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Name: Download HellRide
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Markus...
Version: 04-Aug-2008
Released: 04-Aug-2008
TMX id: 888300
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:43.82   MrZw1231+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:43.91   Zemano !+ 0:00.09-
0:44.09   Mighty-Mike+ 0:00.27-
0:44.13   smok3y+ 0:00.31-
0:44.13   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.31-
0:44.29   BrummHummel+ 0:00.47-
0:44.52   ARS B4rt3K+ 0:00.70-
0:44.62   MaB+ 0:00.80-
0:44.67   Dave+ 0:00.85-
0:44.72   Axon+ 0:00.90-
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments

hello again^^
welcome on my new track called HellRide...dont be scary it isnt that hard

it`ll be my last track for the next few weeks/month, because i`ve a bit lack of Holidays too much work
i hate to make 2 tracks in a similar style, so this one will be a bit different, as always
much slide parts, loops, jumps and and and
i dont think the track could be hard at all, but you`ll see for yourself

i`ll thankBrummHummel for his detailed and sweet beta test, where the track was in a really really early beta
so lets see Trackmaniacs what times you can reach here

the Track includes complete MT
ingame MT too
its made in the day mood because of some (one) fast little striped bee, who cant see things wich are more than 2 feet away
4223 coppers used (concrete parts need soooooo much coppers )

what do you get if you DL it? hmmm *think*
i dont know^^

so up to the roads Trackmaniacs and have fun

please leave me some feedback no matter if good or bad, and please submitt your times for more competition
THX in advance

User Comments
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  Zemano ! 04-Aug-2008
Well my crazy time is here as i have promissed may be 43 should be possible Oo
  smok3y 05-Aug-2008
43.xx is possible - but we will need s8ndm8n or echo to do that
  Markus... 05-Aug-2008
woot...i was only for a few hours away, and now i see that much nice feedback and sweet replays thx a lot to:

Fun| Zemano ! the surpriser^^
Speeder trust me, it is a car^^
SkunkY da Boss^^
smok3y aka i change my name with every new rec i get^^
Edge it aint a HellRide?^^
T... my dotbrother^^
Hageldave wtf are holidays?????^^
BrummHummel sorry for wrong description in the AT comments, it should be: fat striped fly^^
patbend your love makes me blush^^
Cephid hmm...did the "trrack wich you`ve written here have something to do with my fault on the TRrackname?^^
Dag@bert i`m glad i finaly could manage to build an easy track^^
OLDA_X long time ago, where i saw you m8...happy you`re back in business^^
Kendar yeah, i think the walljump is the key to a perfect time, but if i look at the postet replays...there are already some woot times^^
s8ndm8n i wondered myself about your replay, it isnt 1 second in front of all others^^
Axon the fastest Grandpa on TM!!! Let this times never end^^
abmangoog hehe^^

btw.: if you want you can visit us on our server, just klick here! it will lead you direct on the server XTZone wich is located in GER/Hesse/Frankfurt
  smok3y 05-Aug-2008
This time i changed my nick even though i didnt make a new record
It's fun changing nicks and girlfriends too
And you mean that Fat Striped Bee is none other than-->> BrummBee I didnt know he had stripes on his ass, when did you see his a... i mean stripes
  BrummHummel 15-Aug-2008
  Markus... 15-Aug-2008
Originally posted by smok3y ...
And you mean that Fat Striped Bee is none other than-->> BrummBee I didnt know he had stripes on his ass, when did you see his a... i mean stripes

its because he`s sometimes soooo damn groggy while jogging through all record tables on TM, that he sometimes need a lil break from all this he choose the wrong chair...the painted one^^
  smok3y 15-Aug-2008
The wrong chair

Wohaaaa look look s8ndbl8ster got the same time too
  abmangoog 19-Aug-2008
i cant steal karma from u, the replays r too good by 0:00.50
  Zemano ! 19-Jun-2010
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Hawis.ism 21-Nov-2008
Nice one
User Award   tmjonas 21-Nov-2008
Nice stunttrack! Was really hell for me online
Nah, seriously very nice track! Well mapped, easy to finish and fun! Some cool transfers and drops during the race, well calculated. Overall a beautiful challenge with a nice finish (offroad)

Wanna see a snow from you!

User Award   Fran_de_Kler 27-Dec-2008
Some days ago I played this track online (PPO) and thought "A new Track from ..."
Now I take a second look. Ok, it isn't new but it is good.
Here is my .
User Award   Freddy[NR] 29-Dec-2008

speed map!
good map!
with good idea!
i like it
User Award   Mighty-Mike 06-Mar-2009
Better late then never

Greetings Eartlings ...
Cooler track Markus , very nice flow , when u are lucky
Here is ur Award

User Award   MaB 31-May-2009
Great track!
User Award   ¤ATS¤The Zanar 19-Aug-2009
Awesome flow
Had tons of fun playing this on PPO
Keep the island tracks coming

User Award   DarkLordRacer 23-Sep-2009
nice track
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