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Track Name
Name: Desert Lover
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Edge
Version: 28-Jun-2008
Released: 28-Jun-2008
TMX id: 830847
LB Rating: 40,748
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:57.03   Acid+ 0:00.0040,748
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:57.03   *Garfovsky+ 0:00.0040,748
0:57.22   ichirou+ 0:00.1939,933
0:57.25   Cayman»LT+ 0:00.2239,805
0:57.54   Bloody+ 0:00.5138,561
0:57.54   Fallout Boy+ 0:00.5138,561
0:57.65   X_Darkman_X+ 0:00.6238,090
0:57.83   allinz*on vacation*+ 0:00.8037,318
0:57.88   PPDA+ 0:00.8537,104
0:58.07   stevenamtaan+ 0:01.0436,289
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Author Comments

Hi all,
heres my new Deserttrack"Desert Lover"!!!
It's a fast run with some jumps,a little offroadpart and of course some new blocks.

Drive Backwards to visit the TrailFunZone.....i think it looks really nice if some players do it at the same time

Authortime is : 0:58.51
GPS : yes
MT : yes
Intro,Outro: yes

So, enjoy and have fun,


User Comments
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  Edge 28-Jun-2008
-thx- "[SRT] Stunt Pro ",i'll do my best
-thx- "Mikealange", no it's my second,so you tried to catch the ball?
-thx- "ys-tp>>ILLU", i'm glad you enjoyed the race
-thx- "XCS MappYnG", yes, i'm still a noob doing an outro,but i keep on trying
-thx- "Iken", for your really nice words..don't worry, i can't do it fullspeed too, but i'm sure some players can
-thx- "Mr.Brow" for your awesome award
-thx- "Cab", yes thats cause i'm too slow in driving desert, i try to do it better next time
-thx- "ichirou", heh thats exactly the reason why i did that littlew trailthingy
-thx- "frizbee", i'm glad you like the MTwork that much, i spent some time on it
-thx- "gadget", reading your award was highly enjoyable too
-thx- "Acid" for your great award, lol...KulaWorld...what a game!!
-thx- "pitstep",always a pleasur to get an award from you
-thx- "-RazoR-" for your nice words
-thx- "Lonnie" for your short but nice award
-thx- "cold-d" for your BIG award
-thx- "finfin" for awarding my track
-thx- "medina", i'm glad you liked my track
-thx- "T..." for your award....keep on trying
-thx- "quinxstar" for your SICK award
-thx- "NLpwf", i'm glad you had fun with this track
-thx- "ShoK" for your nice award
-thx- "Bloody", yea that was my goal... enjoyable and easy to finish for everyone
-thx- "tmjonas", reading your awards is always a pleasure to me...great!!! Yes, i think thats the reason,i'm not that good in desert so it might be a bit unsmooth for faster drivers, but i will consider that for sure in the future...thx a lot mate
  tmjonas 28-Jun-2008
yeah mate, finally a desert-track by you!
  ichirou 28-Jun-2008
Great time Acid!
  Acid 28-Jun-2008
Thx Very hard to get it, indeed
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User Awards
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  Shok 03-Jul-2008
Played this one online
Great map
Incedible transitions
  Bloody 04-Jul-2008
Nice speed track, pretty easy to drive, easy to finish, cool transitions & surely fun 4 online.

Here, your
  tmjonas 04-Jul-2008
Awesome track mate!
What a rush...

Pure awesome to play, a real BLAST!
Reminded me of some big jumps on dakkon-tracks sometimes, really great work with them. My favourite section is the start because it's to the same time the smoothest! Nice little drop before the loop, but the most awesome section comes right after: Amazing drop combo which is really supersmooth and -what I always love- not straight ahead, it's diagonal!
After this section you continued with building big platformcurves to keep the speed, offroadsections to slow down it, long curves to keep it and big jumps/drops/transitions in between! That means it's quite an easy highspeed-track with many exciting moments as these jumps. Also nice work on the design, good constructions, well laid out track!
The only downside is the smoothness sometimes (not always!) Maybe you were at some sections a bit slower than I am, because you always jump a little bit too far at those big jumps (expect the startsection and some upwards-jumps) so you have to use the aircontrol (which is not bad imo )
MT-work was impressive to be honest!
Never saw such an MT in one of your tracks, really nice (intro) and impressive (outro) to watch!
HUGE desert

/tmjonas ... cool screeny!
  Haunted 04-Jul-2008
Realy nice track
this one is for you
  HeaH 05-Jul-2008
Great flowing map, with sucking music (Well, that's my opinion)

Nah, you deserve this award

  Markus... 05-Jul-2008
even i cant get it right like i want
very nice challenging desert track with some sweet ideas and cool speed
the start part rocks
but i always get lost somewhere
no matter...

well deserved
  DaKKoN 07-Jul-2008
Missed this one

I mean I'm a desert lover and I'm a sucker for the name^^
1st of all: LOL @ the GPS-vehicle I normally only watch a GPS when needed, and most of the time my intuition is good enough, but for this one I had to make an exception. Hehe a freaking human-sized marble
Ok to the track. The start was though the first couple of tries, after that it was as easy as pie!! The turn after and the off-road work very good!! SLowing doen for the next drop was also smooth. Then the tunnel and the straight after with another turn and an awesome drop again!! (love that one) The turn to left and then the hard right (hard because you don;t wanna slow down ) And then the hardest part of the track I think. THe drop to water-road with the turn right after. Awesome if you make it and lots of curses if you don't... (Hehe I have the tendency to curse more/harder when the speed is higher, and this track has a pretty high speed... ) And then the finish which is VERY lol, but also works very well!!! Good job there as well!!!
Then the Intro looked great!! Nice cam-positions and stuff. The outro was even better, but I missed a little blur Hehe I'm a sucker for blur as well. The scenery looked jsut good. I didn't see very much of it, but that wasn't needed cause the speed is so high!!! The track works also addictive on me and is fun to the boot!! Should be awesome online and well I loved it!!

  Alcator 07-Jul-2008
very cool track. Nice custom signs, and very well placed they are! Interesting finish!
  water 10-Jul-2008
Another great track by EDGE!!! Keep them coming!
  rad 28-Feb-2009
Awesome speedtrack Smooth, fast and fun! Great for online battles. Nice scenery, screenie and all.
  SimplyNick 25-May-2014
  X_Darkman_X 19-Jan-2016
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