forever - no I directly started off into action with TrackMania United Forever in 2009 or 2010 I think (lol can't really remember) and after all these years I still love it and I see it as the best racing game ever made.
And also different about me is, that I do not have an alltime favourite environment like a lot of other players out there.
I enjoy them all equally although I only play time attack and no Stunt or puzzle tracks. Those modes don't really interest me.

I first discovered TrackMania Exchange in 2011 when I was still pretty bad a building maps (some of these are still on my harddrive ), but this incredible community has given my skills a great boost forward and made trackbuilding my main focus in TrackMania.
Ever since then I had a great time here although I have been inactive for nearly two years due to TrackMania² and other stuff.

Other games I play are : ... Oh, the list would be too long, but let me just name a few that come to my mind right now (apart from TrackMania).
- Mass Effect triology
- The Walking Dead
- Portal series
- Batman Arkham series
- BioShock series

I can not tell you who my favourite trackbuilder is, because there are so many really cool tracks (also from unknown authors) which I try to find and enjoy (Although I would still consider myself to be a "unknown author" as well).
But, I must admit, at the moment I really enjoy a lot the tracks of   alchemY. They are simply awesome, though just Stadium and very hard at times.

Let's get to the tracks. My favourites are smooth speed tracks or tracks with a technical touch, about 30 to 50 seconds long. What a good track also needs in my opinion is a well designed scenery, cool and smooth transitions and nice and interesting ideas. MediaTracker is not that important in my eyes, but it is a neat expansion

What I do not like at all is "heavy" block- or environment mixing where blocks are just slapped onto each other clipping everywhere or authors who seem to have no interest in driving a good and challenging author medal.

What I also hate are cuts on my own tracks, because they occur far too often lol

Now I'd like to advertise one of my tracks. If it looks appealing to you, pls give it a try and award if you like.
It's very hard at first and you will need a few tries to get a feel for it.

Continue Testing ... by   Thrawn

That's it so far. If you'd like to ask me something, feel free to write me a PM and I'd be happy to reply

Stay on the road!


News February 2015 :
I have resumed working on my main project and intend to stick with it a longer time now. I don't know how long it will still take me to complete because of all the things happening in the world, but I am quite motivated
Current projects :
At the moment I am working on my own campaign, called "Night-campaign". All the tracks are created in the Night-mood.
There is no intro, no outro, no GPS and no ingame sequences.

The white tracks (A1-A5) are all about 20 sec long.
The green tracks (B1-B5) are all about 30 sec long.
The blue tracks (C1-C5) are all about 40 sec long.
The red tracks (D1-D5) are all about 50 sec long.
The black track (E1) is about 60 sec long.



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