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Name: Future Shock
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Kendar
Version: 25-Jul-2008
Released: 25-Jul-2008
TMX id: 872439
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Island
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0:57.66   Lucario+ 0:00.60-
0:57.78   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.72-
0:57.85   smok3y+ 0:00.79-
0:59.29   BrummHummel+ 0:02.23-
0:59.32   loozerr+ 0:02.26-
0:59.60   Lethal+ 0:02.54-
0:59.61   Barto+ 0:02.55-
0:59.69   Axon+ 0:02.63-
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Author Comments

In my previous map, "Alien Recon" , we discovered some aliens lurking out in space. Now with Future Shock, we get to peek seven years into the future to find out what became of that alien encounter…

Track details:
This map is rated EXPERT because there are a few tight squeezes that will require some practice. Because I want you to learn and enjoy the track as quickly as possible, I have placed help cams at each CheckPoint. If you respawn on a CP, just wait and the help cam will show you how to get to the next CP.

Lots of coppers this time: 7777
MT: Intro, Outro and in-game help cams
Keyboard friendly? YES (that’s what I use)

Have a wonderful trip… into the Future!

User Comments
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  Kendar 25-Jul-2008
Virus Dang - that was a quick award. BTW - the hangers are exactly where I wanted them. Cheers, mate!
Dag@bert Thanks for defending my hangers. Cool award and nice time!!
Markus Wooo - yeah - sequels can be risky. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as the first.
Kenny Nice award from the original Kenxxx crazy mapper. Cheers, mate!
smok3y You are truly an amazing person. Your enthusiasm is over the top!! And the best compliment is that you back it all up by submitting awesome times!! YOU ROCK!!
Wallaby I'm happy to see you enjoyed this one even more that my last one. Thanks for playing!!
s8ndm8n Hah - not as hard as you thought it would be. That's good - I 'll leave the killer tracks for you to design. Thanks for the great comments - I always have you in the back of my mind when I'm designing.
BrummHummel It's always nice to see you put down a rockin' time on my crazy tracks. I'm so glad you enjoy them!
Axon It's feels good to please the great and mighty Axon!! Cheeeers!
DanDaMan I hadn't seen that hanger thing before either - I'm glad you liked it and had fun.
Bloody Tent City - LOL Thanks for trying my track, awarding and posting a replay!!
Zeo Awesome breakdown of my track. It's exciting to know how you felt at every point. I'm thrilled that you found it fun. Here's seven smilies for you.
Hawk of the Aether Yes - I blended some images together in Photoshop to create my screen shot. I'm glad you like it and the track. Thanks for the gold award.
KEV Fan Great to have you back from vacation. And, wow - what awesome comments. I'm glad I can still shock you.
DaKKoN Thank you soooo much, mate! It's wonderful to hear when people get addicted to a track. And I can tell by that rockin' kbd time you posted. Yes, the airport favors pads but it shouldn't prevent us kbd'rs from having fun. So I'm thrilled you really enjoyed the track.
Me, make a Coast track???? Haahahaa - I made a coast track once - about two years ago. I could re-release it on United - I'm sure no one would remember it. LOL
SkunkY I'm glad you liked it. Thanks a lot, mate!
  Virus721 (TM Break) 25-Jul-2008
The u wanted to make me crash grrrrmbll!
  Sammon 26-Jul-2008
Can't you guys wait until I get TMUF installed before you release more Island tracks? Sheesh, people these days.
  Kendar 26-Jul-2008
Come on Speeder - hurry up and join the party!!

Yeah - Virus - when I put that hanger there, I said, "This one's for you, Virus!"

@ smok3y - You, sir, are a bundle of energy... You should change your name to NOS or something like that.
I can't wait to see your replay - my wife is on the main computer right now - damn, why the heck isn't she off doing the laundry or somethin'!!!

Funny thing when I first saw "s8ndm8n", I thought it was satan-de-matin'

FireWall HaHaHAHaHHHAHaHAHA Dude, I was literally rolling on the floor when I read that!!

