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Name: Download Damn you, my friends!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   [CMC]Zeo
Version: 27-Jul-2008
TMX id: 876109
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 29,643
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Rally
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0:51.36   [CMC]Zeo+ 0:00.0029,643
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0:51.65   smok3y+ 0:00.2928,638
0:52.19   HonG+ 0:00.8326,768
0:52.30   DaKKoN+ 0:00.9426,387
0:53.24   PPDA+ 0:01.8823,132
0:55.31   KiWiNiNjA+ 0:03.9515,964
1:01.17   Acid+ 0:09.810
1:11.62   [ATP]Crawd...+ 0:20.260
3:10.45   Dengel+ 2:19.090
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Author Comments

Okay, now i decided to be serious. Now i created my 50th track in TMUF. When checking all the time how other tracks do, i always see that damn "underrated" word. I see almost all tracks having over 100 downloads and some of them that definitely deserve over 7 awards, don't have even 4, i have just no idea wtf is your ideal of the track. I have feelings too if you wanna know... Intro will explain a little more. I know that gaining as much awards as Smok3y, tmjonas or DaKKon is only a dream, i don't even know will this track help at all, i just wanted to say how i feel, i'm 40% emo you know...

About the track
Begins with jump straight, but not that long like in "Smoke in the Nature". After it you'll find a tunnel and jump outta it onto the mountain. After gravel part you must do a small jump over one of holes in the wooden platforms and find a good way to the off-road with ramp. From this ramp you should jump onto the castle wall. After the chicane a drop onto tarmac bridges and bump from them. Then a real full-speed begins, high jump onto the mountain, smooth drop onto the farmer part and suddently another jump onto another off-road (not that high). Track finishes with another jump sequence.

Some details
Coppers : 2383C
Length : 51-52 seconds
Bigger jumps : OVER 9000..... goddammit i stopped to be serious from now, it has 7
Offroad parts : 3
Mod : Blood.... i mean Bloom Mod by Xemnes, pure beauty for me, a flower lover
Intro : over minute, but this time kinda movie style
Ghosts in intro : 3 (driving pretty random as always)
In-game MT : Trails in 2nd part
GPS : colourful
Outro : i enjoy it

User Comments
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  NinjAstar 04-Aug-2008
Originally posted by KiWiNiNjA ...
EDIT: haha, looks like Ninjas think alike.

People like us can be smart.

And BOTW, you should be happy, not cause of awards, but now many other people get a chance to try your track.
  Wallaby 20-Apr-2009
Come back , I miss you^^
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User Award   Razor. 27-Jul-2008
You know, I always love your maps. So does my heart feel with this one! My awards aren't the longest, but they express my real feelings when I play your tracks. They're all built very well, some are too hard for the most tmx users.

Maybe you should get some beta-testers too, so you know, what you could do better. Or play-pal, whatever!
Btw, have a look at my newest track Green Rush, I've put your map into there. ;-)

This track is really well built.
- Great jumps
- Nice Transitions
- Good offroad parts

I will upload a replay tomorrow I think, need sleep.

User Award   NinjAstar 27-Jul-2008
Before I say what I like about the track, Zeo should listen to this:

Yes, you are an underrated author. But the number of awards, or the quantity, doesnt matter as much as the quality. You see all these awards with such nice words and say how much they like each bit of your track. And that to me is more important than the quantity of awards you get.

And yes, your probably thinking the # of awards is still better, cause it gets me into BOTW. Yes, but even without that you still get these really nice awards from the people that you know.

If you had a track that had 50 awards saying (Nice track!), imo that would be worse than 10 awards that explain aspects of your track and how great they are.

Even if you dont agree with me, you should not take it seriously. You should not be building tracks to just get awards. You should build tracks because you enjoy it. It said in your intro that does all that hard work pay off? like building tracks was very stressful for you. If you dont enjoy making tracks, you dont have to.

And I know usually if you award a track that author will take more interest into your tracks. And I always love your awards myself. But people cannot award ALL your tracks, especially if you release them quite quickly. I try to drive them when I can.

So dont take this too seriously, enjoy the REALLY nice awards that you do get, and dont worry about the number of awards you get. I know what I said doesnt address everything you said, but there will be more people here.

Now onto the track:
Very fun track to drive here m8! Its tough but its really fun to drive! Some nice transitions implemented in here. The flow is not perfect, but its still great to drive.

The ideas in this are good! The jump at the start surprisingly works well. And the rest is quite smooth and innovative, so nice work!

Track Rating: 9/10

The MT,.....umm, lets skip that.

Overall, just listen to what I say, and enjoy this award!


Originally posted by [CMC]Zeo ...
i just wanted to say how i feel, i'm 40% emo you know...

