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Track Name
Name: Falling Leaves
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   KiWiNiNjA
Version: 21-Jul-2008
Released: 21-Jul-2008
TMX id: 865528
LB Rating: 44,201
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Rally
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0:36.20   Zooz+ 0:00.0044,201
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0:36.48   hyp+ 0:00.2842,150
0:37.01   'Q'+ 0:00.8138,267
0:37.99   Acid+ 0:01.7931,087
0:38.10   Hawis.ism+ 0:01.9030,281
0:38.10   Nym+ 0:01.9030,281
0:38.30   KiWiNiNjA+ 0:02.1028,816
0:38.34   »der.Hund+ 0:02.1428,523
0:38.68   smok3y+ 0:02.4826,032
0:38.70   rad+ 0:02.5025,885
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Author Comments

I'm back again with another RALLY!!
My 30th track on TMU.

This time its a little more mainstream than my last one. Still tech, but not as hard and not as long as my last one.

EDIT: OK, it looks like it isn't as easy as I thought.
Difficulty upped to EXPERT.

TIP: If you try taking the corner before the jump to fast, then you aren't going to make the jump. Ease off, and you will make it comfortably, then you can try and perfect it on your following laps.

I based the track around the landing you can see in the screenshot. For some, this could be tricky, but most people should be able to land it most times. It is also the only jump in the whole track, another change from my last track. Again I have tried to use some Forever blocks, using the s-bend elevated piece I did in Evergreen, and a big sweeping dirt downhill to add to the fence ramp. The result is a tech map that also has speed, that will probably be appealing for a wider audience than previous tracks. I hope you like it.

Coppers: 1463
Mood: Sunset

Author Time: 38.30
Medals: 39.00 40.00 42.00

GPS not needed

Feedback is always welcome. I don't mind criticism so don't be shy.
More importantly, please upload a replay. No time is too slow.

Also, if you enjoy rally then please visit The Rally Connection, and lets revive the Rally LB.


User Comments
Showing 19 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  KiWiNiNjA 21-Jul-2008
Thanks for the Awards

_The_Killer, thanks for the quick one
Acid, I liked your comments. I suppose I have to realise that those curves only flow well for the fast guys.
trackracer11, haha, cheers.
Shok, short 'n sweet
Ignition, thanks. And I suppose you are right, it is EXPERT.
  kevin916 21-Jul-2008
i don't like the jump seen in the screen, everything else would be nice
  KiWiNiNjA 21-Jul-2008
Yeah, it can be a bit tricky. Thats why I fiddled with the CP that comes before it, so as to make it respawnable for those who miss the jump first time. I feel every map has to have such a point, one that makes you come back to try and perfect it. I had trouble nailing it at first, but I can get it every time now. You just have to to the previous corner reasonably well.

Thanks for your comment, kevin.
  Razor. 21-Jul-2008
That jump kills the race for me

I can't handle to get it mate, I'm not good enough at that dirt-rally-tech.
  KiWiNiNjA 21-Jul-2008
Originally posted by KiWiNiNjA in his Author Comment ...
This time its a little more mainstream than my last one.............The result is a tech map that also has speed, that will probably be appealing for a wider audience than previous tracks. I hope you like it.

or maybe not.

Thanks for the comment, Razor.
I didn't realise it was so hard.
  MeFFF 21-Jul-2008
Hmmm very Hard to drive for Keyboard players. And then setting the Medal Times like this .... is just rubbish. I am not that far away from a Gold Medal, but i got just bronze. Not so Maintreamly ... -.-
Sorry but this one is a bit to hard, also for online.
  KiWiNiNjA 21-Jul-2008
Hmmm, I find it boring when medals are so far apart that you get GOLD on the first run. Thats why I set them like that.

I am a keyboard player and I get that jump 90% of the time. I suppose it just shows how much of a tech freak I have become. I thought it was easy, and it looks like it is anything but....

Thanks for the comment and the time.
  'Q' 21-Jul-2008
I don't see what the problem should be here.

