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Name: Download Atlantis
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Virus721 (TM Break)
Version: 12-Jan-2007
Released: 12-Jan-2007
TMX id: 87059
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 21,493
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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0:40.34   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.0021,493
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0:40.41   TimeBreaker+ 0:00.0721,269
0:40.45   BL Dude+ 0:00.1121,141
0:40.69   Djoszee+ 0:00.3520,374
0:40.86   gorfu+ 0:00.5219,830
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Author Comments

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Video preview [unavailable]
Hey guys! Here is my first Stadium track! I have never created on
this environement, even on Nations! Don't expect a great track, it
is not good as i wanted it, but it is just the first try after al... This is
a very fast track with loops and allrides (maybe a bit repetitive...)
A very simple outro and a classis shot intro but with a cool design!
If you like, feel free to leave a comment! And if you don't like, plz
tell me what you don't like in order to i improve my Stadium skillz!
Have much fun!
Details of the track:
- Complete MT
- Mod: ----
- Music: ----
Cheers! XT Virus

User Comments
Showing 12 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Virus721 (TM Break) 12-Jan-2007
- WOW! Thanks a lot Pitstep! I have never seen such a fast award! However, thank you for the feed back, i though my wallies wouldn't be liked!
- hahaha! Thanks a lot Markus for the ver kind and complete feedback! I am glad to see some users like this track (2 -_- .....) I do apreciate! thx man!
- Thanks TimeBreaker! I do like your comment! Glad to know what you liked! This track maybe needs the number of awards it has, but there are other tracks i tried which did not deserve their awards, but who got them just because of the showcase or somethin' This is why i think we ca't judge tracks by the number of awards, it is a bit random.... But thx for the complete comment man!
- Hey! Thank you S8ndy I am glad to see a fourth award here! I was in the way to delete the track, but i will finally maybe not do it! Thanks again! mate! XT Powaaa!!!
- WOW! Whatta kind and complete comment Smok3y!!! I really apreciate! And for the showcase, i won't get it because i already get one for my old track: "V.I.P Strret," so now they maybe consider am famous even if i am not!!! But it is not a problem, and don't worry, much more is needy to make me give up! I know i can do much better, coz if i couldn't, i would be proud of this track, and i am not! Thanks again man! ^^
- Thank you Tonik_91! I apreciate you nice comment! Glad you liked the whole traclk! Thanks! ^^
- Thanks Crawdaddy79! your comment made me happy! I apreciate! thx
- haha! Thnaks a lot [n]Disasta[/b] for the kind comment! I am happy to know you enjoyed! Thans a lot dude^^
-Hey! Thank you very much Bruno333 for the awasome comment! I am glad you likethis map so much! Btw: this is one of my worst intro, i made it in 15 mins, and i m not realy proud of it.... however! Thanks a lot man!
  iQue | tm2 12-Jan-2007
Wahow Virus! Awesome screenie! Can't try the track though, have to get TMU first
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 13-Jan-2007
ahhh shit just 1 award for you isn't nothing fair, virus.
  Virus721 (TM Break) 13-Jan-2007
mmmmm, one of my worst records: 2 / 41 dlds
  Markus... 13-Jan-2007
that`s realy hard Virus
i cant understand why there only 2 `s ???
  TimeBreaker 13-Jan-2007
yeah 2 /40 is really not much, but many people are not registered so they can dowload, but not award n comment the track ..
  Virus721 (TM Break) 13-Jan-2007
Yes you are right guys, but the most part of the downloads are from registered users i think! But some of them dob't have the time to leve feedbacks, other can't speak english, or a little bit, others are just lazy, and others are too stupid and selfish to comment the maps they try...
  PapyChampy 20-Jan-2007
Well... I really hesitated to give an award or not for this one...

I've chosen not to award the track, although it's a really good race, and on top of that for a first stadium track.

The problem is that I can't bear those camera shakings during the loops and wallrides... IMO I think that this ruins all the track.

I fully understand that it what done for realistic reasons... but I can't stand it.

Then the checkpoints respawns often do'nt work...

Apart from this the track is well design, maybe a little bit difficult.

