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Track Name
Name: Urban Spin
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Wallaby/Cool-T
Version: 28-Jul-2008
Released: 28-Jul-2008
TMX id: 876979
LB Rating: 13,943
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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0:40.33   smok3y+ 0:00.0013,943
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:40.55   Cayman»LT+ 0:00.2213,486
0:40.68   Acid+ 0:00.3513,216
0:41.26   Wallaby+ 0:00.9312,013
0:41.31   DaKKoN+ 0:00.9811,910
0:41.33   allinz*on vacation*+ 0:01.0011,868
0:41.38   NinjAstar+ 0:01.0511,764
0:41.69   pitstep+ 0:01.3611,121
0:41.74   HonG+ 0:01.4111,018
0:41.94   Nim+ 0:01.6110,603
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Author Comments

We are proud to present our Duotrack
It was hard work to build it , and we needed a lot of time
We decided Bay , because it was Cool-T's Idea xD
If we had chosen my favourite Envi , the track would be snow xDD

Thx to Captain for this awesome Screen

-It includes:

-2 Loops
-1 Wallride
-1 Quarterpipe
-Smooth Jumps and Transitions
-Full Mt work :
-and Speed
~8000C , but lag-free

The Parts

1.Part ~Wallaby
2.Part ~Cool-T
3.Part ~Wallaby
4,Part ~Cool-T
Intro ~Wallaby
Gps ~Wallaby
Outro ~Cool-T
Noobways ~Wallaby
Scenery ~both , but Cool-T made the most^^

Copper competition

The best Replays wins (Deadline 14. Aug. 24.00 / 15. Aug 0.00)

1st-1000 C
2-nd 300 C
3-rd 100 C
4-th 1C^^

Good luck !


P.s. , Try this underrated one too

Ex[p]Lore by   FT»AmProsius

and i can't say it often enough:
also try this very underrated track:
Headline by   SleezE.

User Comments
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  smok3y 17-Aug-2008
GG Acid
GG Cayman
  Acid 27-Aug-2008
GG Smok3y ... but why Aero ??
  smok3y 30-Aug-2008
What, who, where Aero
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User Awards
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  SleezE. 31-Jul-2008
A Yeah !!
M Awesome Track
A Great MT work
Z nice jumps
N This i 4 u
  Edge 31-Jul-2008
Wow, maybe the best Duotrack i have ever played!
So much awesome transitions!!!
It's really a thrill from start to finish!!
Normaly i'm not that big Bay fan, but this track rocks!!
Well done!!

  Jeffguy 01-Aug-2008
This track needs 50 awards just like Pathology!!
From the second I hit the red boost to the second I crossed the finish line, ONE thought went through my mind:

"Holy Shit."

No, seriously! Blazing fast, amazing transfers, uber smooth! I've only seen one other bay-track so fast! (Phenomenon by Hageldave)

So here's my award for a totally Amazing Track.
With a capital A and T

  DeaD.oas 01-Aug-2008
Nice Track ^^

Great Ideas and Awesome MT
Nice Screenie aswell

  EinStein 01-Aug-2008
FB siehe Forum^^
Geiler Track
LG xx1Steinxx
  DaKKoN 01-Aug-2008
Amazing track!!!
But it took me some time to cause I had to learn to apreciate the track a bit...
That basicly means there are some flaws here.. Well better said some stuff just feels a little lucky. But when it all works it is amongst the best of bay-TMX-tracks. The fact that it is a duo-track makes it even better!!! 2 of the most innovative authors on TMX produce a track together, well tht should be awesome!! And it was!!
I disliked almost eveyr bit in the beginning, but I read some awards and figured there was more to it then just hating it... Well there was. I had to play it for about 30 minutes before getting familiar with the ins and outs of this track. That is rather long, but sometimes I;m persistent! And I;m glad I did!!! FLow is awesome, the ideas are (although not new....) almost groundbreaking, cause the way it all works is the best part. But hard!!! (as said before!! ) Well that was it for me so far. I got to get a better time!!
Here are 2 very well deserved 's!!! and the screenie looks also VEYR nice!!!

  steelworks 02-Aug-2008
WOW, this track is just perfect
  Cayman»LT 03-Aug-2008
OMG!!! That's the best track on bay which can be made!! Really!!
So perfect Jumps Wallaby!! So perfect, smooth stunts cool-t!!
For the first time i thought that's only good track, but after few races i realize that it's so perfect and so fun to drive!!
All the time on track when i drive is very high level of adrenaline! really!
You are so pr0 !! and so perfect mappers !!
Really Good Job !!
  Hageldave 28-Aug-2008
awesome track guys
you rly put some tough transitions in here
lol I dont know what to write right now (its 3:30 am)
but I want you to know that this one rly impressed me
  tmjonas 07-Sep-2008
One of the best bay-tracks I know!
Some killer transitions...

Damn good work you two!

FT powah!!

  Kenny 27-Oct-2008
Awesome Bay Track

Superb Transitions
Brilliant Layout, Great Alt-Routes for CP-Restarts
Great MT work

Good Work
  paddya 28-Feb-2009
What a masterpiece! I love it ! Absolutly amazing transitions, awesome speed, awesome ideas, awesome....!

-> Speechless

  Cheap Jeep 22-Jul-2009
  smartyyy 27-May-2010
Well, this rocks.
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