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Track Name
Name: Bridge_Construction
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   ichirou
Version: 29-Aug-2008
Released: 29-Aug-2008
TMX id: 914669
LB Rating: 15,521
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:59.58   Acid+ 0:00.0015,521
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1:00.73   Wurzel+ 0:01.1513,723
1:00.82   Zooz+ 0:01.2413,582
1:01.47   Tyrol+ 0:01.8912,566
1:02.24   breach+ 0:02.6611,363
1:02.93   killraiderX+ 0:03.3510,284
1:04.10   gadget+ 0:04.528,456
1:04.27   Razor.+ 0:04.698,190
1:04.73   Wallaby+ 0:05.157,471
1:05.04   eyebo.wp+ 0:05.466,986
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Author Comments

This is a speedy tech track with a style similiar to "BIAB - ichirou by   ichirou".
I had an idea when making this track that was somewhere along the lines with "jump through the holes of a bridge as many times as possible". I thought that would be fun and cool It's not a very huge track, kinda compact actually but still bigger than the biab.

It's not that hard track imo but I have no idea if it's suitable for online-playing or not. I hope it is fine

AT: 01:00.67
GPS: Ghost
Intro: Yes
Outro: Yes
Bridge: Yes, one

It is possible to take alternative routes to finish the track but I'm pretty sure that the intended route is the fastest one and the best drivable I have no idea how hard the route is to see first time you're driving it... but I've put up arrows at the important parts. If you're having trouble finding the route then check the gps ghost


I had to remove 2 "mt-ghosts" in the intro because the track was too big (in filesize) to be played on the playpal online server
So I also had to revalidate it and the new AT is 01:01.01 So anyways, you'll have manage with 2 mt-ghosts less intro ^^

User Comments
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  Wallaby 29-Aug-2008
  ichirou 02-Sep-2008
Thank you for your awards everyone! I'm really happy you like it

Some self-critisism to keep in mind: (maybe for others too)
I've seen others driving this on PlayPal Online now and to judge from that I can say that it's not really suited for online playing ;( It's a bit dissapointing... I think the reason for that is because it's a little bit too hard together with a hard route. Gonna try to improve that til next desert I make It seems like you need to many tries before you get the route and by then the server changes track. It's exactly the same thing with my biab.
They're not bad tracks but not suited for online-playing

Ahh btw.. SECOND!
  breach 02-Sep-2008
It´s really strange ichi. I dont think its to hard... i made a decent time on my third try on it. And i know i am not a skilled player. But judging from the players online at PPonline server i guess that the average is really low in the skills-department (not saying that is bad).
And judging on the trackquality online there some of the tracks are made by, and for slower players...

I started out on hard-ass tracks and i think that i would have been developing as a player much more slower if i played on lolservers all the time...

It´s fine m8... nothin to hard on it maybe just your AT as usual
  ichirou 10-Sep-2008
Thanks for your very long and good criticising award breach

I knew about the high-speed slope transition where you can hit the CP in too much speed. But, I decided to ignore it because I found out that I could drive, as you said, between the wall and the CP-sign. I wanted to keep the CP at that place because of indication of where to go from there (like a sign) and then after I did the 2nd "jump-through-hole"-part the CP was placed perfectly there because you gain the speed you need to the hole (if you fail it first time). But I agree, it's not that good that you can hit the CP in too much speed.

I've never had too much speed on "jump-through-hole"-part but it's necessary that you are in the middle of the road to make it which can be quite hard in higher speeds. But I still wanted that jump because I find it so cool so I couldn't discard the idea of it I tried to make similiar stuff but I ended up with this anyways.