......i will step away now.......
User Award   [ATP]Crawdaddy 28-Jul-2008
I tried my best to play this track flawlessly. I just about did it... but then I messed up on the (what I thought was) sharp right turn.

After many trials I finally decided to upload my best replay - arrogant in my decision to avoid looking at the GPS.

So I saw how far behind I was in my time - I expected 10 seconds... but not over 20!... and then decided to take another look at the track. And the GPS.

The track has a lot of depth. A lot of difficulty. It doesn't matter which way you take, it is always fun (though one undoubtedly is much longer than the other).

I am incapable of finishing the track on the path established by the GPS, but I am capable of awarding it. 8)

User Award   smok3y 28-Jul-2008
Damn when i looked at the intro i thought you were joking

But it makes sense Zeo
It all makes sense to me
I'm not the one who will say hey be happy with the quality of awards and what not
When i said your tracks deserve more awards they definitely do
In this section im not going to discuss emo stuff and all. this is where i give my award and tell you about the track

Innovative - Yes
Nice design and layout - Yes
Good MT work - Yes
Nice speed - Yes
Good Author Time - Yes (its is important cause if i beat the AT in my 2nd run then the track aint fun at all and i wont even play it anymore)
Good track name - Yes
Jumps - Yes
Fun - yes

The start section was plain jane and that is pretty fine with me, you dont have to go over the top with innovations all the time
The tunnel turn is tight and challenging and the jump after that - lets say - someone tell nadeo how to remove Bugs from this damn game
It is so freaking random all the time - i wont blame you for that, but as an author - i would blame Nadeo and what would i do - make a different jump
Move on - nice jump from there to the wooden platform and a nice drop to offroad to a nice jump to the castle wall

Now what - I got it, 40% of the player will get it, you cant tell the remaining 60% to go learn driving and then come here, that is not nice, people play it for fun not for beating Sandder or zOOz
The following zig zag drive was fun and the drop between the twin peaks is damn kool and i didnt overshoot it, Sandder is right he will over shoot it and land on the uphill(cause i almost did) and loose most of the speed, so he has to break mid air. He wont like it cause at the onset you made it a full speed track, on a speed/brake track it suits fine and people dont complain, but full speed maps and you overshoot and people complain. What do you do, take the feedback and dont be defensive as you were in your comments or people stop giving feedback and remember we all need feedback to understand what we are doing good and what we are doing bad - seen me complain ever on feedbacks that i get
Never mind let's move on, the next section from then on imo Is The Best section in this map
It just flows - dude that section flows like butter, tight right turn to a tiny zig zag, to a booter section to a jump to uphill/offroad to a drop from there to paddy fields to a little bump to offroad/hillroad to a super jump to castle wall and then a marvelous drop

What now - stop stop stop - Z E O my friend - if youdid not then read my awards on your last maps. What goes into your mind when you make finish sections
Tell me - im all ears and i have all the time in the world to listen to you. Do you think like i used to - I always used to think when i used to come to the finish section of the map(devil inside me) - "ahah smok3y you have made everything easy - now make a tough finish section and punish the dudes who are not careful and make them do the whole race again"
I used to do that Zeo, maybe you dont think so and try to be innovative, but unfortunately you dont realize it by yourself, you are punishing a nice guy who has taken the time to play the map that far and then loose it all at the finish
It feels sad to see a nice run go to waste in the end - it seriously is heart breaking, especially when an intermediate guy is all on the edge of his seat praying to god "oh please god let me finish this map on a nice run that i have so far" and *poof* he drops to that offroad and his car flips all the way to the left and he misses the finish.

contd.. in the comments section...
User Award   Wallaby 28-Jul-2008
that is hard stuff xDD , how I like it^^

Great Mt work ---> Intro....
Awesome Speed
Great Screenshot
Nice Jumps and Transitions
Great Finish^^
Good for xD

Rating: 9.25 / 10 and your golden

Great Work
I hope I'm able to drive a good replay today ,
User Award   Acid 28-Jul-2008
Big problem of many Trackbuilders ... getting underrated and well i always enjoyed your maps
and i think they're fun for sure. But maybe not for everyone because ... well some may have played
your old maps and if they didn't like that ones they won't play your new ones. And if the new ones
don't get awards noone will notice it .. big problem i had for the first 10 tracks or so, too. Only got maximum
7 awards. Then i put one on Mistral which was a bit ... well ... community-worth and it got a bit more
attention and like 15 awards. Then i just got lucky. Magnet!c was a fun track and because the right people
tested it it went on and on and got over 30 award back then ... now 43 ... and the new one 48 i don't know
how it got that high but you somehow need to be lucky or ... i really don't know ^^ famous somehow too.