Great comments, smok3y - you are such the Entertainer!!!

  smok3y 27-Jul-2008
And your maps sir are even more entertaining, the maps you make are just pure thrilling. i remember when once s8ndm8n - satan-di-matin said he has to get all the records on your maps as they are special, i now realize what he meant, i cant get them on most of your tracks cause im not comfortable with loops and corkscrews, but maps like these are a great fight, by the way where is s8t8n(you just gave me a new nick name idea)
  s8ndm8n 27-Jul-2008
Sorry I can't keep up with all of the record hunting these days, but you are filling in quite admirably
Your last nick gave me a new nick idea too

I'm sure Kendar has a better one for me after my last time submission
  smok3y 27-Jul-2008
Damn meth8ne is at it again - im quite sure i can't get that time
Awesome time
I love that new nick of yours
  Kendar 27-Jul-2008
Nah - I won't be able to even get close to you guys this time. It's impossible for keyboarders to no-slide at the airport and I didn't put any boosties after that so whatever speed you can maintin has to carry you all the way to the end. Nope - I can't duke it out with you guys, but that's fine - I designed it that way on purpose so you pros with skinny turbo boosting cars with sticky tires could duke it out and I would just sit back and watch this time.

I love watching the replays, guys - thanks for the great show!!!
  smok3y 27-Jul-2008
Ok meth8ne - lets see you get that ancestral wheel of yours out of the box now cause im pretty sure i cant get any faster than this, but i'll keep trying
  s8ndm8n 28-Jul-2008
The last section has really got me by the gon8ds! My no slide skills are pretty weak I haven't played much demo lately and it really shows. I think I'm gonna release my three demo tracks that I play to hone my no slide skills on
  smok3y 28-Jul-2008
Ah damn, there goes my record again
By the way nice nick
  Kendar 28-Jul-2008
You broke 58 - freakin amazing!!!!
  smok3y 28-Jul-2008
  Kendar 28-Jul-2008
  smok3y 29-Jul-2008
Forgot to mention, Loko could do a 56.xx here easily
  s8ndm8n 30-Jul-2008
Maybe but I doubt it I think my limit on this one is around 57.5x and Loko and Echo generally could beat my best efforts by 0.25sec or so. Of course when it comes to demo style tracks I'm usually happy to be within 6sec of him

Now Kenji on the other hand could probably do a 56.xx
  smok3y 30-Jul-2008
s8ndy now that is a crazy time, and i definitely wont even try to beat it cause i gave my best. You are a legendary racer sir
I dont know about Kenji unfortunately
  spedzo 31-Aug-2010
Loko, Echo, Kenji, but nobody mentioned me
Well, you can kiss my ass then
Also, I see no such thing as an easy 56.xx
  s8ndm8n 31-Aug-2010
Well two years ago I assumed you were still KB'er and therefore I wouldn't have mentioned you on such a track where a pad has such an advantage
Btw our bud Kendar has not been heard from for quite a long time now Us sunrise guys are a dying breed...
  spedzo 31-Aug-2010
And yes, I miss his puzzle tracks
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 19 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Virus721 (TM Break) 25-Jul-2008
Nice track Ken!

first of all i love the theme of the track!
This little scenary is funny!
Very nice screenshoot too!

Not super smooth but it's ok!
The intro is quite good! in game is fine too, and outro not bad ^^
However, the path is hard to find and even when u know it u often crash because of some bad set hangars

Well overall it is not bad, but i'm a bit disapointed coz u iknow u can do much better!

  Dag@bert 25-Jul-2008
amazing track !
the (very interesting transitions) are challenging to master
the whole map is a pleasure to drive
also very easy for online

(btw: the hangars are great ^^)
  Markus... 25-Jul-2008
great sequal for sure
damn nice speed and great ideas... nice helping guides too^^
cool jumps again...
pretty good for a sequal
its rare that i say a second track is good as the first of a series, but this time it is wooohooooo

get it
  Kenny 26-Jul-2008
Great Track!
Very Nice Future/Alien Design, good ideas
great transitions and jumps!
Fun Online!
Good work!
  smok3y 26-Jul-2008
I wrote a comment as big as the American history and whoops an error occurred..blalalalalala and the whole thing disappeared
so i have to type again and i forgot what i wrote

