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Track Name
Name: Slipstream
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Edge
Version: 03-Aug-2008
Released: 03-Aug-2008
TMX id: 885982
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:49.74   osna+ 0:00.51-
0:49.77   BrummHummel+ 0:00.54-
0:49.90   fredax+ 0:00.67-
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Author Comments

Hey all,
i'm happy to present my new track "Slipstream".

As most of my tracks ,it is a fullspeed Islandrush with some transitions,jumps,wallrides and loops!

Coppers ~5500

MT,Intro,Outro? yes..of course

Authortime is : 0:50.45

Big thanks to Markus, KEV Fan and Skunky for betatesting!!!

So, are you ready to drive in the Slipstream?

Good luck and have fun!!!



User Comments
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  Edge 03-Aug-2008
Thank you all for your great awards!!!!

  BrummHummel 03-Aug-2008
3rd attempt and i could hit the CP in front of the first wallride
  Edge 03-Aug-2008

Brummi, you are defenitly to fast for this game
  BrummHummel 03-Aug-2008
i meant the long wallride.. not the one directly after the loop
  Edge 03-Aug-2008

thx Brummhummel
  s8ndm8n 03-Aug-2008
I love that screeny
  BrummHummel 03-Aug-2008
agree - the screeny is awesome!
new time will follow tomorrow when im sober

edit: Now it´s perfect!! Thx for the update It was a luck spot
  Wallaby 17-Jun-2009
Congratz to your first classic
Was about time
  Edge 18-Jun-2009
Hehe...thx...i just saw it^^
  Zemano ! 11-Jun-2010
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  RacerBest 16-Aug-2008
Awesome fullspeed island track!!!

  Black Dalek 16-Aug-2008
Superb. Full speed all the way - the way Island should be.

Nice transitions and flow. Great scenery. Not too hard - but not too easy. Luv the music too - helps with the vibe of the track.

Very well done. Replay posted.

One big for you. Keep it up.

Black Dalek
  pigment 16-Aug-2008
Awesome Fullspeed track!

I love the fullspeed all the way
Transitions they're awesome!
I like the screenery !
And the MT was good

Take my award
  CMC|Taylor 17-Aug-2008
The track would deserve an award just for the start... simply brilliant
But also the rest is brilliant as well... awesome work everywhere
The smoothness is superb, but the track isn't too hard => a great mix ^^
Nice PF tunnel finish... at the first lap I turned and jumped over the finish xD

Damn, my 50.86 isn't good enough for top10

>> <<
  ORA 19-Aug-2008
Superb screenie

Only ~20 awards why?

It's an amazing track with great combinaison of speed jump and more ...
I love the start section, very speed smooth and enjoyable!
pls make more track like this one
Cool MT.

an old tracker lol
peace dude
  osna 19-Aug-2008
nice track

i had fun to play it
the jumps are great
the replay is good. i never spend time on the replay because i think u want to see your driving and i´m lazy . but i never the less it´s good.
the track has a good speed
it´s easy to play but hard to master ..... i like that

so here !!

  KEV Fan 19-Aug-2008
I really enjoyed betatesting this one.
Layout is awesome - the schlipschtriem cam towards the finish is superb - pipe always leads to the finish automatically - truly awesome.
Altogether fantastic work - enjoyed it online several times and it´s a good map for online racing.
  DaKKoN 06-Sep-2008
missed this one...

That start!! Whaa "Am I gonna make it?? Am I gonna make it?? Nooo I;m gonna crash Ahhhh, Wow I made it YOOOOHOO!!!!" Turn --> Crash... Let's do that again!!!
1st impressions^^

Well m8 this track is awesome!!! There is one VERY hard point though I think could have been better by different changes. When you get out of the loop and need to double-jump in the concrete platform for another loop. The 2nd jump there...
But the flow (if you make it) is awesome and the scenery looked great!!
Then there's the MT and that crazy finish!! Really enjoyed that. I actually made 1 run that went straight into the top10, were it not I crashed that one hiddiously on the tube-turn-finish
But hey I had fun and that is all what counts in the end!!

  tmjonas 06-Sep-2008
Wow what an amazing track m8!

Really impressive!
That startpart simply rocks. And all the following parts are soooo cool as well (and easy doable after some tries!! ) Wonderful flow all over the track, perfect mix of jumps, transitions and stuntcombos, a beautiful scenery and superb layout! In a short way said: this is an (almost) perfect highspeed-island-track! And though I don't know all your tracks I would say it's one of your best if not the best one!
To add is a supercool MT

Goood work, keep on mapping!
HUUGE island

/tmjonas ... the screeny is sooo brillant O.o
  Vincent 06-Oct-2008
Really cool speed track - a true piece of art!

The jump onto the concrete ring is the beginning is extremely cool and works quite well, and the whole track is well built and fun to drive. Great work!
  fredax 07-Dec-2008
gg edge
superbe map
good calcul
big GG
  FarQ 19-Dec-2008
Simply superb. Beautifully smooth and flowing. Thanks Edge
  Katzenklo 11-Apr-2009


Realy nice track GREAT WORK!

an award for you
  MN 24-Jun-2009
ein muß auf jedem island server

  maphios 06-Aug-2009
Oh, I didn´t award this one yet
Great track here, just flowing as a river iif you know the line.
Of course some transitions seem to be quite tight but if you get used to them they aren´t much of a problem
Really good work here

  smartyyy 08-Oct-2009
A Masterpiece! Played this so often on Island servers. I it!

Rating: 10/10


  Zemano ! 11-Jun-2010
O.M.G. What a map !

Just Perfect !

I love you !

  NoTimeToDrive 26-Apr-2018
So cool track!!
Well done
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