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ingame login: fraxrevochx

Hello ,   Revmo»UD here

I've been a TM player for a very long time, since I played the first TrackMania demo at the end of 2003. I got the full game for christmas shortly after, I played it solo only and witnessed it become TMO. I also bought TMS a couple of years later, which I also enjoyed solo only. I then switched to NFS Carbon, and after a few years of intense online activity there, I came back to TM and bought TMUF around 2008 or 2009. This is when I started to play TM online

I was initially part of the FRA, a team that I created for me and my friends. After improving my driving skills and getting noticed in the videomaking scene (Infernal Movie Contests organized by the Rally Men team), I happily got to join the RM, which is the tag I've been seen to wear ingame for many years now. I occasionally played leagues for some other teams though, like Grr! and Zero.

I am now wearing a UD tag on TMX, which stands for United Designers. It's a mapping team that I joined recently, but I remain RM in my heart

You can check my TM videos on the TM-Tube archive
I got noticed by Nadeo for making some cool vids, and they offered me to work for them around 2010/2011 I went to their studios near Paris and got to work on the following TrackMania² Canyon promotionnal videos:
- TrackMania² Canyon - Early trailer (Snow Edition) (this is a remake I made on the final game. The original video was never to be released and for internal use only, for Nadeo to show their editor Ubisoft what the game looked like at alpha status)
- TrackMania 2 Canyon - Gamescom Trailer (initially presented for the first time at the 2011 Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France - I was there in the theater, proud af, great memories!)
- TrackMania² Canyon Announcement Trailer (made in collab with thedestroyer)

And my tracks are to be checked here at TMX of course!
I like to play and build on TMO and Island environments the most.
Let me highlight a few of my tracks

Rally Techie: "Dillen Rivers"
Island Speedtech: "Gee-Tee-aRu"
Desert Speedtech: "Desto."
Snow Speedtech: "Wittenau"
Rally Fullspeed: "DERFAL"

Also, I'd like to showcase some cool duo maps!

Desert with   rad

Revolted Radiators by   rad&revo

Rally with   Line»UD

Dawn of Tech by   line&revo

Comments, awards, and replays are greatly appreciated, but most importantly: HAVE FUN!

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