Wohaaaaaaaaaa the aliens are gonna get a big one up their's this time
Cause earthlings have found a new supaaaa heroooo after Hancock <-- what a cock
It's a bird.... it's a plane..... hell no it's Supaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa s8t8nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Wohaaaaaaa this is just freaking awesome
And this time it's gonna be more fun and we will blast the aliens to the past this time for sure
You know what this time around it's gonna be a tougher competition, cause this is the kind of map where a lot of freaks will take the map to the limits

s8ndm8n(is that called sandman or s EIGHT ndm EIGHT n - decipher the meaning of that and i give you all one beer each for free ^^) could blow any time here cause he is way too good on maps such as these where you have to slide such a teeny weeny bit and he has that wheel he got from his ancestors that can easily lock on a nice line,
Skunky could blow this to pieces as well cause he too good a Ghost Driver and loves maps like such where you have to find nice hiding places so his kids cant see him.
Brummi.... could take us for a ride as well as he loves those hangar thingies and always finds the tightest of places to squeeze through.
Now only if someone can get these lazy XT bums to stop doing the laundry at their home for one day and play the map well.
I do the laundry as well at my place ^^ but last time i put my wife's new dress with my old shirt and the damn dress got smugged with my shirt's color and i have been grounded from doing the laundry for 2 weeks, call that SMART thinking by me, muahahahahah now i can play play and play

And then there are some real crazy aliens that i dont even wanna name - errr you know why ( *psssst* read the 4th line)

I love those hangar placements and especially the one you made for Virus, that only stops Virus all the time and i hereby name that hangar -> FireWall
This is a super map with all the
Smooth jumps
Wide driving zones
Lovely smooth landings
Awesome blocking hangars and Virus's Firewall ^^
Corky pipe tunnel
Screwy wallride to half loop big air side jump
That freaking jump screwed me so many times i tell you, i took a holy dip in the sea water so many times, that when i took my pants off there was sand all over the floor and i was wondering where the heck did that come from
My fav. section is the drop in to hangar CP(2nd CP) and then the ride bwteen the hangars to a side slide onto the next platform section to a drive upwards and a jump to the airport to the jump into the corky pipe
That was just awesome and that really sets the pace for a nice WR time
What also is the deciding factor is the last airport section, you can do it with a nice power slide and then crawl like a turtle or be smart to do it no slide on a very thin inside line and gain more speed going into the final wallride jump. But that inside no slide line is real tight, almost like squeezing a carrot between two watermelons(kids on the site you know ^^)

The MT work is awesome mamamama as well
The intro gave me the feeling of Star Wars opening and the final view of the map layout was straight out of a Hollywood movie set
The outro was well done with some real nice cam placements to show you a nice driving line and that alien face shot<- was that pitstep
The screenie definitely Rox
And so does this map

here's a Big shiny alien cup->>. (i found that in the water while i was scuba diving after missing the last jump for the 100th time)

  Wallaby 26-Jul-2008
lol , smok3y , small award...xD

I enjoyed this track much more than your last one because the flow isn't broken...with overdone wallride-bowls , which are slower than a turtle xD
The Jumps: Some Smooth one some unsmooth ones.....
Mt is ok..Outro is better than Intro , I'm not a fan of Intros with so much text^^
Screenshot =
Good for Online...yes , but not for me xD

Rating 8.5 / 10 + -

Great Work Kendar
  s8ndm8n 27-Jul-2008
I was really expecting something more challenging but I think the track flows very well!
Love the unique concrete section that you've created with your usual flair. You always make some amazing lines out of concrete that you just don't see on anyone else's tracks

Great story
Fun track
Awesome Firewall

Now let's see what that sandbagger smok3y/NOS/s8t8n has up his sleeve That guy is just blowing all of our minds lately with his new found skills
I suspect aliens have abducted him and have infused him with alien DNA or possibly even technology! That's right folks, he just may be some type of experimental android
  BrummHummel 27-Jul-2008
Crazy as always
The startsection til the first hangar is so damn cool!! I love it
Many unforgiving parts here and there but still with awesome flow.
As always you presented a kendar styled unique rocker!
Great job!
  Axon 27-Jul-2008
Hi Kendar...

Hmmmm = excellent speed track that really becomes a one corner noslide for a fast time.. I know you intended that and it will suit no sliders..

It was extremely enjoyable and presented well... good combos / story and atmosphere...

