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Hello, I'm JumperJack, I'm nineteen years old, living in the Netherlands and studying 'Industrial Design Engineering' in Delft. TrackMania has been my favorite game for more than three years at the time of writing. I'm currently active in the trackbuilding and leagueracing scene, and a member of the CMC (Crazy Machine Chicks) community.

Have a nice day.


These are my most interesting tracks of the moment. For a list of all my tracks, please visit my tracktopic here.

DBC8 Drakkar by   JumperJack

Track: Drakkar
Style: League Tech
Music: none

UL6 Maersk by   JumperJack

Track: Maersk
Style: League Tech
Music: none

beat:it by   JumperJack

Track: beat:it
Style: Crossover
Music: Michael Jackson

SL6 Sunny's Slidin' Sko.ol by   JumperJack

Track: Sunny's Slidin' Sko.ol
Style: League Tech
Music: none

FET4 Casa Blanca by   JumperJack

Track: Casa Blanca
Style: League Tech
Music: none


Since september 2008, I started to give grades to all the tracks i tested. The scheme I follow when giving these grades is as follows.

1: an extremely bad track. a grade i haven't given so far.
2: a really bad track, which is totally undesigned.
3: a bad track, which is really undesigned, and not fun to drive.
4: a track with design-flaws, could be improved in many ways.
5: a track which just didn't make it for me. mostly suffers from a few flaws.
6: a decent track, but nothing special.
7: a good track, no major flaws, though nothing really special either.
8: a great track, fun to drive.
9: an amazing track. really fun to drive over and over.
10: a superb track. as good as amazing, but something special for me.


Here's a short list of all time favorite tracks. There're seven of them, so only one per environment. This can change, but a track has to be real damn good to beat these. ^^

"Lunacy * by   iQue | tm2" (rally)
"Still! by   Sandder" (alpine)


Some things you just have to know (to be expanded).

- Frogs can't vomit. They have to spit out their stomach, remove the food with their fingers, and then swallow their stomach back in again. (source: KT Tunstall concert ^^ )
- Muse pwnd the italian TV (that's what happens when they don't allow them to play live ^^)


I hope you'll have fun with playing my tracks!!

Tracks : 68 Show
Track Packs : 1 Show
Awards Received : 959 Show
Awards Given : 1010 Show
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Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 100 707 59,423
Snow 18 95 35,359
Desert 6 56 25,247
Rally 6 62 21,403
Island 6 75 36,276
Coast 4 44 18,795
Bay 6 55 24,058
Stadium 54 320 26,094
Environment WRs Top10s
United 5 49
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 1 6 7,836
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 1 1,948
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