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Name: Download Transition
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   NinjAstar
Version: 15-Aug-2008
Released: 15-Aug-2008
TMX id: 895138
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 43,733
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:44.42   smok3y+ 0:00.0043,733
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:44.56   Feanor+ 0:00.1442,906
0:44.75   Cayman»LT+ 0:00.3341,783
0:44.93   dvil»hawki+ 0:00.5140,720
0:45.07   renarda77+ 0:00.6539,893
0:45.13   osna+ 0:00.7139,539
0:45.46   MasterGary+ 0:01.0437,589
0:45.63   PPDA+ 0:01.2136,585
0:45.67   Voyager006+ 0:01.2536,349
0:45.73   ReBaker+ 0:01.3135,994
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Author Comments

Hello !!

I'm finally back with a real full sized track that took me a month to create. It's the first in a new series I've started, Passion For Innovation. In this series all my tracks will be innovated style, and built with passion, hopefully creating favorites!

Also all the tracks in the series will be tributed to one of my great friends, who are also great trackbuilders who inspire me a lot.

This is the start to the series, a FullSpeed Island. Its got some cool transitions, but on this I wanted to stay a bit more simple than my later tracks in the series will be, since this is FS. I hope you have fun!

The name was chosen because this is the track that marks my transition to innovative style tracks. And some underrated or bad trackmakers sometimes need to find what they can do best, so sometimes they have to change, or transition there style to another to there liking.

Track Info:
Difficulty: Red
Style: FullSpeed
Length: 45-46 seconds (45 is hard to get even for me. )
= 45.86
= 47.xx
= 52.xx
= 1:01.xx (I don't remember them exactly, go look yourself! )

Music Info:
Name: Stuck In America
Artist: Sugarcult
Album: Start Static
Genre: Alternative Rock
Year: 2001

Special Thanks To My BetaTesters: -RazoR-, Acid, Wallaby, and the members of XT.

CHALLENGE: The 1000 coppers go to Feanor for the fastest time by August 18th (Smok3y was too late XD)

And I tribute this track of the series to Wallaby. His tracks are always really great, they inspire me a lot, including his recent island track which inspired me to build this (but its of course not as good ) And he's always a great friend, and helps me betatest a lot. He's one of my favorite builders and a great TM friend of mine, so it feels right to dedicate this track to him. (I'm sure he'll feel honored, but im guessing he'll be laughing at the same time )

Now Have Fun and Good Luck! Leave a replay and some feedback!


If you have time, please try these really underrated tracks!

Dead! by   Jeffguy

Colorfull Minds by   HardDance

User Comments
Showing 38 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  smok3y 17-Aug-2008
Now the competition starts, awesome time cayman
  NinjAstar 17-Aug-2008
Wow, you guys are too fast for me XD.

#15 - Ebou - Wow, im so glad you like the track so much! I've worked very hard on the MT, i was sure it was my best. From your words you really make this track sound like heaven , a big thanks for your award, i really appreciate it.

#16 - Voyager006 - Lol, the incredible(s) grip. Very funny and heartwarming award. Hip-hop fun is a good way to describe it XD The quarterpipe transfer is actually in some other island tracks, even in some other environment tracks. And if you watch my GPS you shouldnt have so many light pole problems. Anyways, thanks for this incredible award!

#17 - Kendar - Yep, once you get to know the track it shouldnt be too hard. Anyways Im surprised you like, since you say you dont normally care for tracks like these. So thanks for the award!

#18 - pjw - I'm glad you like this track a lot! To have in favorite type folder makes me feel honored. And actually most transitional tracks I find are quite smooth, so i did the same. Thanks for the great award!

#19 - Da Killah - Hehe, actually betatesting online some n00bs told me it was impossible for them with KB. So me the huge n00b that I am with KB actually finished this track with the KB. Thanks for your award, im glad you had fun!

