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Hey everybody, I just logged in here and saw the shit I wrote back in 2010 Well, no language equals what it was, but right now I'm pretty much sure my english got better . So yeah, I'm here, playing from time to time these days, as I have to keep my eyes open for what happens in school, which often brings me much work, but I like science, so I don't really take it as a problem I started playing TM when first TMO arrived, which was given to me by a friend for birthday. Unfortunatelly my friend didn't even play it, and as a stupid child I didn't even know there was something like TM Exchange or even multiplayer online. Then I somehow lost the game, but I bought TMS a few years later. Damn, that game was so good. I remember playing platforms all time I could! And then TMUF, this time I bought the game for a friend of mine, but as he didn't even play it, I was also alone here. I joined tmx in around 2008? No idea, ah, I remember, it was the time I created maps to make them similiar to the BOTW ones That was pretty cool... although my maps not , but who cares . Would be great if you had fun on my maps, but they are built a specific way, where most of the people did not feel to great. So yeah, thanks for reading and playing, and of course, see you online!

»The Last Fight by   FT»Rast

»The Infection« by   FT»Rast

» T h e W a r r i o r « by   FT»Rast

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