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Track Name
Name: Diablo Act 1
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Nibor
Version: 11-Jul-2008
Released: 11-Jul-2008
TMX id: 849271
LB Rating: 50,843
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:11.82   Barto+ 0:00.0050,843
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:12.18   eyebo.wp+ 0:00.3649,314
1:12.50   rad+ 0:00.6847,955
1:12.74   Fran_de_Kler+ 0:00.9246,935
1:13.03   osna+ 0:01.2145,703
1:13.25   Amit»LT+ 0:01.4344,769
1:13.40   Trek+ 0:01.5844,132
1:13.43   Dengel+ 0:01.6144,004
1:14.68   Chaldan+ 0:02.8638,695
1:14.71   Dag@bert+ 0:02.8938,567
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments


Env. Island
Mood: Day
Coppers: 2917

Trackdesign: Robin
Mediatracker: Nibor

Thank you for downloading - and please on TMX if you like be continued

User Comments
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  Nibor 11-Jul-2008
Thx turbo_n1oob - fast
Thx Dengel - don´t worry - great Time
Patbend - nice comment
axel07 - nice comment
Kendar - pretty comment - working on better MT
Fran_de_Kler - great time
nikotin <<< - nice comment - go and practice Island
lol_warum - next time we´ll change the cam
xgt1 - glad you like it
XmasTree - nice comment
Lowfly - great from as Stadium Pro. Thx
eybo - great time, too - amazing comment, thx
KleinPhilip - yes, music is
Mauri Thx - it´s along time ago to get an here...
  Fran_de_Kler 12-Jul-2008
@Nibor&Son: Thank you for dedication.

@Dengel: Wow for track time; double wow for first finish.
  -nikotin* 12-Jul-2008
I will give my replay later, cause i must practice the map
I am not very good in Island...
  patbend 12-Jul-2008
Congratulations Fran, great replay
My second replay is to fly off (pocket opening)
  Fran_de_Kler 12-Jul-2008
Show me your replay and I will show you my.
  Dag@bert 14-Jul-2008
amazing time Fran !
  Wallaby 16-Jul-2008
Sry but... ô_O
  eyebo.wp 19-Jul-2008
Sorry to take your WR Fran_de_Kler

You better take it back.
  Fran_de_Kler 19-Jul-2008
All right. The person with the best time get the WR,
not the person in the intro.

But I try to get it back.
  SkunkY 19-Jul-2008
Please don't force me to drive cam 1 after a loop or wallride.
I HATE cam 1.
  eyebo.wp 19-Jul-2008
This is eye opening to see several frustrated with being forced to use cam #1. This has me worried about a forthcoming track on which I forced people to use cam #1 some of the time. Egads! This isn't a problem for me since I default to Cam #1 when racing Island. Hmm... what to do, what to do...

Edit: I checked the MT on that forthcoming track. It's been so long since I did it I forgot that I only forced either Internal or Cam #2/Default (except for the PF). Is that alright to do that? It's tough to do in-game MT when everyone takes things at different speeds. Knowing how long to leave up the Internal cam can be challenging... if not impossible to get perfect. Setting a new trigger to go to Cam #2 makes things flow better. But will this upset the people who hate using Cam #1 and Cam #2 and ONLY race Internal. *sigh*

Fran_de_Kler - I'm sure you'll take the WR back in no time!
  SkunkY 25-Jul-2008
eyebo what you have to do is this:

you set the cam you want to, for example internal cam for a loop. and you set it for longer than you would actually need it (you can also set it to infinite). After the loop you place a new mt-trigger/mt-block but this time you dont add any cam at all. you just leave that mt-block empty. so when you drive through this empty mt-block all cams will be reset to default. so cam 1 players will go back to cam 1 and cam 2 players will go back to cam 2 automatically. and everybody is happy.
  Nibor 26-Jul-2008
Thx eyebo & SkunkY
...this will help me with the next MT Job

Pretty good explanation, thank you folks
  eyebo.wp 03-Aug-2008
Thanks SkunkY!!! That's very helpful!!!

June 3, 2010: lol, oh wow... amazing to see this map pop up in my "Tracks Of Interest" and read the comments where I didn't know how to do cams. How nostalgic. I had forgotten it was SkunkY that set me straight. Big thanks to you m8!!!
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User Awards
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  N1oob 11-Jul-2008
Nice Track,

i need second races to drive your time

I like it.
  Dengel 11-Jul-2008
hehe i even do it with my first finish !

nice track for online ! and u deserve more awards for testing/awarding.. i am sry that i gave u so less i will try to change that !

  patbend 11-Jul-2008
Good work Nibor and Robin
Track speed and tehnic, especially the final
The path is slippery seen of the sky
Good pleasant and young track
Good luck in Fran
  axeloo7 11-Jul-2008
the Track
good work for Robin and Nibor . Big for you

speed and tehnic Track . one Big for you

  Kendar 12-Jul-2008
Nice track mate!
I didn't feel my rhythm on the first few runs, but after a while, my heart started pumping as I approached the finish line. Oh - please make that last jump.... please.....
So an award for an exciting track!

The outro is pretty good, but seemed to lack variety. Most of the time the cam is linked to the target. And at first I didn't think you were using different FOV values, but you are - they're just used in a way where it was hard to notice - like looking straight down on the car.
Anyway - I see real improvement in your tracks. Keep up the good work.
  Fran_de_Kler 12-Jul-2008
Good track. No moments of pain.
Here is my .
  -nikotin* 12-Jul-2008
Great map! Lovely Speed and transitions! Nice ideas, too!
You have done a great job, Nibor!
The Beginning is very good, it is only a tunnel but you drive there fast,
I love that ^.^
The scenery is OK, but it xould be better & sometimes it is little bit bumpy....
But all in all you have done a good job.
And there is only one reason....

  osna 12-Jul-2008
nice track

it´s not hard to drive (i think)
got a good flow
i didn`t like the camera near the end (after the second loop)
but although

23/ O$NA
  Wraith 12-Jul-2008
getting better all the time
loved the build work well done
loved the end finish

  Xmastree 13-Jul-2008
Great Work there Nibor i liked this track.
didn't think i was gonna like it the first time i ran it.
but it grew on me. Well done my friend.
  Dag@bert 13-Jul-2008
^^ some nice ideas, but sorry, I can't drive with cam #1, I never trained that, I always play cam #2 ^^

I wanted to give you a better replay, but I lost my patience because of the cams, so you have only my 3rd run, sorry ...
  lowfly 17-Jul-2008
Nibor Robin

Thought for sure I awarded this already...hmmm
You guys are really becomeing awesome track builders

Not much of an Island fan... but love this one!
  eyebo.wp 19-Jul-2008
Yowzah! What an amazing masterpiece! Fun from start to finish!!!

You two make a great team!

What else is there to say in conclusion.... "Might as well jump. Jump!"
  Stoney 19-Jul-2008
nice 1 nibor
  F1 28-Jul-2008
Great speed track with well placed blocks -
  KleinPhilip 09-Sep-2008
Nice Track, hard to beat the author time
nice music
  Sffn Mauri 28-Jan-2009
Awesome Map leovely jumps speed and blocks
its overall pretty nicecool mt
i think this is one of your best
  Techno! 12-Aug-2009
  nick122020 15-Aug-2009
I like simple Island tracks - very nice
>><< for you man
  Hotsch 06-Oct-2009
Great Islander
Well calculated with amazing flow and speed!
Good job!
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