Cheeeeeeerrrrrrssssssss Axon...
  DanDaMan 27-Jul-2008
Very cool track Kendar
The part with the hangers poking up between the concrete is very creative - I've never seen it done before!
The rest of the track rocks too, there are a lot of spots where you can make or break your time and thats what I always love about your tracks!
Keep up the great work mate!
  Bloody 27-Jul-2008
Cool speed track here, with nice lines, great flow and some good ideas as well, like this 'tent city' with these hangars on the concrete field.

Some parts are difficult to master, but trying is already fun here. Nice job.

Here, your
  [CMC]Zeo 27-Jul-2008
I always knew that TrackMania is the game of future! But you know, you're not the 1st who proved it. People create some mods ya know... Where the road itself is shining, trees are made of metal etc. Just the speed you mentioned about isn't extraordinary for me. 900kph? No problem for ThrustSSC. I just wonder what happened to my Lamborghini Gallardo, of course it can drive over 300kph, but OVER 9000.... sorry, OVER 900?! It must have taken some steroids. Eh.... let's just begin to say something about the track. Intro is nice with those texts in here, lovely work, almost a movie feeling. Scenery is original, also the Poots signs are greatly used in here. Split-start was for sure a very cool idea, and it's very smooth and it's even so fun to hit platforms from the wrong side. Good jump through the hangar CP, liked it. And the banked platforms ruled! But i just wonder wtf with those hangar roofs in the next platforms. Cool to find a good way in here, and cool to make it. Driving through the hangars then was pretty lovely part. Strange road-up part that finishes with nice jump onto the airport surface. I have no ideas what to say about the tunnel..... BIG JUMP onto the next airport, for sure it's a plus for this track, although it could be a little smoother than it is now. And that aerial jump - great idea for me! Outro has nice cams, it's just a little scary in one moment, god bless that alien didn't scream or something. Quite original track, i just noticed many tracks in last month are Island ones. This one has something that others don't have for sure. Keep that silver award anywa.


PS, You like 7 number, don't ya? 7 years later, 7777C, what the f**k?
  Hawk of the Aether 28-Jul-2008
do you do your own screenshots?
it's an awesome picture; it fits the track!


  KEV Fan 30-Jul-2008
Now I´m sure - you´re not from this world man
Wow - wow - wow ! Don´t know where to start
Intro story and chosen cams are great leading to a test ride.
I am searching for words for this map - superb layout fitting the story. Those "sunk" hangars are fantastic.
Alien spirit is everywhere. You got to learn this map - it´s definetely not for online gaming but absolutely worth learning.
Outro is a real pleasure to watch.
This one´s a masterpiece from the beginning to the end.
...some time ago that I´ve written PLATINUM
  DaKKoN 01-Aug-2008

This track is simply Kendar!!

m8 this is a crazy track with a whack flow and intimidating addictiveness!!!
I love every part of the track!!!
The huge jumps, the huge drops, the tifht fits, it all builds up for the challenge!!
The finish ramp was hard (lol I tried it more the 20 times and they all failed....) but in the end I started nailing it!!!
It feels like a KB-track with al the sliding, but on the big-airport parts I had the feeling I wanted to have a pad
Hehe The MT is top notch!! Wellt he outro is anywayz^^ The intro was a little slow, but fun to read!
This track brings it all (for me) incredible scenery (massiveness!!) addictive like hell!!! ANd it;s got synergy!!! Something rarely seen last months
THe screenie is one of the best you made!!! (Except for Extreme Symphony, that still the best on TMX!!^^)
m8 I hope there comes a time you create a track on coast!! (race-track) I think it'll be wild!!
Here's an VERY much deserved m8!!!


  SkunkY 31-Aug-2008
Another extraordinary design from you Kendar.
Really like the design. The flow on this track is just awesome!
Great speed of course, nothing else to expect on a kendar track. ^^
Outro is also nice to watch.
Great work!
  CraxX 24-Oct-2009
nice futuristic design oO

really great atmosphere

get ya

  Lethal 28-Dec-2009
Hey Kendar,
Nice smooth design.
Good transitions.
Challenging to set a top 10.
Very fun track!!
  spedzo 31-Aug-2010
Never tried it, so trying it now
Amazing construction
These hangers are quite cruel
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