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Name: Holliday In
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Markus...
Version: 10-Jan-2007
Released: 10-Jan-2007
TMX id: 84291
LB Rating: 48,194
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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0:56.19   Zeref+ 0:00.0048,194
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0:56.27   MrZw1231+ 0:00.0847,782
0:56.45   pitstep+ 0:00.2646,856
0:56.62   LoKo+ 0:00.4345,981
0:57.00   |GuM|Tony+ 0:00.8144,025
0:57.06   SkunkY+ 0:00.8743,717
0:57.18   MasterGary+ 0:00.9943,099
0:57.22   minuit+ 0:01.0342,893
0:57.28   renarda77+ 0:01.0942,584
0:57.31   *Garfovsky+ 0:01.1242,430
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Author Comments

my first stike in the Island Enviroment
i thought bevor i make my next stadium track i make some other enviroment tracks
this time it is a Island track with speed, jumps, speedjumps?! platform and i hope much fun for you all

a BIG THX to Mistral and all who was on Mistral`s serever to beta test my map and for that great pah...
i ment Amazing feedback, a big big big for you all!!!

hope you like it, it tooks me much hours to make the track smooth and sure playable for beginners and profs.
all CP`s work fine
and there is a route for beginners too (if you didnt reach the 1 platform) and its not that slower
much words for a little track...jepp i shut up

wait wait...Trackinfo`s???

enviroment: Island
style:hmm...maybe its on you crash or smooth speed
outro: dont shot me if its not the best, i was a virgin in making outros shame on me
coppers: 5415
authortime: 58.13 öhmm... i say it again: i think after 10 dl`s my time is broken

so what did you read here?
hurry your body in your car and drive into your Holliday`s

Have fun Maniacs

please give me some feedback to make my tracks in future better thx
and if you want place a time here
maybe an maybe....

User Comments
Showing 11 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Markus... 11-Jan-2007
Thx a lot for the feedback, your time and your

-[GSF]EDGE again a very sweet feedback and a cool thx for your time
-YS|Yake thx for your
-SnowMaster thx for giving me your and i think the time `ll come where you like the envir.
-smok3y you make me again speechless ..... the biggestbestawesomestsweetest awardcomment i`d ever read
wow m8 cant say much more than big THX to you for all...the feedback/the time and your and sure for helping me keep fair
-bachl m8 thx for giving me such a nice feedback and a good time and of course thx for your
-Modus thank you for your and yes i think so 2
-BreizhPunishers thank you for your
-Kev717 thanks for that superrrrrrrb feedback and your
-Mistral thank you so much for the beta test for your server for your feedback and for your and for the time you leaved there to give it me^^
-Andree again a superb comment and a sweet thank you so much
-RaVaGER thank you silvor for your sweet comment and your nice
-pitstep i love your feedback on any award you give, here too and thx for giving me your
-Trojaner m8 always with amazing sweet comments and wonderfull `s i wait for your next rocker
-JumperJackthanks m8 for such nice words and this preety nice and yes i think so 2
answer: at first it was a fault, then i thought it could be a good eyecatcher...maybe it worked
-gadget you`ve a very sweet feedback for me thank you, and thx for the 2
-Crawdaddy79 thx for your great comment and your niiiiice and yes sometimes we need some surprises like this or not?!
-Alex17 great comment and very nice thx for both
-drshark thank you for such a nice comment and compliment but i dont think it`s realy a good time from myown! oh...and thank you for your
-LoKo thx a lot for you fun comment and your and woot a time
-KEV Fan wow thank you for that sweet detailled comment and you nice and yes i think next time i`ll spend more time in MT
-[FoF] BionicWolf euhm...? thx a lot
-TimeBreaker woot...thank you for.. man what a nice comment and that 2 times?! and a big thx for your TB i missed it often 2 by the validation lol
-×SmoKin'× thank you for such a sweet feedback and
-T_Z_ thx a lot always with superb feedback and nice `s here
- Bye Tom i`m glad you like it...thx i`ve not that much time next few weeks because of work, sorry m8
-W@R thank you so much for this cool feedback and
-[ATP]HAVOC exellent comment and again m8
-neaera thx for the great words, sweet feedback and nice
-DaCheCker Whatt a superb and comment
-GuM|Tony thanks a lot for your cool comment + how the hell do you guy`s drive such times?? dont answer! i`ve the answer: i`m a big nooob

