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tracks of mine that got showcased on the front page
September 16th 2010

The Slide of Fun 2 by   Cipher»LT

April 7th 2015
Impendoleniam» by   Cipher»LT

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The undisputed master of fullspeed on
A Lifeless person
A Fast builder

Fav Quotes:
Originally posted by schorcher3 ...
i honestly did not understand a word of that. but considering the source, i assume it was stupid

Originally posted by CHaRCOaL ...
What sad world do we live in, where we turn a serious post about a threatening virus into a free-for-all lol pic convention?

Quote ...
Another thing to remember is that this is a public forum and if you express an opinion, others will disagree with you. They aren't being trolls; they simply have different opinions, and theirs are just as valid as yours.

Originally posted by AVGN ...
This is a Blizzard of Balls, I can't believe Humanity was capable of degrading itself so low as to produce such insulting catastrophe of ass!!

Originally posted by eyebo ...
We yell at people for creating new threads when they should just do a search for old ones...
...and then we yell at them for replying to old threads.

Originally posted by Frizz ...
That's it ...

Apples are sooo getting nerfed.

screens i did for other ppl:
Sixteen by   eyebo.wp

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