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Proud to be a XT Member
-nothing. damn it.

My tracks
"Wolf's Eyes by   MasterDisaster"
"Burn by   MasterDisaster"
"Big Black Road by   MasterDisaster"
"Wild Horses by   MasterDisaster"
"Late Night Ride by   MasterDisaster"
"Pressure by   MasterDisaster"
"Closing Time by   MasterDisaster"
"Time by   MasterDisaster"
"Trouble by   MasterDisaster"
"Sanitarium by   MasterDisaster"
"The Downward Spiral by   MasterDisaster"
"Mantra by   MasterDisaster"
"Forever Young by   MasterDisaster"
"Overturned Piss Pot by   MasterDisaster"
"War Is Peace by   MasterDisaster"
"Freedom Is Slavery by   MasterDisaster"
"Ignorance Is Strength by   MasterDisaster"
"First Breath After Coma by   MasterDisaster"
"Mistakes And Regrets by   MasterDisaster"
"Self Esteem by   MasterDisaster"
"Creep by   MasterDisaster"
"Love Hurts by   MasterDisaster"
"Dracula Mountain by   MasterDisaster"
"Providence by   MasterDisaster"
"Pauly's Days In Cinema by   MasterDisaster"
"Start Wearing Purple by   MasterDisaster"
"Chinaski by   MasterDisaster"
"She Woke Up At The Sound Of... by   MasterDisaster"
"Bone Machine by   MasterDisaster"
"The Mercy Seat by   MasterDisaster"
"Judith by   MasterDisaster"
"Dehydration by   MasterDisaster"
"Send Me On My Way by   MasterDisaster"
"Voodoo People by   MasterDisaster"
"Deadbeat Summer by   MasterDisaster"
"MD ShiT Pimple my Ride by   XT ShiT Competition"
"MD ShiT Morning Headache by   XT ShiT Competition"
"Freak Scene by   MasterDisaster"
"San Diego Serenade by   MasterDisaster"

Duo or Community Tracks
"TMX Community Snow Track 1 by   TMX Community"
"TMX Community Bay Track 1 by   TMX Community"
"TMX Community Coast Track 3 by   TMX Community"
"XTraordinary by   XT Projects"
"To The Sun by   XT Projects"
"XT Coast by   XT Projects"
"4M Style by   XT Projects"
"[PF] XpliciT by   XT Projects"
"White Rabbit by   XT Projects"
"Duo Platform 01 by   MasterD+Andree"
"Duo Platform 02 by   MasterD+Andree"
"Duo Platform 03 by   MasterD+Andree"
"Duo Platform 04 by   MasterD+Andree"
"Duo Platform 05 by   MasterD+Andree"
"Duo Platform 06 by   MasterD+Andree"
"Duo Platform 07 by   MasterD+Andree"
"The Concrete Way by   MasterD+Andree"
"The Demo Way by   MasterD+Andree"
"Rallying Thunder by   MasterD+KiMi"
"Rock Civilization by   MasterD + Mirco the Racer"
"Godlike by   Godlike Inc."
"730 Beers by   DaKKoN+MasterD"

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United 9 121 0
Snow 1 15 0
Desert 1 17 0
Rally 0 6 0
Island 3 31 0
Coast 0 18 0
Bay 1 15 0
Stadium 3 19 0
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