thx a lot i never thought i get that much awards for this one
  Markus... 11-Jan-2007
thanks for the try to helping me ORA
but i dont understand what should wrong there?
ok the intro can much better...i know
and i wont sound bigheaded but for my own i think the track is very smooth and fast all the ways!
some signs not that good placed but everyone who want to finish the track reach the finish!
i dont understand that you say such things against smok3y?! Every Maniac have another Flavior or not? no one can love all the tracks i make...that`s normal...but smok3y like my track like the others who downloaded it and gave me some feedback and awards
i`ll be the last who say: Hey F**** up if you dont have a good feedback for me
i`m happy for any feedback, if good or bad!
but not that way!!!!
  Markus... 11-Jan-2007
i know, but it sounds a bit like that
and i dislike it if any one say such words against friends of mine...
i like smok3ys awards and i think i`m not the only one...
he`s always fantastic in all words he write and any builder is get happy if he receive an award from smok3y and if its the only award so the builder have much fun to read his comments again and again!
he give the best awards all over in the complete TMXcommunity
and the best is he`s one who give awards to much underrated tracks and builders always, he give them what they deserve and that is the meaning of the TMX, give for what you like and not to receive a award too!

i`ll not miss such feedbacks and great comments!
i`m happy to read these comments no matter on wich track and no matter from wich builder!!!
that`s my meaning
  LoKo 13-Jan-2007
a nice 56 would be great
  TimeBreaker 13-Jan-2007
ora you shoudlnt criticize awardslength of other guys tracks..
  |GuM|Tony 15-Jan-2007
HAHAHA LOKO^^ But yes 56 is easy!!

MARKUS, the secret is the noslide^^
  LoKo 16-Jan-2007
ma vengeance sera terrible ^^
  Markus... 16-Jan-2007
no slide is difficult for me..`couse the rubber smells great
thx for the tip
  smok3y 16-Jan-2007
ORA is in a bad mood
I wonder what happened....he isn't normally like this
Anyways...ORA that aint the biggest wanna look at the awards I've given on maps from Andree and you'll fall off your chair...
So that's fine...Markus thnx a lot for stading up m8...but frankly leave the fighting to me I know i can convince ORA to think differently he is the sweetest guy ive know...he'll be fine soon
Aha I'm still in the top 10 WR times ....i think i'll have to try again...else i'll be out soon
  Markus... 29-Jan-2007
-Buchi woohooo gratz m8 and a big big thx for your lovely feedback and your nice after uploading it i thought the same sorry next `ll have more MTwork again
-Vincent thx alot for your sweet words and your nice
-*speedy* thank you for the great feetback and your realy nice and welcome
-Djoszee m8 thank you so much for you nice comment and sweet like that Intro? sorry Djo i hate it
-GanjaRider i´m glad you like it thank you for you sweet feedback and realy nice
-Windfux thank you for your nice words and your sweet
-HAWK_GER amazing feedback and thanks a lot
-DaKKoN great comments for me thank you man and for the cool too
-s8ndm8n sweet feedback and a great thank you m8 yeah tony and loko lol they show me how bad i am on this envir
-SkunkY thx a lot for that nice comment and sweet nice time btw. i hope i`ll get a run like this one time
-OLDA_X wow again a great feedback thank you OLDA and for the 2 of course
-Darth_Vader thank you for your short nice comment and
-Pjotr thx for you nice feedback and cool
  LoKo 05-Apr-2008
lol my online rec is better xD gogogo pit ^^
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User Awards
Showing 51 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  OLDA_X 01-Mar-2007
very likable track
good speed and smooth jumps
great design
awesome jump in finish
.... .... OLDA_X
  Darth_Vader 08-Mar-2007
Cool speed!!
Nice smooth jumps!!
Good design!!
  Pjotr 17-Apr-2007
Well this is speeeed
What a smooth jumps
Although not too difficult, getting a good time is part two
My is yours!
  Master_Track (TMBreak) 28-Apr-2007
well... I think you can do a lot better... the path is quite simple, but as the scenery is nice and I had fun, I award it
  Bare 06-May-2007
:O:O WOW This track really rocks
Nice smooth begining
Nice speed
Nice jumps
Nice everything
  Dengel 29-Aug-2007
played it online today ! was really fun ! the start part is a bit boring when u drive it online and try the first turn without slide, but after that it is really action + fun ! nice slide parts, no overboosting ! good
  Nibor 27-Apr-2008
  Razor. 01-Jun-2008
nice one
  Xmastree 15-Oct-2008
Nice track played it today on playpal Great job
  Frx ben75 22-Oct-2008
Nice track!
  FT»Shock! 15-Apr-2011
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