#20 - Cephid - Yes, the one in the beta forum. XD Thanks for the award, glad to see someone like you enjoyed it!
  Amit»LT 18-Aug-2008
Hey I can see your Track making Skills Improving
  smok3y 18-Aug-2008
Wow cayman awesome time, u got the WR
  NinjAstar 18-Aug-2008
.01 just like on my last track... Sick time cayman.

#21 - Acid - Well, it seems this new style of trackmaking really does work well. Thanks for your awesome award Acid, those great words coming from you are now easy for me to believe! Im glad you think its my best.

#22 - Edge - Thanks for another nice award. I appreciate your great feedback.

#23 - cayman - Well Im glad you had fun! Great award and congrats for a sick WR.

#24 - 23/ O$NA (lol_warum__) ^_^ - Thanks very much for our award, its always great to hear!
  Voyager006 18-Aug-2008
Unbelievable! I'm top 2 at online, and top 1 at XTZone (you know ... the server with the Island freaks ... ) ! But i'm a KB'er !
And i won 400 coppers with that time (Bet between me, maniamaster, Tuta and 1 more )
  Cayman»LT 18-Aug-2008
Thx fogg3y and ninjAstar
but it was so hard to beat you fogg3y !
  Feanor 18-Aug-2008
very annoying to drive perfectly
Still quite some time in it, but takes very long to get a good run.
But good track to drive for fun, just frustrating for WR-hunting.
  smok3y 18-Aug-2008
Someone tell me what did feanor do
  Feanor 18-Aug-2008
wait for tomorrow smokey...
  smok3y 19-Aug-2008
Oo boi we are gonna see a crazy time yet again from feanor for sure
Will wait for your time, i saw your replay and im sure you can get a very low 44.xx or even 43.xx cause you went no slide everywhere
  MasterGary 19-Aug-2008
Awesome time smok3y

And you chose the name I "gave" you
  smok3y 19-Aug-2008
It was a funny name MG, thnx for that nick
  NinjAstar 19-Aug-2008
You freaks, crazy times Im almost sure one of those true islands (LoKo, echo) can get a 43.xx (Even so it seems Feanor set his time on August 18th, so he wins the coppers so i would like to know your login feanor )

#25 - Fran_de_Kler - Yes, im sure the respawn-ways could have been better. Anyways thanks for the award!

#26 - abmangoog - Lol a "typical" award, but im glad you like it. Thanks!
  Feanor 26-Aug-2008
Oh there was a competitiion going? Damn i never saw that^^
Anyway thx for the coppers if i won, my login is surprisingly complicated: "feanor" ^^
And once i have moved to my new home in September be sure to see a new time from me^^
I'll be back...
  NinjAstar 26-Aug-2008
Ok, ill try to get the coppers to you when i can, although i haven't started TM in a while, and i don't plan to soon, exception for this.
  Wallaby 15-Nov-2008
I never looked @ the end of the Intro
Didn't know it was thought as a tribute...
Sry for my late answer
I always skipped it after 'the first of innoative series'
Finally a... thx
  NinjAstar 06-Dec-2008
There's also a small paragraph I wrote in the track description. XD

But I'm glad you noticed it.

EDIT Jun. 10, 2011: Thank you all for the awards for the past year and months. This (as well as Power Drift) are now my most awarded tracks, and this track being my personal favorite track I've ever made, I'm glad the awards reflect that.
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User Awards
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User Award   Alcator 06-Nov-2010
Amazing track, tolerant to occasional error but still with a magnificent feel to it.
User Award   Chaldan 09-Nov-2010
We played this online the other day and I liked it very much.
Quite easy to finish... setting a good time is harder.
Barely made the top 10. I'll see if I can improve on that.
Nice track!

User Award   water 21-Nov-2010
Great track ninja!

User Award   Mr.Mister94 19-Dec-2010
extrem speedy islander
-> <-
User Award   eyebo.wp 21-Dec-2010
Awesome one! Smooth and flowy. Great speed and jumps. Very thrilling to drive.
User Award   franz-josef666 10-Jun-2011
User Award   Renegade Crew 'Dust' 11-Jun-2011
Wow This truly is a mindblowing track! Well done
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