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Name: Download UFir3$tart3r
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 14-Jan-2007
TMX id: 90564
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 57,262
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Island
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:56.01   .onFire.+ 0:00.0057,262
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:56.19   echo+ 0:00.1856,157
0:56.21   Eviltim+ 0:00.2056,035
0:56.24   Kaka+ 0:00.2355,851
0:56.26   LoKo+ 0:00.2555,728
0:56.35   -Winnie-+ 0:00.3455,176
0:56.51   Axon+ 0:00.5054,195
0:56.64   JumperJack+ 0:00.6353,397
0:56.67   KEV Fan+ 0:00.6653,213
0:56.72   osna+ 0:00.7152,907
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments

Back by dope demand! Here's Fir3$tart3r converted from Sunrise to United.

Alot of editing has been done:
-As United uses a different font everything got screwed up so the MT work had to be tuned thoroughly. I also used more FOV effects in the intro and outro and shortened the intro by a couple of seconds.
-Replaced some red boosters with yellow boosters for better flow. I actually used the XFire$tarter version for tuning. For those that don't know, the original version only had yellow boosters but I also made an Extreme version which only had red boosters. Now it's got the perfect balance between red and yellow boosters.
-Removed all poles and reduced coppers by 200.
-Stretched the first wallride for better flow and also added a bumpercam.
-Reuploaded Sunrise trailer billboard and Firestarter music.
-I decided to leave out the Final Frontier Mod as it was too dark.

MT: Intro, In-game (easter egg, bumper cams), Outro.
Coppers: 5994
Author time: 0:56.89

Get Billboard for this track here (540 KB).
Place billboard (.bik) in folder:
\TrackMania United\GameData\Skins\Any\Advertisement...

Get Music for this track here (1.8 MB).
Place music file (.mux) into folder:
\My Documents\TrackMania United\ChallengeMusics...

(Also loc files to the billboard and music are embedded in the track itsself)

Bigger screenie here

You also might like this FireStarter remake by Ripbox:

Smack My ***** Up by   ripbox

Thanks list:
Thx XXX-KING Prodigy rules!
Thx Rax I'm glad someone still remembered it.
Thx ORA I promise my next track will be Island.
Thx pavel.super.racer
Thx |GuM|Tony
Thx [Fok!]Markus
Thx Crawdaddy79 It's different but you don´t really see it.
Thx Kev717
Thx Sebkifum
Thx JumperJack Ah come on you can take the WR for sure.
Thx [FoF] BionicWolf
Thx smok3y I still dont have babes swooning all over me.
Thx Micster I'm glad i inspired u.
Thx kiki
Thx Alex17
Thx Andree Im glad u still like it. Its actually the only track where i used Num 2 cam in a corkscrew. And it gives more sense of speed at the finish too.
Thx maphios Yup.
Thx kendu
Thx -bruno333- Turn up the gamma.
Thx MasterDisaster
Thx T_Z_
Thx *speedy*
Thx W@R
Thx PapyChampy
Thx LoKo
Thx SniperZ
Thx Echo
Thx x_TLS_x
Thx phonx Lol who knows.
Thx Dimanche
Thx Sivert
Thx Yrp360
Thx blake
Thx n00b-jacques_v
Thx [ATP] Alcator Several people also noted that in 2005 but it's only needed for the first run so i decided to make this my one and only signless track.
Thx Vincent
Thx -Winnie-
Thx Fallout
Thx Nightwolf
Thx Sharolley
Thx Kendar
Thx etidu29
Thx ~Ganjaweeds~
Thx [ATP]scottmc LOL!
Thx [ATP]Eviltim
Thx boxerlau
Thx charles
Thx JakeOIL
Thx Big_Play
Thx manuel
Thx Bodom
Thx Epica
Thx Renauldo
Thx Lone~Shadow
Thx BlaziN
Thx swesebbe
Thx RedFury91
Thx [CMC]Zeo
Thx -IDDQD123-
Thx Bob the builder Welcome to tmu.
Thx HighDriver
Thx ADIo
Thx speeddriverr
Thx ripbox Cheerz m8
Thx Pocho
Thx [TMLR]_Forgot10
Thx hockeyman
Thx PAM180
Thx Nibor
Thx Maniac
Thx Robert1
Thx Killcount
Thx Nahe
Thx paddy
Thx Blacer
Thx darmaya