Anyone not able to make the jump is driving rally completely wrong. And that 90° mud turn is rally basics and one of the first things you should master. Here's a quick tip: rally, much like other forms of racing, is all about exit speed and to maximize that, you should:

- brake EARLY, BEFORE you start turning in... you should take turns at full throttle... braking mid-turn is one of the worst things you can do but it's the most common mistake people make.. yes, you may fly past the ghost if you brake late but a second later that very same ghost will go whistling past you because of the higher exit speed

- another tip for braking in rally: you can keep the throttle pushed while you're on the brake... it will make your car much more stable and it will allow you to turn slightly without losing control even while braking hard... there are very few situations on your average rally track that would require you to lift throttle... long story short: 100% throttle all the time, even when braking

- use every inch of the road - get on the outside before entering, turn in, shaving the apex, and run as wide as possible on the exit (well, DO stay off the grass)

- turn smoothly, avoiding drifts at all cost... meaning rapid short presses of the keys on KB or very constant minimal input on the pad/joystick/wheel

Once you start doing it right, not only will you make the jump, you'll jump over the whole ramp and almost land on the grass. If you absolutely can not make the turn, respawn at the checkpoint and just take it full throttle, your speed will be perfect and as long as you don't slide off, you'll make it with ease.
  MeFFF 21-Jul-2008
Sounds Nice in the theoria, but it isn´t that simple Mr. Q. I also wait to see how you would explain this to all online players, who fail on the map.
We are a bit more experienced then the mainstream players are. And Q you can say, that we all drove it wrong, but it won´t change anything. We did it like you exampled in your therory there, but thats the best we are able to do. So now your theory isn´t that perfect anymore, because not everyone is able to fullfil it completly, because we are man not machines. Get That ?!

I´m better thinking how could the Map being improved on that hard Jump without changing it completly....

  Ignition 21-Jul-2008
I hate comments like Q´s - because if I m good in something, everthing seems to be easy. Most of the guys have problems with the first jump and so the result is, that only a few very good rally drivers will have their fun with this track. I don´t know, how many tries I had before I gave up - this jump is almost to hard for my skills.

  'Q' 21-Jul-2008
Sorry for offending half the community

My intention was to give some tips about driving rally in general.
  Acid 21-Jul-2008
No probs for me here Q. I like your Tips. No reason to get mad at anyone here.
MY point of view:
I am not complaining about the jump (as an example) being not drivable. I'm KB player which i still think
is in rally a bit harder to handle as Pad or Wheel, Stick or whatever ... and the jump is and was never the problem.
It's just that the style is not my taste. It should be imo more flowy and with that more community friendly. Sure
you can make tech although not everyone will like it but this passenge doesnt't quite fit here. Those Tips you gave fo Driving in Rally
in general are great, Thx alot Always glad to get sth taught by pro's the problem is only that for you (i don't know if you're pad,wheel or stick or whatever driver) it seems
easy to not slide and get the stuff right. But some people my get offended (for whatever reason) when you tell 'em that everything
is simply easy and drivable for anyoe once you understand those basic rules you mentioned. I myself think it would be very hard to
brake and full throttle while curving at the same time with a Keyboard ... It's just not that important if you get my drift ...
  KiWiNiNjA 22-Jul-2008
Nice tips 'Q'

About the 90 degreee turns to jump and bridge.
You have to get them right at as higher speed possible in order to get a good time. Thats the idea of tech for me. I know a lot of people like easier tech, but I make it like that anyway. Come to think of it, I suppose this could have never been mainstream to start with. I am not a mainstream builder.

  rad 22-Jul-2008
I think that it is not difficult, unless the new players who are not able to properly enter in a turn. On this track if only knows how to enter in a turn and speed to keep it simple. Advice which wrote Q are good, but are not as useful as experience.

Sorry for my english, I used translator ;d
  Hawis.ism 22-Jul-2008
Check out my replay KW...I am not sure if its a cut, but it helps me for next tight corner, where I dont have to brake and can easily turn and still have enough speed for that, like others say "hard screenie jump". If You drive it like me...its not hard at all.