This Track actually was hard as hell for me at first. When i saw the Intro i thought ... Yes ... YES he's definitly right
and i can understand him, that he gets seriously pissed now. I know when you put that much work into it and yo won't
get rewarded for that ... it sucks, but well ... what should you do. I liekd the Intro very much indeed ^^ Track was
exactly like i expected it ... faaaast smoooth, jumpy ( ) and fun. Wel the first .. 5-10 times i didn't get the first jump.
Veryh ard for KB players to get the first tunnel fs without sliding much and when i got it i missed the part wheere you
jump up to those white platforms and after that down that offroad part (which is cool btw) i often didn't get the jump
to the CP there but after a couple tries it went right. The track there continues great ... Awwesome jump-combos with
offroads, drops and transfers. Very flowy and fun as hell. The part with the 3 CP's on the offroad part is just great
Really liked that part , that's creativeness you know. The end-straight part was built very nice but is hard to get right, too.
I have problems keeping the car straight and two times i didn't get the finish jump which is a bit frustrating and that's what i
ment. Not makable for everyone. Than people drive it and say, a what a stupid finish .. and because there are sooooooo many other
tracks they just go on to the next one and that's it. You need to make it more finishable for a larger community. you see, you always
get awards from the same persons. Because other players either can#t finish it or don't even try it. I started getting much awards only
because new people drive it, i ever seen before because it was fun for them too. Well you know what i'm talking about.
MT work is always great i your Tracks and the Creens freakin rocks aswell so great Work there

I'll upload a replay where you see how the finish kills me.

I don't think this one will get more than 10 again, sry can't change it but you see wha i talked about so ... well ... try that

Longest award i wrote till now i hope it helped you somehow ...

> <


User Award   HonG 28-Jul-2008
OK...i'm not good in writing long awards, so take this short one from me

Great map, awesome jumps and transitions, fantastic finish, really really hard...i tried about 40 minutes to post such a great time for me

and again sry for such a short award but i'm not Shakespeare !!!!

User Award   Dengel 28-Jul-2008
nice mt, deco , speed

not my taste in general .... but just for u this little and my funny first try replay...
User Award   oPPi 30-Jul-2008
Nice work done

User Award   DeaD.oas 01-Aug-2008
Im the 10th! ^^

Well, I know how it is to spend a lot of work
on a track and then getting 50 downloads,
no comment, neither an award, that really sux.
On the other side, there are a lot of overrated authors
on TMX; but enough of that

Great track again, awesome jumps,
perfect scenery, great MT work
[I like the intro xD] Aand a nice screen

but one thing....
; I always get the FX-Colours bug, already
tried to reinstall 3 times, nothing, but nvm

GPS: Very nice to watch, but why did I have to
hold the back key the whole time to watch the GPS?

User Award   Tuta 01-Aug-2008
Daaaamn this track is soooo UNDERRATED!!!


no lets get serious here. this was a really cool track i like the speed and flow, especially i like the wooden platform (although they usually end up being my favourite parts in rallytracks no mather how they look xD ). some straights was a little too long for my taste and in the jump off the wooden platform you hit the checkpoint. i dont know what to say more...great speed, cool jumps and good flow nice work

<--From: >>Tuta<<
User Award   DaKKoN 02-Aug-2008
In general I like your maps m8!
In this case it's not really my taste...
I actually only give you this for the fact I drove it for almost 2 hours to get a descent time So here's one for you:

Damn you, my friend!!!

Hehe Okay, let's start with the things that were not so good (imho)
Ok, the luck factor is one thing... DAMNZ!!!
Then the NOT-respawnability...
The landing-bugs... --> With that the finish!! omg I crashed a very low 51s there... Grrr
And well some signs here and there.

Allright. Done that: It is a rush to make it flawless!! And that's a good pro! With that it's right in your alley. But with your building style you force people to not it Hehe I guess that "lesser" drivers simply quite for the track is not respawnable. That makes it really hard. Well persistent f*cker as I am, I always finish them in the end. But I can;t say I had real fun on this one. Normally I enjoy your tracks more/better^^ But I explained that to you here above!!
The MT is btw nice to watch again!!! And there was no MOD that loaded for me?? (I read blood-mod or something in the AT-details...) But I really miss FX there m8. colours and blur It makes it look so much nicer (Hehe I keep telling you this until you do it^^)
But as KiWiNiNjA stated, you shouldn't build for 's but for the fun of it!! I actually build for the fun I have and the fun I see other people having with my tracks So plz keep putting time in your tracks, cause when I scroll through your awards they are worth FAR more then those silly short 's!!!
Here's a one for ya m8!!

User Award   Stoney 02-Aug-2008
Zeo i find the fun in building... Great map m8
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