User Comments
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  echo 21-Jan-2007
download my replay ,try 2 get my time ,its also driven with keyborad
  JumperJack 22-Jan-2007
well, without Echo's replay, i think this is a pretty good time for a keyboard driver and island newbie, isn't it?!
  GR. 22-Jan-2007
Hehe i guess. Well if u really wanna try your keyboard skills on sunrise then try finishing this track at the upper finish. "Warning this track seprates the keyboard drivers from the controller drivers".
  JumperJack 22-Jan-2007
GR - what the... - you wanna destroy my keyboard, or what?!

lol, that upper finish is crazy...

-edit- and i've tried it with my gamepad (yeah, i've got one too... ), but then it goes even worse

lol - it's always like that, bought a pretty expensive gamepad, and even a keyboard is better for island...
  GR. 23-Jan-2007
Well ive also raced with keyboard when i first bought tms and it took me at least 3 months to get used to my joypad and eventually got better then racing with keyboard. Hard work and alot of patience. Then i even bought a joystick as thats even faster but i had no more patience for learning that. Plus i like to sit back in my chair with a joypad. So 30 euro for that joystick is down the drain.
  JumperJack 19-Mar-2007
well, with my joystick, i've beaten your author time finally here...

online i drove a 56.47 too, but crazy enough i can't make that time in singleplayer anymore...

-edit- well, at least it's a 56.64 now...
  GR. 25-Apr-2007
Did someone find the toilet yet? Its somewhere hidden inside the track.
  -IDDQD123- 08-May-2007
hey you forgot me in your thx list xD
  GR. 09-May-2007
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User Awards
Showing 75 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   ADIo 16-May-2007
Cool track!
Great music!
User Award   speeddriverr 19-May-2007
great track man Do you plan to relase a new track soon? love your trax m8
User Award   ripbox 19-Jul-2007
Rofl ganja i thought i had already awarded this track maybe that was the Tms version
uber great track with insane speed and flow as always
its always an honer to play your tracks even if they do break my control pad and fingers every once in a while

User Award   Pocho *offline* 22-Jul-2007
Some pretty nice stunts combined with the typical Island superb speed, but flowing!
Cool loop, some nice smooth drop, the corkscrew (didn't like the camera2 though).
Best of all was the red booster part, when I dared to look at the speed it was over 1000!!!!!!
The screenie is a rock

Again, amazing job- remake I mean-

User Award   Forgot10 07-Aug-2007
Cool track. I really like it. But I still can't beat author time
User Award   hockeyman 12-Aug-2007
Holy s*** what a good track!
User Award   PAM180 03-Apr-2008
Nice map

BIG for this !!!!
User Award   Nibor 21-Apr-2008
Rock and Roll

Excellent Trackdesign - great Speed and MT work

Big for you, Ganjarider
User Award   Jet777 04-Jul-2008
This track is great, but unfortunately the server I played it on was bugged and this track played 5 times in a row!!!
It's rare you see such a great fullspeed like this.
Well deserved!
User Award   Robert1 04-Jul-2008
Oh i always forgot to award this track
And its a good one to,
Nice flow,
Good speed,

Nice MT simple but works well.

Good outro with good cameras and nicely put together.

Erm noting I can really suggest to improve.

User Award   Killcount 28-Feb-2010
Hi ganjarider , fantastic track!
User Award   Nahe 28-Feb-2010
Fantastic, always from you, Ganja
User Award   Nim 20-Mar-2010
awesome map!
User Award   »Blacer 02-May-2010
Nice one


User Award   darmaya 22-Sep-2010
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