  Zooz 23-Jul-2008
Or look at how I do it, because of the rocky ground around there you don't have to stay on the road, just don't hit the trees and you're fine.
  KiWiNiNjA 23-Jul-2008
Yeah, I understand.

I'm not sure if that is a cut. I was aware of such a route, maybe if you get lucky then its faster, but the unsmoothness of the route surely negates the time gained.

Thanks for the comment. I actually do it that way more times than not, I'm just not as good a driver as you.
  Zooz 23-Jul-2008
Oh, I think i know what cut you're talking about (haven't checked the replay). I used it too at first, but in the end the normal way was faster. I got 36.6x with the cut. It's easier though, since you don't have to brake at that turn.
  smok3y 27-Jul-2008
zoOz got a crazy time yet again
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 12 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  The_Killer 21-Jul-2008
WoW Way to go Kiwi was super fun to play on !
  Acid 21-Jul-2008
What should i say ? Principally a cool Track but plz don't use thos 90°
Forest-Curves again. And then onto a bridge ? Dude you can't built that
You are a KB player too i guess you should know how stupid to drive and how
unsmooth and unflowy that is. Well the rest was kind of cool although it's mainly
some flowing tech with some abrupt curves and tunells in it. But i liked it a bit better
than your last Rally-tech-Track and that Jump in the Screen -> I liked it, so go on mapping


  trackracer11 21-Jul-2008
This was a super rally track that for me, it was possible to finish. (Pandora's Box drove me crazy.) Good job!
  Shok 21-Jul-2008
hehe cool one kiwi XD
Like always, our maps rock!
  Ignition 21-Jul-2008
Although this track is to hard for me I will award it, because it is very well mapped (that there is a part which is to much for me does not matter), it has a clear layout, a nice scenery and the mt - work is well done.

For all who complain about this track - it has an expert ranking and so nobody should wonder if it´s sometimes more then hard to do!
  rad 22-Jul-2008
Very good, fast, tech and smooth track! It isn't too hard on keyboard
  Hawis.ism 23-Jul-2008
I am not really tech maniac in rally, but something make me like this track.
its short
Its has good idea
Its challenging
Its fun

i like it


  breach 23-Jul-2008
Fun track... not one of your best rally tracks but definatley nice... hard jump (bet you heard that one by now Simple, tricky and fun...

Thanks to 'Q' for explaining som rally tequniques. Useful for a rally noob like me

// breach
  Hubby 25-Jul-2008
Very good and indeed a very hard rally techy track

I still can't get that jump you see in the screenie
Alot of hard 90° turns which makes it very hard to control your car
But still it's alot of fun trying to find the right line here
Great MT work
Cool scenery

Good job mate
  Wallaby 25-Jul-2008
I read the comments , and must say..
I'm a bad rallydriver xD
Especially such kind of tracks..
But I think Expert isn't right , because this track is only training... , Everybody is able to finish it....
I'm one of these guys which dont give up after 5 minutes...
I needed for some tracks over 3-4h (or more...yes!) in one piece(with something to eat^^) to finish undulated by tmjonas....
But it's really only training..
And I think Q's tip was very helpful for me to post a time under 40.00

To the track:
Nice Courves
Great Jump
Nice Scenery
Good Screenshot
Nice forWr hunting
I think , for online it is made too
Nice mt work

Rating: 8.5 / 10
  smok3y 27-Jul-2008
Now thats what i call a real neat rally map
Super work NiNjA
This is really a lot of fun
It is easy for slow pokes
It is awesome for pro racers
The layout works marvelously here
Nice curves, tight turns, a nice fair amount of dirt racing

This track really had me for a good 3 days trying to reach the gold medal time
Im learning quickly, rally is my fav. and i want to learn rally tech maps
this was great practice and im sure with more practice i will improve
Loved it a lot
  AcidCreeper 28-Jan-2009
wow what a great track. the scenery is awesome.

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