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Name: ~Compulsion~
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   KiWiNiNjA
Version: 25-Jun-2008
Released: 25-Jun-2008
TMX id: 827107
LB Rating: 5,063
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Stadium
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0:46.25   Skyline+ 0:00.005,063
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0:46.47   KiWiNiNjA+ 0:00.224,918
0:46.85   frizbee+ 0:00.604,668
0:47.00   boul619+ 0:00.754,570
0:48.75   iRoC+ 0:02.503,420
0:49.00   DaKKoN+ 0:02.753,256
0:49.53   KevinX+ 0:03.282,908
0:49.70   kevin916+ 0:03.452,797
0:49.87   Ripper+ 0:03.622,685
0:50.12   Siem»LT+ 0:03.872,521
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Author Comments

OK, I was planning on just releasing this on TMNF-X. But after getting 70 downloads in 2 days, I have got a grand total of ZERO in the last 2. I would really like to get my tracks out to wider audiences, so I am uploading it here. People may claim award-greed, but really, I would rather have my tracks played than just sit on a site and collect dust.

To the track.......

As always with me, this is set in a super confined space. I build them no other way, and I like to leave the racer thinking "wtf!?, how did he fit all that in that space".
In a grid of only 10x10, this track contains:
- 45seconds of hardcore racing.
- Countless jumps and transitions
- Sliding action
- Lots of re-use
- Two uniquely different platforms
- Respawnable CP's

This is basically my first real Forever track, as I have used the new platforms/walls.

As always with me, this track has full MT. A Forever styles intro with 4 ghosts battling it out over the 1st 20secs of the track. Ingame includes a GPS with custom cams and a flash little GPS loading screen that I worked meticulously one. And an outro, ofcourse. All are pretty simple as always, just good camera postions, and text. No flashy my computer is crapola.

Coppers: 1718
Mood: Sunset
Area: 10x10

Author Time: 46.47
Medals: 47.00 48.00 50.00


TMX Sign Pack - Blue Nighttime

Feedback is always welcome. I don't mind criticism so don't be shy.
More importantly, please upload a replay. No time is too slow.

And last, but not least, I'd like to thank my beta-testers - Arild, Djsisi78, and Womble. Thanks a lot guys.


User Comments
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  KiWiNiNjA 25-Jun-2008
Thanks for the Awards

  DeaD.oas 27-Jun-2008
mine 2
  KAKASHI 29-Jun-2008
I agree with iRoc it would be cool to see something else by KN
  Emilol 29-Jun-2008
Yeah, give us some insane fullspeeders!
  KiWiNiNjA 29-Jun-2008
  DaKKoN 03-Jul-2008
Originally posted by ~KiWiNiNjA~ ...
OK, I was planning on just releasing this on TMNF-X. But after getting 70 downloads in 2 days, I have got a grand total of ZERO in the last 2. I would really like to get my tracks out to wider audiences, so I am uploading it here. People may claim award-greed, but really, I would rather have my tracks played than just sit on a site and collect dust.

lol, but you're right. The more 's I recieve, the more DL's I get and that pleases me the most as well!!! But you better just say goodby to TMNX, cause TMX is a much better community^^ (lol I heard a few people say that btw, NOT of my own experience^^) But I think it's better if you upload all the tracks you make here as well. I mean sometimes I even like them, isn't that worth all the trouble??
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User Awards
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  Sammon 25-Jun-2008
I can never figure out how you build in such a small area. Me, well, I use the entire Stadium, and it usually isn't enough.

Anyway, this track rox. I'm still learning how to drive tech, so you can imagine how difficult this track was for me. I still haven't gotten a bronze.
The mediatracker was great, with nice cams, some cool ghosts, and no little errors.
The scenery could best mine all seven days of the week.
The track was so flowy and innovative and twisty, etc.

Beautiful techy m8, keep it up!

  Razor. 25-Jun-2008
You know, that I hate stadium. You know that I hate tech. You know that I love your tracks!

Very great flow, the transitions were awesome. You really put a nice track on this small piece of land mate!
I won't give 10 points, as I don't know how good stadium can be.
=> 9/10

MT & Scenery:
Your cameras and ghost etc. were awesome. You can handle the MT stuff very well.
I know there's not much place for scenery on those small tracks, but it looked pretty nice.

=> 9/10


=> 9/10


  Rally 25-Jun-2008
I really like your track man, and I like cramming things together as well, but not to the extent you do:). I always feel more creative when forced to come up with a solution to reuse a part or try to slide in another block between two other blocks.

You've done a very nice job on this track. Good work!
  pitstep 25-Jun-2008
again great techtrack
very nice design-mt-jumps-layout
cool ideas
  KekX 26-Jun-2008
Simply awesome. I love Stadium and I love your tracks
Wonderful track with perfect tech work and layout, again

BIG award for this 10x10 masterpiece!

  ORA 26-Jun-2008
Great techy track
The first track I try since the start of TMUF with the ron turbo's one
exellent track exellent MT
I don't know if I can build something cool with TMUF.
Great job this track will be very nice on line
here is my lil
  Skyline 26-Jun-2008
awesome tech placed on such a small area

great jumps
impressive MT
nice tricky curves

well done!
  Ignition 26-Jun-2008
It´s not easy for me to get fast times on your tracks but nevertheless I love to do them, because it is fantastic to see, how you built up your tracks. This track has flow, every jump, every transitions is well calculated and the best of all - noobs like me have also a chance to reach the finishline.
Well done amd therefore >>>>>

  frizbee 27-Jun-2008
So musch things to do in a such small area !
As your previous tracks, the layout is crazy, innovative transitions all over the track !
Smashing scenery !
Answome MT work : usual great intro and the best GPS I have ever seen ! Great outro too with cool angles.

(as usual ?)
  iRoC 27-Jun-2008
Hm... stadium tech in a small space
Well done transitions
Good flow
Good MT
Worth an award
Same as always

Why don't you make something different? Don't get me wrong, I like your style, but I'd like to see something else from you
  Dartz4 29-Jun-2008
Beautiful track.

Absolutely perfect transitionss, nice speed and awsum jumps.

I it

- Dartz4
  water 01-Jul-2008
Kiwininja, I have been negligent by not awarding your tracks. That's because I hate tech. Well, I used to hate tech - your tracks are so well crafted, that when you get the speed, lines and braking right, the flow is just amazing. So amazing that you have converted me from a tech hater to a tech fan. You are unique - an awesome tech track builder.

  DaKKoN 03-Jul-2008
This is actually a pretty good track
Hehe well not my cup of tea as YOU might know..
But I have to say you do drive me further and further in the way of forcing me to make a stadium-tech once...
Well this one has tight spots ehhh the track IS tight^^
Addictive as well, cause you can keep playing it and get faster and faster, but you know, I don't tech so I decided to give this one a go for max 30min.. Wel it became a little longer But this is the prettiest time I could manage. I also have a VERY high 48, but in general I like the round numbers MUCH better
Nice outro though!!


ps Whoohooo I got again a medal on a KN track (It looks cool though in the left upper corner: Gold: 47.00 Silver 48.00 DaKKoN: 49.00^^)
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