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Track Name
Name: Babes in Paradise
Pack: Babes!
By:   iRoC
Version: 18-Jul-2008
Released: 18-Jul-2008
TMX id: 858777
LB Rating: 58,157
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:48.60   Barto+ 0:00.0058,157
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0:48.85   andresaguado+ 0:00.2556,362
0:49.58   MaB+ 0:00.9851,121
0:49.59   osna+ 0:00.9951,049
0:49.71   Vincent+ 0:01.1150,187
0:49.79   Acid+ 0:01.1949,613
0:49.92   DaKKoN+ 0:01.3248,679
0:49.94   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:01.3448,536
0:50.03   tyzz+ 0:01.4347,889
0:50.06   breach+ 0:01.4647,674
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Author Comments

The Babes are back! This time Sophie and Kate from London are trying to drive a demo-style island track

Intro: Yes (introducing the babes)
Ingame: Yes (watch the babes driving)
Outro: Yes (without babes)
Other stuff: Babe pictures (you may have to reload the track after the first run to see all the pictures)

Author time: 49.91

Have fun with the babes!

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User Comments
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  iRoC 18-Jul-2008
thx Edge (I didn't hit the sign... maybe I'm too slow )
thx DaKKoN for your loooong award (my nick doesn't mean "I rock", it's just the name of the prototype of the new Volkswagen Scirocco... )
thx Acid for your detailed and long comment
thx Mr.Brow for your awesome award
thx Ignition
thx TaBle
thx MeFFF
thx Vincent
thx breach (my next island track will be better for pad drivers )
thx rad
thx SkunkY
thx NOS ^^
thx Hesh
thx MaB
thx B®aad
thx lol_warum__
thx Gran sakumat: hardarm
thx XdaC
  Edge 18-Jul-2008
Hmm, whatever..that doesn't matter....i really like this track
  Acid 18-Jul-2008
really want to upload my award but ...

A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (_ctl3:GetComment="...ard ... (<<<) ...").

What the hell ? ^^
  DaKKoN 18-Jul-2008
Well can't you read m8?!? It says you're a potential danger!! And I think they're right. I mean with your driving skills you end up either in jail (speeding, jeoperdizing the community) or in a coffin...
  Acid 18-Jul-2008
LoL yeah propably ... Or under a bridge But
seriously why can't i upload that award it's a good one

EDIT: It finally worked. I know what was wrong although it is weird
I've put this "<<" and the same thing afterwards in the other direction.
Then i doesn't woek for some reason. Maybe it thinks it's a HTML Code
or somethingi don't well. Well now it worked so that's fine
  DaKKoN 18-Jul-2008
You stay a danger...

Haha soz m8, I was asking meself that for a while now But I have to say, that's gonna be THE MOST AWESOME VW ever build!!! Damnz it's so pretty it doesn;t even look like a VW (which is good^^)
  [CMC]Zeo 20-Jul-2008
This track is nothing good for pad players, sometimes we're just too fast.... Sry, can't award. Buggy and unpredictable beginning, shitty jumps out of tunnels.... nothing for me
  iRoC 21-Jul-2008
No problem... I hope you like my next tracks more
  MeFFF 21-Jul-2008
Maybe Zeo´s problem sit´s in front of his monitor
And I don´t know wich track he had driven.... This one hasn´t "shitty Jumps"
  [CMC]Zeo 21-Jul-2008
MeFFF you know too little about life For example that white ramp one after one of tunnels - ugh, horrible
  Vincent 21-Jul-2008
Well, at first it feels a bit bumpy - until you learn how to drive it correctly. But then it´s just great!

It´s true that you can hit the girl´s best parts when jumping out of the first tunnel, but that´s no real problem, because some air control is just part of the game.
  MeFFF 22-Jul-2008
Definitely in front of your monitor ....
  rad 23-Jul-2008
Maybe Zeo cannot end the track ;d
  [CMC]Zeo 23-Jul-2008
I finished it if you want to know -_- I was even trying to set new WR, but that tunnel-white ramp section is so f*****g strange...
  smok3y 28-Jul-2008
Hey Zeo is right dudes - this map doesnt play well for pad players who can do it no slide - the jumps are always overshot when running no slide, so please dont go hitting against him
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User Awards
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  Edge 18-Jul-2008
Heh, the babes are back!!

Wow, very nice track,
i love the startpart...very innovative!
Great mix of slide and noslide, very nice jumps and a great finish!!!
Only one hit the babessign after the first tunnel if you are too fast...but whatever...
all in all a great track!!
Well done!!!

Great intro!!
  DaKKoN 18-Jul-2008
Hehe those bitches...
You sure make 'm look good!!
My personal fav. is the redhead with her shiny round ass which is i.... Oh wait this isn't a bikini-contest and I;m no judge... So it wasn;t needed for me to look them all up on cam7 and judge them?? Hmm bummer.. Ah well participating on the real deal would be so many times sweeter anywyaz^^

Now back to topic. I this tack for 2 and a lot reasons. 1st is the start! Awesome. Then the tracks a little dissapointing, cause such a creative start and then just demo-style... But once I got over that I felt the rush of driving it flawless and it turned out to be more then a start and crap. It;s a start and a cool track after AND hot babes to look @. There you got reason 2^^ The other reasons are the rest of the babes
Hehe I think it is a good thing I'm gonna spend my vacation in the south of France with a villa on the beach with my own swimming-pool^^ All the babes in this tracks are invited Lol I;m drifting off again.

