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Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DeaD.oas
Version: 02-Aug-2008
TMX id: 884204
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 48,731
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:34.84   smok3y+ 0:00.0048,731
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0:35.16   Rollin.rld+ 0:00.3246,045
0:35.27   Acid+ 0:00.4345,122
0:35.37   rad+ 0:00.5344,283
0:35.46   »der.Hund+ 0:00.6243,527
0:35.48   ChinUp+ 0:00.6443,360
0:35.58   Eagle+ 0:00.7442,521
0:35.71   KiWiNiNjA+ 0:00.8741,430
0:35.91   Kwn+ 0:01.0739,751
0:35.99   MidiGuy+ 0:01.1539,080
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Author Comments

A New Rally Track


Maybe this time more people will like compared
to my other Rally track ^^

To the name:
A lot of people told me now my buildingstyle is different
to the others [ mostly 'lucky', using scenery as blocks, etc ],
is a track bad only because it includes some lucky parts?
There are a lot of known tracks out there which include
lucky parts, made by popular builders, does anyone care there? No, noone does,
atleast not the 50+ people who are awarding it. But why?
Known author = always good maps?
I dont think so, but it seems as if they can build whatever they want,
people often arent awarding because the maps anymore, its just
about sympathy.
I wont stop building only because 80% of the ppl here on TMX
dont like my tracks

So yes, I can tell you now:
YES this track is lucky.
Like it or hate it.

To the track:

Intro; Yes
InGame; Yes
Outro; Yes
GPS; Yes

For one part I set an custom camera in-game,
because u have to drive trough water in the
beginning, and I hate it if the camera changes while
driving in water, I think this way its a bit better.

Have fun

Thx to -RazoR- for building a rally track, so I got
the Idea to build one, too ^^

Flown by   Razor.

User Comments
Showing 5 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Razor. 02-Aug-2008
Thx for the recommendation
  Ignition 02-Aug-2008
Not bad but without this waterpart it would be better.
  KiWiNiNjA 03-Aug-2008
***Rally Connection***

Lets have a nice clean fight!
  smok3y 03-Aug-2008
Lucky stuff - but if you say so we can try to have a fight here
  KiWiNiNjA 03-Aug-2008
I said so.
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User Awards
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User Award   Ripper 02-Aug-2008
n1 one dead
i love the transitions !

User Award   Wallaby 02-Aug-2008
Nice Jumps and Transitions
Great Speed
Nice Screenshot
Good Mt Work -->Nice Intro Outro
Great for Online
Great Scenery
Nice Flow

Rating 8.5 / 10
User Award   --LooK-- 02-Aug-2008
Excellent track !
As usual, you use many inventive transfers !
Really impressive construction !
The track is not so hard that it seems. And it's very addictive !
Nice scenery !
Mt-work is just wonderful, beautiful outro !
Good AT !
Great job once again !

-- --
User Award   Eagle 02-Aug-2008
Great track again dead! Really like the jumps, transitions and new ideas.

User Award   Razor. 02-Aug-2008
Now this is awesome!
Such great transitions! + The only part, where it's a bit lucky, is the waterpart for me. The rest is totally smooth!
User Award   Acid 02-Aug-2008
WoW great and very creative map DeaD. Again pure DeaDnees
Great built perfectly timed and fun as hell. Great Work

> <

User Award   The Idler 02-Aug-2008
This is actually a lot LESS lucky than most of the popular,
award-receiving tracks. Once again a very innovative track
with some cool transitions.
User Award   KiWiNiNjA 03-Aug-2008
As the case is with most of your tracks, its very creative.
Your other tracks usually have all these creative ideas, but as a race track they never really work for me. Either because some parts are just too lucky, or just plain dont work, althought I can see the brilliance in the building.

This one is similar, but I think its worth an award,
I am not a big fan of bumps off offroad and boosters, but this track works well.

Nice lake jump, then an nice jump up and down to ramp. Definitely the best section of the track.

You should keep on building in your own style!!

User Award   smok3y 03-Aug-2008
Excellent layout
Rocking jumps
Enjoyable water section
N00d friendly
Totally wicked

User Award   EqUaTe 03-Aug-2008
I like.. Takes a few runs to get a good time, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's not a case of memorising every single bit of the track though - most of it you can do on instinct
User Award   Dr.Eile 12-Aug-2008
Yes, its diffrent !
Really inventive Rallytrack here.
The layout is full of keypoints where you can ruin a good run.
The 2nd. last jump through the gap in the wall is hard to manage (4 me)
Also nice transitions and very unusual passages.
Highly addictive!!!
MT-work well done.

Best regards
User Award   Ikku 13-Aug-2008
Nice Rally Challenge. I love its smoothness.

Cool Jumps
Nice Use of Scenery Blocks
Good Flow

So thats (4/5) for this excellent Rally Track.
mfg, Ikku
User Award   KleinPhilip 28-Aug-2008
I played this one on playPal, soOo coOol floOow
User Award   sebik1992 28-Aug-2008
Wow! Nice track. I played thjis one on playpal on-line and I think this one should get one award. Good Job mate & keep going
User Award   OLDA_X 28-Aug-2008
funny map

.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   LoLeK|iSM 26-Nov-2008
nice idea...nice map GW ...
User Award   Nym 01-Jan-2009
In one word: unique

Great track, nice ideas
User Award   »der.Hund 25-Jan-2009
Great track - after some frustrating rounds, where you have to find your line, it's pure fun. Fast and flowing, very good.

User Award   Kwn 23-Feb-2009
Nice Rally Map.
Alot of fun
>>>> <<<<
User Award   rad 05-Mar-2009
Very good rally transistional map! Fun to play, good for online, easy for kb players
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