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don't send them to "seryan", please. that account isn't validated!
send them to "_seryan__m_p" please.

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Stir of echoes by   Leemay»LT | Inactive.


since the 11 th of march, i'm a proud member of LT

hey there

some peoples of the tmx community already know me... but ... here we go again
my real name is Philip, i'm 17 and i'm livin' near cologne in germany. My english isn't the best, but i think i'm able to understand you ^_^
i registered my account here in january 2010, because i only built stadium tracks 'til now tough i bought tm-united 2 years ago. Yep, that's wierd...
i wish i began playing united-tm earlier, but i can't change it anymore. Whatevah... have fun at driving my tracks that are all built in the special Leemay style that i personally hate... fullspeed with the influence of some tricky tech parts ^^
BTW: i'm also aviable at nations forever TMX...
ME @ TMNX ... have fun with my stadium tracks


and here's a little assortment of my united tracks

'Close your eyes and follow me. by   Leemay»LT | Inactive.

.Epîs by   Leemay»LT | Inactive.

'Frenetic... by   Leemay»LT | Inactive.


so... have fun with my tracks wich are sometimes a bit unusual, and with me.
if i should test a track of you, just send me a pm, and i'll look over it

by the way: thank you, diplo, for givin' me my 100th award

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