And you're right about the ending. It's a bit too long but I was stubborn and I wanted the finish be on the top of it just for the sake of the name and the bridge idea I had. Bridge Construction was chosen because you start from the bottom of the bridge and build yourself upwards during the race and when you're at the top you have "constructed" the bridge... kinda. But yeah, the long finish was stubbornness from my side

And thank you for your awards: Wallaby, -RazoR-, KleinPhilip, >>Tuta<<, tmjonas, OLDA_X, SkunkY, iRoC and gadget

And great time Wurzel

Thank you ignition!
Thank you brummhummel, awesome award
Thank you eyebo, too kind award but very appreciated
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User Awards
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  Wallaby 29-Aug-2008
So my last award goes to you before i'm a week award
Super Speedteacktracks
Great Mt Work
Aweosme Jumps
Great Courves
Great Scenery
But the Screenshot is not my thing

Rating 9 / 10 +
  Razor. 29-Aug-2008

I liked your BIAB, so I liked this one too.
Normally I'm not the person, that likes tech, but in some cases, I can make an exception.
So is this one.
The intro was well done, and the outro had some nice cams in it.
Would be good for online!

  KleinPhilip 29-Aug-2008
very nice a but little bit too hard for me
but the track is great BIG for you
  breach 31-Aug-2008
Way cool desert m8!

Easier than your other ones but thats not me saying it is not challenging. I like tha idea and i think that you make good use of it. Really nice flow and easy to find the perfect line.

Edit 2008.09.10 (end of the world today?):
First curves and jump is easy, first drop to. Even though it is "challanging" depending on the angle of the car when it hits the ground. Curve to second jump then big jump from normalroad slope onto platform and into tunnel, great section. First tunnel is hard for me I allways tilt the car to much turning it to the right exiting the tunnel. Works fine though - speed control
U-turn on wirethiny-halfish-pipe is great more speed here and drop onto road and the into long tunnel... this is where i really build up speed the tunnel is just a big booster i guess . Exiting the tunnel was hard at first but is really nice.... NOW the only real FLAW on this track comes imo. After the tunnel i go rightonto a platform-slope used as a jump. but I HIT THE fit the car in between the CPsign and the plattformpiece is really hard at this speed... Why o why i´m not fussed so i just let go of the gas a bit after that into new tunnel and a jump through the plattform hole and a new jump through the bridge and onto plattform agai... I easily skid here when i a m turning right into the wire-thingy... again, speed control (for me )
but the finnishing section really blows... to long... but i see where you come from and you wanted to use the bridge again ....

Super-duper track, any year now i will beat the AT... and OH i had the WR for like 20 sec before the egghead (wurzel) stole it from me... (a joke, no harm ment wurzel! nice time btw )

Good job

// breach
  Tuta 01-Sep-2008
awesome track really cool stuff put toghether with some nice tech great flow and jumps dont know what to say really...just awesome track lovely scenery too super job

<--From: >>Tuta<<
  tmjonas 05-Sep-2008
This track is so wonderful!
So well flowing
Such great jumps through the bridge --> awesome idea
Very good variation of blocks
Cool transitions all the way, smooth to drive and always challenging
Very nice tunnelsections
Amazing how challenging it is
and addictve as hell (maybe a time later I've not too much time to drive tracks atm )
All in all a very enjoyable and well built desert speed-tech track with cool ideas and a great flow!
Scenery is beautiful too and the MT-work is sweet.

Good work, keep on mapping!

  OLDA_X 06-Sep-2008
great map

.... .... OLDA_X
  SkunkY 06-Sep-2008
Great track,
very cool start, not too hard overall and fluent racing.
I enjoyed it!
Great work!
  iRoC 10-Sep-2008
Good one
  gadget 10-Sep-2008
Lovely Desert tech.
Nicely done.
  Ignition 10-Sep-2008
Nice track with good ideas for the layout. Well done.
  BrummHummel 30-Sep-2008
Very nice track full of ideas!
The flow is perfect and all transitions work fine here
Awesome scenery! I like the use of many different blocks
  eyebo.wp 17-Nov-2009
Simply incredible! One of the most fun desert maps I've played lately (and I've played a lot!)

Great ideas, perfectly executed!
  Acid 19-Nov-2009
So awesome the jump through the hole Overall awesome ideas


  papic 10-Apr-2010
Nice & original track

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