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Name: Download Controller Discrimination
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zooz
Version: 17-Jan-2007
Released: 17-Jan-2007
TMX id: 95240
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,662
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Platform Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 2m Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordPenByDifferenceScoreLB
2:08.92 + 0s  Zooz+ 0:00.009,662
Top 10PenByDifferenceScore  LB
7:39.37 + 150s  [SP]Sk!ll3R+ 5:30.450
21:44.21 + 550s  ScrewD. Manu+ 19:35.290
38:15.53 + 690s  maphios+ 36:06.610
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Author Comments

This track cannot be finished with keyboard.
Only analog controls will work here, but even then it's really difficult. Watch the replay if you want to see how it's done.

This is my first platform track, I think
Some parts may look lucky, but once you figure them out you'll see it is controllable.
Did I mention it's hard? The part to the first checkpoint is the hardest part, but that's not a problem since you can easily restart.
Well, good luck!

Also, it's hard.

User Comments
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  Rax 17-Jan-2007
Yeah Way too hard for most of you
  Zooz 17-Jan-2007
Thanks for the awards Rax and Pitstep! There probably won't be many because almost no one can finish it
Oh, 6 already anyway. Thanks Smokey, maphios, speedy and pjw! xD
  SMiiE 17-Jan-2007
hmm... looks nice, but i have a keyboard
  maphios 18-Jan-2007
hmm... too hard??
i´m going to try
sure i have a gamepad...

yeah, i did it ...
don´t know how u managed it with 0 respawns
that is really an outstanding performance zooz !!
*tips hat*
  TimeBreaker 14-Feb-2007
grrrr how mean making a track thats not possible to drive with keyboard
i better buy me a gamepad
  Tiggr 20-Mar-2008
Pure shiite nuff said.

T.T.F.N Tiggr
  MTX  04-Jun-2012
0 resets and 1:58
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Rax 17-Jan-2007
Sick track and worth an award just for that
User Award   pitstep 17-Jan-2007
argh hard hard hard zooz lol
but very cool
User Award   smok3y 17-Jan-2007
This is Lunatic
Beyond Lunatic actuallr
And I have a keyboard no ways to see the end of it...
for the sheer difficulty of it
User Award   maphios 18-Jan-2007
Truly Zooz, what came up to ur mind, creating such a chellenge ?
it´s not hard, it´s not lunatic, it´s eviiiiiiiil....
barely seen such a hard track
great design, loads of cool jumps
and crazy ideas
i have to admit.... i like it
though this is selfdestructive...
and woah ahat a replay zooz
just leaves my mouth wide opened....
i actually made it up to the 3rd CP .....and pressed restart....
but i keep trying

User Award   *speedy* 18-Jan-2007
WoW this track is very very cool!
Just had a controller near me
That was lucky
If also look at your replay
Omg, you can handle your car
Perfect, its just perfect... Only few points...

Cool stunt track for you
User Award   pjw 19-Jan-2007
You earned my award just with that replay, let alone the track.

I play keyboard...oh well. (Although I suspect I might have a chance if I could land the car inside that concrete oval on the island and keep enough speed to launch up out of it...probably dreaming though. )
User Award   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 23-Feb-2007
fucking crazy and you are right...impossible with keyboard

but nice work and nice driving in your replay

here is my
User Award   yavuz 14-Apr-2007
damn zooz
User Award   ScrewD. Manu 25-Feb-2008
very hard map zooz! :-)
impossible for keyboard... and able just for pad, wheel and joystick...
great work zooz!!!
it took me nearly 1 hour to reach the 1st cp.! after the first cp it's easy.

hehe, i'm drivin' with pad since 2 month now and i'm proud that I finished this hard track!

User Award   [SP]Sk!ll3R 25-Feb-2008
Zooz, you crazy motherf*****.

How the hell does someone get the idea for such an incredible "map"? This surely is "trackMANIA" at its best.
On my first try I took roundabout 40 respawns to finish. Your replay is really awesome.

Here's your award for your ideas (and your driving) in this great piece of work.
User Award   occam 13-Jan-2010
I made videos of Drive this and Controller Discrimination and i could not finish the two tracks with all the time and patience in the world^^. So i award the two tracks not for the fun i had on them (the reason for most of my awards) ...but for the sheer outstanding difficulty. As outstanding as the difficulty of the track are the Joystick driving skills of the author: unbelievable :-)

YouTube --> Controller Discrimination
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