A solid racer with some tight places. I'm not a fan of the tunnel you need to jump over right before the finish. If you look @ my replay, you know why, cause I wuld have beaten the AT (by 0.01-0.1) if it weren't for that "lucky" spot^^


ps one question, is your nick an ego-booster??? As in everytime you read it you read I ROCK!!!??
Or am I interperting it the wrong way??
  Acid 18-Jul-2008

Great another babes Track They rock ... well the Tracks and the babes ^^
Flying trough the air while watching some of those pics ... why not ? What
would you want more. Espacially if it's such an awesome Track. I really
enjoyed it. It's not too hard and still fun as hell.
Actually got the AT after a few runs. Pretty challenging with KB but fun fun fun ... yes
indeed. The Start sections are jusr freakin great Very craetive and smooth. Although
great Flow throughout the whole track. Some huge JUmps and Drops you are
surprisingly very very smooth and fit perfect into the Track flow. Really great Ideas
and great Execution. Well built, well timed and fun --> Had to be awesome. MT is like
in all of your Tracks amazing actually. Lots of work put into ... i think at least ^^ hehe
Intro is cool, GPS .. good ... Outro Freakin rocks, veery smooth cams .. looks
awesome. And then the Funny ride with the girls again. You always get new Ideas
about letting them talk a whole lot of crap xD *giggle* Very fun thw whole thing.
Hope this one won't get underrated. I love your Babe Series and would be glad if more
would follow ... and i hope they will OK this is getting a bit longer now so just this:

Greeeeeeeeeeeat Wooooooooork duuuuuuuude Props and beers

> <

  Mr.Brow 18-Jul-2008
Awesome Speed
Awesome Jumps
Awesome Roads
Awesome Babes
Awesome Offroad
Awesome Tunnels
Awesome Transitions
Awesome MT
Awesome Track
Big from me

  Ignition 19-Jul-2008
The only thing I can say about this track ---> 9,90 of 10.00 points.

great starting section
very nice and fair layout
ideal speed
high funfactor
wonderful mt work

All in all a very well deserved >>>>><<<<<
  TaBle 20-Jul-2008
cool track
very funny gps^^
  MeFFF 21-Jul-2008
I like this one, it is driveable with Keyboard too. The Jumps are nicely calculated, The MT work is nice too. The outro is well done but don´t keeps the quality of rest of the MT Work. But the rest is pure fun, and derserves an from me as well.
  Vincent 21-Jul-2008
Very innovative track design with an extremely cool start section - furious applause!!

The many alternate routes for faster players make it an extra challenge. Great work!
  breach 21-Jul-2008
I award when i had a good time and i had a good time on this track, even though i find alot of imo flaws in it ... I am a pad driver so i drive this one no-slide. And that first tunnel jump is just to not very padfriendly... i hit Dakkons (redhead with round heiny) dreamgirl right in the a** but if i let go of the throttle just a sec it´s just fine
The next tunnel is the same deal... i go to fast out of the tunnel and land in the middle of the jump .. but let go again and i clear that next hill just fine the drop to the tunnelroof is just allright and the the ride on the beach... nice one ... the hardest part of this track is nailing the left finnishline... i just can´t make it

i spent like an hour or so on this track and i dont normally drive solomode that long... maybe it´s just the *cough*sceenery*cough*

Fun track..

// breach
  rad 23-Jul-2008
LooL Great idea and track. Very pleasant to ride speedtrack, possible with these images . Super intro but GPS / ride with babes is the best
  SkunkY 27-Jul-2008
Oh lovely babes here.
Beautiful intro.
Funny "ride with the babes".
The track is also nice. Really like the start jump through hangar.
Unfortunetly some jumps are too short, have to leave gas at some places.
Other than that fun ride and awesome signs.
  smok3y 28-Jul-2008

The babes are damn hot this time
Super sweet
Super sized titties
Lovely legs

And the map is awesome as well
Super no slide map except for maybe one spot
Lovely jumps
A bit short for no sliders - i over jumped a few areas easily without even pushing too hard
If i pushed hard ill be all over the map
So it plays well for people who slide but not for people who can do a nice no slide
But none the less it still is a lovely map
  Hesh 01-Aug-2008
This first time I played through this track my time was over two minutes. However, something kept drawing me back to keep driving and get a better time. I think it was the curves. Your tracks always have great curves. The scenery just draws you in.

Seriously though:

Another great track! Love the babes. The track has great speed and airtime. I enjoyed driving this and look forward to the next in this series. I take it the babes will be going skiing next?

Great track. Thanks again for bringing humor into Trackmania!
  MaB 12-Aug-2008
Good track!! I can remember I liked it , but I have forgotten specific details cause server has been down for a week or so. (I can however remember the crashable jump towards the back of a babe ) .
  Braadje 30-Aug-2008
Nice ideas
better than the others

  osna 06-Sep-2008
nice track

i like the start very much
the jump after the 1st tunnel is not that good but ....
the rest of the track is good
AND you got the babes in it

23/ O$NA
  -' Hardy 14-Sep-2008
  XdaC 24-May-2013
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