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hey guys, i play trackmania since release from trackmania nations ... many many years and nearly 10.000h for sure
after 7 years away from trackmania im here again
cant wait for the new trackmania coming next month

guys call me i puke out tracks like crazy, hmm not really ^^ the most of this tracks are old tracks from tmn & tmnf you know.
only i Revise and improve the most of my older tracks and make it a bit easyer like the originals.
i want my tracks to last, that's why i bring them to the united platform.
a few routes are also completely new.


watch my new teaser movie on youtube


i also have accounts in tmn tmnf and maniaplanet

and Shootmania

SM -

i love this game and special the fullspeed part with crazy walls and loops.

you can drive a lot of my tracks on my own server in Trackmania 2 ... server named "Stadium Fullspeed Legends"

about my style ...

i try to build new looking tracks with allways new ways.
i build more than 200 tracks ! If I build allways a clear way to the finish , allways build nearly the same thing you know.
thats boring, Not interesting and varied i think in my opinion ^^
thats why i start blockmixing, try new things and try myself you know .

and i like the style , its my way and i know i dont become much awards for my tracks, Because I'm often deviating from the norm.

but i love the work on the track himself , the scenery , the mt ... work on the details , all what can make my tracks unique

i still have a lot of fun spend hours and hours to make a new track
and sometimes people like it , sometimes not ^^

it´s ok for me

check out my work, test your skills and have fun


here can you download all my stadium mods and signs.

and this is the way for installing the mods ...

for the stadium mods here:


zip and loc files in mod folder

for the signs here:


dds bik and dds.loc and bik.loc files

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