Sorry for not awarding this
  Virus721 (TM Break) 21-Jan-2007
Hey! no problem PapyChampy! I also enjoy feedbacks to tell what to improve!^^ Thx to you too man!
  TimeBreaker 21-Jan-2007
yeah the camshakes are not funny
  Djoszee 22-Jan-2007
What papyChampy wrote up there ^^^^

The track is perfect, but the MT ingame just ruins the track

  Virus721 (TM Break) 22-Jan-2007
Well... in my opinion, little camera effects can't ruin such a big work...
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User Awards
Showing 11 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   pitstep 12-Jan-2007
great track virus
nice wallriding layout offroad
very nice intro-outro
User Award   Markus... 13-Jan-2007
i agree with Master_Track it isnt fair
i downloaded the track earlier that morning but i tryed it now
awesome speedmap
i like the tricky fast corners and woot the hell?...i thought all the time i need a wasnt was the great idea from you to put such a nice MTwork in this track to let all think...holy s*** the ruins sink...waaaaaaaaah
sweet intro
a lot of fun to play your track
all over i see much nice buildet parts and it makes your track amazing flowing
This one deserves tons of `s
he maniacs sattle down and ride for your life, download this masterpiece and show what you`ve got!!!

realy a very very awesome map, cant say it enough..

get your 2nd. and i hope to see much more of this here
keep up the good job
User Award   TimeBreaker 13-Jan-2007
wow superb, virus

screenie: looks superb, awesome , love the text color and the water effect, amazing
intro: not bad, took some time for the letters
ingame mt: well not much, just the cam on that one quarterpipe
outro: very nice work here many interesting cams

the track is great
its stadium 40 secs long, and fullspeed
really love the style and the loops n wallrides are nice work
and the road parts are always fast and not boring
the final part , which is offfroad, is superb i love it , very easy but fun to drive

its such a shame that my award is only the 3rd one
this just shows again that the awarding system is kinda buggy because unknown authors/tracks really should get more attention (showcase seems to be not enough )

so heres my award, hope its not the last one for thi track

User Award   s8ndm8n 13-Jan-2007
Great track Virus

Love the natural flow, nice understated scenery and a very cool outro

- I'm a stadium noob and I really learned a lot from this track. Thanks
User Award   smok3y 13-Jan-2007
Glad I searched around and tried this map....
Actually a pity I hadd to search around...this should have been showcased..its such a wonderful new idea and concept...
But hey Virus...don't let that get you down...we don't give up m8
We make more and more maps till we hit the bulls eye......yeaaaa!!!

The screenie sets the pace right..very beautiful
This is splendid work..the design is awesome....
The speed is superb and challenging....
The flow is outstanding....
The wallride/loop transitions into and out of are superbly done.....
The offroad section has been kept at just the right moment and the right length
The MT work is kool and sweet
Keep on making 'em are a brilliant mapper
~ ~
User Award   Tonic 15-Jan-2007
Nice track
Great wallrides and loops.
Nice MT.
Great flow.
Nice offroad part.
Great scenery.
Awesome screenie.
Great for online.
More awards !
User Award   [ATP]Crawdaddy 15-Jan-2007
It's a good track. I like the intro - simple and easy to watch.

All in all the track is very solid, very clean. The outro is nice.
User Award   MasterDisaster 20-Jan-2007
Great work here Virus my friend ^^
Your stadium skills are really cool..i remember my first one and it was totally crap (You still can download it from TMN )
Anyway..great speed and impressive flow
Nice MT
Great work here dude

User Award   -bruno333- 21-Jan-2007
Great track virus!
One of the best stadium tracks ever!
Awesome speed!
Cool intro!
Nice outro!
I like cameras in outro!
Realy good outro!
MT= 10/10
User Award   Master_Track (TMBreak) 16-Apr-2007
Promise #4
But... if it's great!
Why 9 awards??
Not fair guys!!!
Super stadium!!!
The atlantis idea suits on perfectly, great intro and outro. The ingame MT don't bother me
superb ideas (well, you repeated the loop+wallie but no prob), i liked the track, anyway some CPs don't work (virus, you are very professional, why that mistake?)

Great one, going to try the others!
User Award   Nim 06-Dec-2009
Great map!
nice ideas, fun to drive and not that hard!
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