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Name: La Côte d'Azur
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   _fuumaster
Version: 17-Jul-2008
Released: 17-Jul-2008
TMX id: 857813
LB Rating: 24,195
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Coast
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1:08.35   TIGR+ 0:00.0024,195
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1:09.11   _fuumaster+ 0:00.7622,580
1:10.50   R.A.J.+ 0:02.1519,628
1:11.18   [CMC]Figos+ 0:02.8318,184
1:12.19   RacerBest+ 0:03.8416,039
1:12.22   MasterGary+ 0:03.8715,975
1:12.55   MiniGod+ 0:04.2015,274
1:13.46   ETS+ 0:05.1113,341
1:16.93   Hesh+ 0:08.585,971
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Author Comments

Welcome to La Côte d'Azur,
I worked for a very long time on that new track from me. Nearly all techniques are in this track included and i think with the great informations from the Beta-Testers i build a real nice Coast-map.
Informations about the track:
Authortime: 1.09.43
Coppers used: 3968
MediaTracker: -Intro
-a real great GPS
an bigger Screenshot you can find here
A big thanks to the Beta-Testers :
-and some more

Note: Please upload your Personel Besttime whenever you can !


Thanks for awarding this great track:
-ODS, thank you for your great report
-MiniGod, thank you for your coment, yes it's right that it can be frustrating , but the first version of this track was much more difficult and luckier . So i think i've found the best solution.
-DrZuckerbrot, thank you too. I'm surprised why you say only things to that great intro .
-WaKluk, thank you for this. Yes i needed nearly 3h to drive all ghosts
-TIGR, thank you and realy nice time!!!, for me is only 1.08 middle possible i think nice one
-R.A.J.(he awarded it in the online version )
-Shunky, thank you
-RacerBest, thx for your

User Comments
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  ODS 17-Jul-2008
I forgot nice Sreenshot

  _fuumaster 17-Jul-2008
I'm surprised, why nobody is saying anything to the GPS . From the Beta-Tester was the first answer mostly that the GPS is so great . I don't know if you have seen it. If not take a look on it pls . You will like it.
  ODS 17-Jul-2008
lol was den mit meinem Kommentar
Kow pong
  _fuumaster 18-Jul-2008
sry übersehn
  MasterGary 24-Jul-2008
Screenie is nice, but...

Sorry, but no award for me...

GPS is not a GPS... the cams don't really show the way imo

As to the track, it's not bad... but the problem is that if you make a little mistake (a little slide, let off the throttle 0.1sec too long, ...) you crash/land unsmooth
The track is so precisely calculated that it is fun when doing a (nearly) perfect run... but if you make errors, it's not fun
  _fuumaster 25-Jul-2008
Yes thats right mastergary, but i'm a perfekt coast driver and i made only such tracks . I can't make simple tracks.
And to the GPS , i tried to made something new. I know that it is more an outro than an intro but its more impressive i think. At first i made a normal GPS but it was borig so i made this one . And normally you don't need a GPS i think.
Thank you for your critic , i like people who say the truth.
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User Awards
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  ODS 17-Jul-2008
German :

Wundervoll erbaute Coast Map
Sehr viel wert auf die Umgebung gegeben.
Die MT Arbeit ist einfach super.
Nice Intro - Viele viele Skins
GPS - Gut gemacht mit den verschiedenen Cams.
Ist schon fast ein Replay

für den MT
für die Ideen
für die Umsetzung
für den Expert Level

Diese Map gehört in den Showcase
Testen lohnt sich für Coast Liebhaber

Dicken von mir für diese Map

English :

Wonderfully Coast builds map
Very much worth on the environment given.
The MT work is simply super.
Nice Intro - many many Skins
GPS - Well made with the different Cams.
Is already nearly a Replay

for the MT
for the ideas
for the conversion
for the Expert level

this map belonged in the Showcase
tests is worthwhile itself for Coast lover
Thicknesses: award: of me for this map

  MiniGod 17-Jul-2008
Simply an awesome coast track! Though its a little bit frustrating if you play it too often. Maybe thats just because its a while since i last played coast.
Anyway, a big for the intro. It looks awesome! And scenery (or however you write it) ain't too bad at all either. The track itself is of course the the thing that made me write this award.. Awesome track deserves a well deserved award ;D
(screeny is nice too;))
  DrZuckerbrot 17-Jul-2008
Hehe, you should have seen the big smile on my face when I watched the Intro!
Very nice Idea and perfectly executed - That alone deserves a big

The track itself is pretty good - although the combo in the middle can be a little frustrating....and I still couldnt make it after at least 10 times, very advanced part (or not my Coast day today )

Another big from me for the scenery. One can see that you paid a lot of attention to it and put a lot of work in it. Something I really admire and always try to achieve in my own tracks. Your offroad part is a great example - I hate nothing more than a plain square offroad part - It feels like your in the editor or driving an unfinished track and most of the times spoils the whole picture.
You on the other hand put nice road parts left and right and embedded this part perfectly into the whole scenery. Most people don't know how long it takes to build a really good looking offroad part!

And the Outro features some pretty nice cams. Intro, Track itself and Outro are well combined, one fits to the other.
The only thing that doesnt fit the track at all imho is the music you chose. It would match TrumpCardII or something like that - it's way to epic for the "Cote d'Azur".
  Baemb 17-Jul-2008
I have test() this track and I think:

wooooow very nice work Xaorn!

I like:
-MediaTracker (Intro, GPS, Outro)
-The Track

OKOK, the whole file is awesome. xDD

sayyes nickbamb
  WaKluk 17-Jul-2008
oh man, That intro was one of the best i ever seen.
Great GPS idea.
Track was awesome 2 ofc

  Ned37 19-Jul-2008
Great track xaorn; very technical, i like the music
  Hesh 20-Jul-2008
The intro/outro and GPS are great. The track is well designed with good scenery. To say this track is unforgiving is an understatement.
  TIGR 20-Jul-2008
Great track and great work too!
Really exciting to drive coast with this music
Intro and GPS are very good too!
  FGP.Ghost 21-Jul-2008
nice track
  Braadje 05-Aug-2008
wonderfull track
cool music
nice MT work
awesome screeny

  SkunkY 18-Aug-2008
Well, I havent played this version yet but the online version was a lot of fun so.. get your award.
  R.A.J. 19-Aug-2008
Awarded the online version,
so here you go for this one
Great map,
Great MT..

  RacerBest 01-Aug-2009
Awesome Coast and great MT.

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