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Name: Download Powerslave
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   'Buchi'
Version: 26-Aug-2008
TMX id: 906496
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 15,066
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Bay
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:47.64   phenomega+ 0:00.0015,066
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:47.68   smok3y+ 0:00.0414,990
0:47.76   KaboOm+ 0:00.1214,838
0:48.32   'Buchi'+ 0:00.6813,775
0:48.36   Hawis.ism+ 0:00.7213,699
0:49.95   Black Dalek+ 0:02.3110,682
0:50.27   Wallaby+ 0:02.6310,075
0:50.58   ohei2+ 0:02.949,487
0:50.74   wardav+ 0:03.109,183
0:51.74   Wuggal+ 0:04.107,286
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Author Comments

Here another Baytrack, fast and easy, nice to play I hope
Again named after an awesome Song from Iron Maiden

At the Start a block combination I havent seen yet, havent played for a long time though, so someone may used it already
Some nice to drive Loops
good Speed, not too hard, just as always....

MT & Extras
Intro, as most of the time quite boring, but well...
Outro made by myself, a basic one as always

Screenshot made by my Friend MasterDisaster, thx much m8
Music: Powerslave by Iron Maiden

Thx to XTMarkus for Betatesting and telling me that I can do a better End than I had at that time, I did a better one imo

I would appreciate some helpful Feedback, same as Awards or Replays
Please dont Award if you havent had Fun on the Track

Have Fun

Update 1
Tried to remove the cut phenomega found... I hope its now not possible anymore to drive a faster way at that part
after I myself experienced it and Wallaby told me that the first Tunnel entry could be hit, I replaced the booster, so that now everything should work well

A huge sry to everyone who uploaded a replay, especially to Craxxxxx und Master Gary with those great times -.-

User Comments
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  Hawis.ism 02-Sep-2008
I have noticed one interesting thing here. People keep awarding this cool track but noone uploads a replay. Have they even driven it? Is there some problem with replay upload or what? It doesnt take that much time.
  'Buchi' 02-Sep-2008
Hehe Hawis, yeah you are right
Actually there are 10 Replays, but I think I kinda cancalled the uploading with making the update, before the update there was every awarder also uploading a Replay if I remember right


Thx much Jeffguy
Thank you as well Brummi
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User Awards
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User Award   KekX 30-Aug-2008
Sry for this short award, but better than none
Great work Buchi and really a masterpiece...
Had lots of fun with it...

BIG award

User Award   OLDA_X 31-Aug-2008
Very good expert map

.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   SkunkY 31-Aug-2008
I cant even get close to the driven times but I had fun anyway on this track.
User Award   Markus... 31-Aug-2008
great come back my friend
cool speed and nice space for noobs like me on the track
sweet ideas, specially the last "loop"
amazing track for speedjunkies like me
nice to have you back on roads m8

get your
User Award   Jeffguy 01-Sep-2008
Wow... awesome track... can't say more...
User Award   BrummHummel 01-Sep-2008
Yeah.. solid Buchi work.
The start was crazy and first i didn´t like it but after watching the GPS it was pretty easy
Superb flow and speed then!
It´s damn challenging. ..and i like the smoothness in here!
Great track Buchi!
User Award   Aero 03-Sep-2008
like it... especially the awesome start!
User Award   Wallaby 16-Sep-2008
Sometimes i'm telling a lot of sh*t I know
Because I always got ignored by the most of the guys that i forgot to award this because I was so frustrated :/
I finally rememberd this track , because I wanted to award this
After some complaining each other @ the xt zone server about that award thingy and "the tmx system is unfair and so one..."
I stopped awarding some famous guys...
And my Results to famous tmx guys will be harder in future , and not a maybe 'easy deserved 9P...' , because it is really easy to get a good rating from me...btw it was...
I got to hear that I'm niggardly in giving awards and that is not true
I'm not a strg+c / strg+v awarder
Sorry I had to say this , I hope some guys feel not attacked now...
That some guys which have a better name always got more attention is true , you said it yourself^^ , but that is not my thing to found a tmxsystem-complaining-group with some others

To the track...
The Speed is awesome
The Jumps are really great..maybe a bit unsmooth intro the end ^^
Loops are working great
Flow is great
The MT is ok^^ , but I thing there is more possible in intro and outro , some outro cams are eally good , but some Outrocams are a bit mad =/ , and the intro is a bit idealess.
The Scenery is good
The Screenshot is great
The Start is really creative , and the update was really good , you know^^
This track is a great Onlinetrack I think
It was a well deserved showcase...

--> Rating 8.5 / 10 +

User Award   Tazrman 15-Mar-2009
Nice track I like the shortcut!!!
User Award   ¤ATS¤The Zanar 17-Aug-2009
I would expect this one to have more than 100 awards. X)
Awesome flow
Great for speedy fun
Bay at its best.
Your bay maps are epic.

User Award   smartyyy 22-Sep-2009
Awesome! Your best Bay Map imo. So great and smooth. Great loop ideas.
Sry no longer award this time

User Award   Arka^^ 04-Apr-2010
Sweet start
Cool finish
Just great
User Award   Jet777 10-Apr-2010
Awesome track Buchi
Late award..
The loops were so awesomely calculated in this one... in Bay they tend to be a little off sometimes, but these were dead on
4 U
User Award   wardav 09-Aug-2013
EXELENT oldschool work and idea of track.
Its unbelievable that it was bulit in 2008
and this track after 5 years is so amazing.


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