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Login : SimplyNick
Registered : 12-Aug-2010
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Hows it going

It's Simply Nick and/or Nick_555

Nothing much about me,
Love cars and racing games,
Love games in general,
Love Trackmania ofc ,
Overall passionate gamer .

Love to edit and make maps but don't have the time anymore
Mostly play for fun. Play alot in because it's where I hunt alot for fun.

TM Login: Nick_555
Current Username: Simply Nick
Team atm: None
Nationality: Australian
Steam if you ever wanted to play : ItsSimplyNick


Trackmania United Forever / Nations Forever
Status: TM, on when I can be (on mostly in weekends and whenever study doesn't take over ) but play TMUF fairly often.

Currently play TM2 Stadium the most because it runs a whole lot smoother but come into TMUF for fun quite often .

Where the love started ,
Don't play any more.
Funny how that was over 10 years ago now .

Other TM's
Didn't really play too much of any and played mostly offline only.

Developers only in it for the money in my opinion and it's just a redevelopment and downed version for consoles with only better graphics enhancements. So currently don't see any point in buying it.

Favourite environments in order:
Love TMNF environment - mostly what i play now:
Followed by:
Then still love TMO environments:

Closely behind because of the incredible speed fun (but probably because I play Keyboard):

and least favourite although still excessively fun (also probably because I play Keyboard):

Overall i still love each environment now as i don't particularly play competitively other than hunting mostly on stadium

I do have a youtube channel, but isn't active and don't upload because of my internet nowadays
Is just a fun channel for the love of the games ,
Update of my new maps and kick in a couple of maps I really enjoy ,
& old channel which I cannot access anymore

Not very many achievements as i rather help out in & TM community
Main help was in 2013, 2014 & 2015 TMXCh
& Helped replays in 42k Project by Shortz
Also havn't been in too many comps cause' of living in the other side of the world
But either way have fun with what I have

Not amazingly active because of study but loves trackmania and to the people who know me have a good time
Peace out and have a good one
Simply Nick ~ Nick_555

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Snow 8 24 0
Desert 5 49 0
Rally 2 20 0
Island 5 23 0
Coast 1 23 0
Bay 28 96 0
Stadium 34 69 0
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Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 11 8,127
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